ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf: Better Than The Rancher & Farm Boss Chainsaws?

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The ECHO CS-590 is an extremely popular chainsaw. It is seen as being a cheaper, and many would say “better”, alternative to Stihl and Husqvarna homeowner saws.

It’s described by users as a “beast of a saw” that “never dies and rips all day”. It’s the price that gets people talking. For under $500, you’re getting a powerful and well-built “professional-grade” chainsaw that lasts. A big benefit is that it has a much better warranty for homeowners compared to other brands – 5 years for home use and 1 year for commercial use.

Reviews of the ECHO CS-590 are overwhelmingly positive with many saying it’s the best saw they’ve ever owned. Here are all the pros and cons, specs, features, and benefits of the ECHO Timber Wolf!

ECHO Timber Wolf CS-590

best echo chainsaw reviews

Timber Wolf is a marketing term given especially to the CS-590, and you’ll hear people referring to it with either name. It’s listed as professional grade but is most commonly purchased for use as a good homeowner firewood saw.

The CS-590 first came out in 2013 and continues to be produced today. ECHO chainsaws are made in Japan, the US, and China.

It’s considered one of the best 60cc chainsaws for the money because of features like its magnesium construction. Comparable Stihl saws like the 64cc MS391 or Husky saws like the 60cc 460 Rancher cost significantly more but have plastic construction.

View and compare the current CS-590 prices here:

The Timber Wolf is most commonly sold with a 20″ bar and this size runs really well on it. It’s also sold with 18 or 24-inch bars as well, but 20″ seems to be the sweet spot for this saw. Unless you particularly need a larger bar, go with the 20″!

ECHO CS-590 Review

felling with the echo timber wolf

For the money, the ECHO CS 590 is one of the best chainsaws in its class. It’s affordable, has plenty of power, and has the respect of the chainsaw community too. It has passed the user test with many, many chainsaw enthusiasts giving it two thumbs up and naming it as one of their favorite chainsaws under $500.

As I put together reviews for other similarly powered chainsaws like the Husqvarna 450 or 455 Rancher, I was surprised by how often the CS-590 comes up as a recommended alternative. And it’s not just those two chainsaws, it’s any non-pro 50 or 60cc chainsaw. There will always be multiple people listing the Timber Wolf as a better alternative.

Here are lots of reviews and comments from the large Stihl and Husqvarna Facebook groups. We’ll start with the postive and then share the negative…

Positive reviews:

  • I have a CS-590 and like it a lot. It runs great and cuts better than my MS390.
  • Much better than the Stihl Farm Boss series.
  • The 590 is a really solid saw, but open up the muffler and tune it, and it’s a beast.
  • I can confirm as a Stihl fan, the Echo 590 is a beast. I’ve been running mine hard for years with zero problems; the thing rips.
  • My 590 Timberwolf runs like a cheetah and outdoes my 261 but I love them both they have their place.
  • I’ve had probably 10 CS590s. I highly recommend them to homeowners. Great saws.
  • I have nothing but good things about the Echo. A friend has a tree service and switched to Echo from Stihl.
  • I’m a Husqvarna guy but that 590 is one of my favorite saws. It’s a powerful good reliable saw.
  • Love mine! I removed the limiter caps, opened up the exhaust deflector, and tuned the carb, and it absolutely rips!! So much power for a great price.

Morgan said:

The thing is, the 590 is the best value on the market today hands down. Also, it’s a pro magnesium case just like the MS400 and every other pro saw.

Tommy said:

CS590 has a longer stroke than other saws in that displacement class, it thus makes more torque at the cost of peak horsepower, at 59cc. I regularly see these pulling 25 and 28″ bars with 3/8 full comp  and used daily by professionals… they love them and the carburetor means no special dealer repairs.

Robert said:

The 590 has an aluminum crank case my local Small engine dealer who is sells Husgavarna, Style and Echo recommended it to me. We run Husqvarnas on the job though. I’m satisfied with the 590 for use at home. He said he had other loggers running the 590 for trimming.

Ryan said:

The Timber Wolf is a pro-quality farm and ranch saw with a 5-year warranty. If you’re on the fence, you can’t beat it. On the other hand you could spend the same money on a used 036/360/361 and have one of Stihls best power-to-weight saws.

