ECHO CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Review, & Alternatives

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What’s the ECHO CS 590 like?

It’s described by many as the chainsaw with the most bang for your buck, and I think this is a good way of putting it. That’s because it’s a powerful 59.8 cc chainsaw that costs well under $500.

Reviews of the ECHO Timber Wolf CS590 are overwhelmingly positive with a lot of people saying it’s the best saw they’ve ever owned. They’re big words, so let’s check it out to see if it stacks up!

ECHO Timber Wolf CS 590

echo cs-590-20 reviewVIEW ON AMAZON →

The CS-590 is one of the best-selling ECHO chainsaws on Amazon, and it has a very good star rating with hundreds of reviews.

Most of the time it’s sold with a 20″ bar, making it great as a firewood chainsaw.

Alongside Amazon, compare prices on:

While ECHO may not have quite as good a name as Stihl or Husqvarna, it’s still a very highly respected brand that has been used and trusted for decades.

ECHO chainsaws are made in Japan to a high standard, and the CS 590 is considered one of their pro saws.

ECHO CS 590 Specs

echo cs590 specs and features

This ECHO Timber Wolf is a 59.8 cc chainsaw with a 3.9 horsepower engine.

It has a dry weight of 13.2 pounds and will weigh another pound or so with fuel, oil, bar, and chain.

Other CS-590 specs include:

  • Plastic housing helps keep the price down
  • 40″ cut diameter
  • 21.8 oz fuel capacity
  • Professional grade 2-stroke engine

You can see some of the other features above:

  • Bumper spikes to help cut logs
  • Easy access to the air filter for cleaning or replacement (tooless)
  • Viewing into the fuel tank to check levels
  • Decompression valve for easier starting
  • Chain brake for safety
  • Anti-vibration features for easier handling
  • Auto oiler 
  • Low kickback bar and chain

And as already stated, the ECHO CS590 is made in Japan.

While it is most commonly sold with a 20″ bar, you can sometimes buy it with an 18-inch bar. It’s also stated that it can be used with a 22″ or 24″ bar, but you’ll need to buy them separately.

ECHO CS590 Review

*When watching reviews on YouTube and elsewhere, keep in mind that the CS-590 has changed over the years. The 2016 model will differ from the 2020 model, for example.

For the money, the ECHO CS 590 is one of the best chainsaws in its class.

It’s affordable, has plenty of power, and the specs and features check out too.

It has passed the user test with many, many chainsaw enthusiasts giving it two thumbs up and naming it as one of their favorite chainsaws under $500.

If it meets the criteria you are looking for, you’re unlikely to go wrong.


  • Well built
  • High powered
  • Much loved by users
  • Easy to use
  • Performs well


  • Some plastic parts
  • Max 22″ inch bar

ECHO CS590 Chainsaw Alternatives

Here are three good alternatives that are similarly priced and powered.

Poulan Pro

echo cs590 alternativesThe Poulan Pro PR5020 (here on Amazon) is a 50cc saw that’s almost half the price. It’s not as powerful or as good, but it’s another option for those who want to spend a little less.

You can check out our complete Poulan Pro PR5020 review for more info.


Husky 455

echo timber wolf cs 590 reviewThe Husqvarna Rancher 455 (here on Amazon) is another good alternative to the CS 590.

It’s a little more expensive, as you’re paying for the Husqvarna name, and it’s a 55cc chainsaw. Many people prefer the CS 590 to this saw, but if you’re a Husky fan, go for it.

See our complete Husqvarna 455 Rancher review for more info.


is the echo timberwolf good?The ECHO CS 400 (here on Amazon) is a lower-powered ECHO model.

This is a popular 40cc chainsaw that is a bit cheaper and lighter. It comes with an 18″ bar and while it won’t work as hard as the CS590, it’s still a great saw.

Check out our complete ECHO CS 400 review for more info.

ECHO CS 590 Chainsaw

The CS 590 ECHO chainsaw is a great chainsaw for the price and feature set that it brings.

While you shouldn’t expect to use it full-time, it will work hard when required. It’s not the best of the best logging chainsaw, but it’s a very good one in its space.

It’s great for firewood, pruning, limbing, and clearing land. It’s not light like ECHO’s top handle chainsaws, so you won’t want to be climbing any trees with it, but it’s great for the home or hobby farm. Happy sawing! 


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  1. You contract your other article.

    “So yes, ECHO is a Japanese chainsaw, but it’s manufactured and assembled in the US as well.”

  2. None of them other chainsaws compare,have a rancher and farmboss or did gave them away.Have 2 timberwolves now although my chain tensioner busted on one but a possible neglect on my part.

  3. What a piece of crap. Only purchased this because Consumer Reports rated it the #1 saw available. I’d hate to see the bottom of their lineup. This saw absolutely will not crank. It’s been used 3 times with trouble starting all but one of those times. I finally gave up on the fourth try. Save yourself some misery, get a Stihl. I had an 032 that ran for over 30 years and I’d still be using it if I could find the electronic switch for it.

    • Bruce, for someone that’s been using chainsaws for over 30 years, you seem a little confused about the CS590. If you pull hard enough, it’ll start. Simple as that.

      • I’m gonna call BS on that Alan. I’ve pulled mine over 200 times today and headed back to Home Depot as we speak. A friend of mine is a chainsaw carver and couldn’t get to start either. Very frustrating

      • Excellent response. Made me smile. My Cs590 is without doubt the best machine I’ve used in 22 years. Bought here in France, manufactured in Japan, though I doubt that it’s any different from the US made version other than possibly less anti-pollution measures.

  4. I’ve had an Echo CS530 for years along with a number of other gas powered tools. The echo is without a doubt the most reliable tool I’ve owned. Any issues have been my fault. It nearly always starts on the third or fourth pull.


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