Michael said:

There are great deals on used saws out there. That being said, a new Echo CS590 is a great saw for firewood and cutting around the house. I’m a diehard Stihl fan but for the money that 590 is hard to beat.

Joshua said:

A 590 is a detuned 620 like a 365 is a detuned Husky 372.

The 620 ported will walk a ported MS400 or 562 Husky. Reason being the 38mm stroke makes ungodly torque for that saw size.

Dan said:

I have the 445 Husky and a 590 Echo for firewood. I am 74 and the weight is a factor. I use the 590 for bigger logs and dropping trees mostly. Once on the ground, I go for the 445 with 18” bar. A 450 Husky would be nice, or the 490 Echo. You will end up with more than one saw eventually. Get the 590 first and adjust from there for your needs.

And Jim said:

I found the 590 a little slow, but it’s a torque monster. I’ve never bogged it in a cut. To me, it runs just about identically to my 372 xp.

I run a 28” bar on XP and I think 590 will pull 28” with no problem, especially if you run skip or just knock off every fifth tooth and leave raker, smoother than skip.

The filter system is not the greatest but for $399 it’s a beast. I know the 620P has unlimited coil but a few have said their 590 cuts better than the 620. I don’t have a 620 to compare.

There are endless positive comments in the forums, Facebook groups, and in the Amazon listings. It is an almost universally loved saw, but there are those who don’t like it. Here’s what they say…

Negative reviews:

  • Throw the ECHO over the bank beside the Poulan where it belongs. A damn 251c would run with that junky saw.
  • The air filter does not seal well, but there are a couple of solutions to choose from.

Those were the only two bad comments I could find on this saw from the FB groups. You’ll find a few more in the Amazon listing, but the saw gets overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Specs And Features

Cylinder displacement59.8 cc / 3.64 cu in
Power Output3 kW / 3.89 hp
Fuel consumption at max1.75 L per hour
Smart assist systemDecomp
Idle speed2600 rpm
Weight6 kg / 13.2 lbs
Spark plugNGK BPM8Y
CarburetorDiaphragm type
Fuel and lubrication system 
Fuel tank capacity.645 liter / 21.8 US fl oz
Oil tank capacity .3 liter / 10.1 US fl oz
Type of oil pumpAdjustable/Automatic
Standard bar length20″ 
Recommended bar lengths16, 18, 20, 24″
Pitch / Gauge3/8″ / 0.58″
Sprocket typeSpur
Chain brakeInertia activated
Chain tensionerSide

The ECHO Timber Wolf is a 59.8 cc chainsaw with a 3.9 horsepower engine. It has a dry weight of 13.2 pounds, and will weigh another pound or so with fuel, oil, bar, and chain.

echo cs590 specs and features

You can see some of the other features above:

  • Front and rear hand guard
  • Anti-vibration device
  • Spiked bumper
  • Throttle control lockout
  • Chain brake and chain catcher
  • Spark arrestor muffler
  • Kick guard
  • Easy access to the air filter for cleaning or replacement (toolless)
  • View into the fuel tank to check levels
  • Decompression valve for easier starting
  • Auto oiler that’s adjustable depending on climate
  • Low kickback bar and chain

And ECHO described the saw as:

Decades of cumulative expertise mean ECHO chain saws are dependable, ergonomic and powerful. The CS-590 features a powerful, professional grade 59.8cm engine and weighs in at just 6.0kg. This combination of power and light weight mobility make it an incredibly versatile saw. A great choice for farmers and other professionals who deal with a range of professional jobs.

Timber Wolf Alternatives

echo vs stihl vs timberwolf

Here are three good alternatives that are similarly priced and powered.

Poulan Pro

The Poulan Pro PR5020 (here on Amazon) is a 50cc saw that’s almost half the price.

It’s not as powerful or as good, but it’s an option for those who want to spend a little less. You can check out our complete Poulan Pro PR5020 review for more info.


The ECHO CS 400 (here on Amazon) is a lower-powered ECHO model.

This is a popular 40cc chainsaw that is a bit cheaper and lighter. It comes with an 18″ bar and while it won’t work as hard as the CS590, it’s still a great saw. Check out our complete ECHO CS 400 review for more info.


The ECHO CS-620 (here on Home Depot) is often cited as being the next level up from the Timber Wolf.

People ask what modifications they should make to their 590 and the response is often “Just get a 620.” It’s also a 60cc saw but it has more power. It is ECHO’s “Highest horsepower per displacement.” Read our full CS-620P review here.

ECHO CS-590 Chainsaw

The CS 590 ECHO chainsaw is a great chainsaw for the price and feature set that it brings.

It’s not the best logging chainsaw, but it’s a very good one for the price. And for homeowner use, it’s excellent. ECHO brand saws have a good name and it’s always easy enough to find support if you have trouble.

The Timber Wolf is great for firewood, pruning, limbing, and clearing land. It’s not a light chainsaw like ECHO’s top handle chainsaws, so you won’t want to be climbing any trees with it, but it’s great for the home or hobby farm. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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14 thoughts on “ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf: Better Than The Rancher & Farm Boss Chainsaws?”

  1. You contract your other article.

    “So yes, ECHO is a Japanese chainsaw, but it’s manufactured and assembled in the US as well.”

  2. None of them other chainsaws compare,have a rancher and farmboss or did gave them away.Have 2 timberwolves now although my chain tensioner busted on one but a possible neglect on my part.

  3. What a piece of crap. Only purchased this because Consumer Reports rated it the #1 saw available. I’d hate to see the bottom of their lineup. This saw absolutely will not crank. It’s been used 3 times with trouble starting all but one of those times. I finally gave up on the fourth try. Save yourself some misery, get a Stihl. I had an 032 that ran for over 30 years and I’d still be using it if I could find the electronic switch for it.

    • Bruce, for someone that’s been using chainsaws for over 30 years, you seem a little confused about the CS590. If you pull hard enough, it’ll start. Simple as that.

      • I’m gonna call BS on that Alan. I’ve pulled mine over 200 times today and headed back to Home Depot as we speak. A friend of mine is a chainsaw carver and couldn’t get to start either. Very frustrating

      • Excellent response. Made me smile. My Cs590 is without doubt the best machine I’ve used in 22 years. Bought here in France, manufactured in Japan, though I doubt that it’s any different from the US made version other than possibly less anti-pollution measures.

    • Ponder this, EVERYTHING manufactured, no matter where that may be, is ALWAYS going to have some lemons. NOTHING in the history of manufacturing products is that good where there won’t be a lemon coming off the assembly line. I will bet anybody any amount of money that people have gotten lemons in EVERY PRODUCT made in the history of manufacturing. The best rated vehicle made today probably has had many lemons come off the assembly line. I go by TOTAL ratings, not just one guy who couldn’t start his chainsaw!

  4. I’ve had an Echo CS530 for years along with a number of other gas powered tools. The echo is without a doubt the most reliable tool I’ve owned. Any issues have been my fault. It nearly always starts on the third or fourth pull.

  5. I’ve had mine for 6 or 7 years now.
    I’ve had no issues with it so far.
    I use it every year around the farm and have a 20″ and 24″ bar that work great. I broke the (plastic) top handle on it this year and was able to find an aluminum replacement for it online.
    I’m no logger but I do use mine quite a bit.
    The older man at the Stihl shop talked me into going with this one.
    He said most all of the new saws are about the same due to Emissions standards. The Echo had a 5 year warranty as opposed to the new Stihls having a 1 year warranty at the time.
    It’s no Stihl 441 or 660 magnum but for $400 its great.
    As one of the other guys stated, if you pull it more than 3 times with choke on it will flood and you will be cranking on it for a while in my experience.

  6. The 4 images showing a chainsaw in use are NOT the CS 590. This is evidenced by the aluminum top handle, 2nd set of dogs and the bar with replaceable tip. Only the image with specs noted is of the CS 590.

  7. I’m curious where you find engine horsepower specs?

    I have four Echo saws: CS-400, CS-4910, CS-590 and CS-7310 as well as a STIHL MS-170 and a Jonsered CS-2255. One of these days I plan on putting together a video of all these saws cutting through logs from 12” to 30” to demonstrate to homeowners the difference between a 30, 40, 50, 55, 60 and 70cc saw. I was also planning to use 24” and 27” bars on the CS-590 to show (or not) the inefficiency of using a too-long bar, then shift to a skip-tooth chain on the 590-27” and 7310-28” on big logs. I would much rather someone such as yourself do the video because your better at it😉.


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