Stihl Paint Colors: OEM Orange And Gray, Plus Cheaper Alternatives

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Those restoring and repairing Stihl Chainsaws often need to repaint or touch up cases and covers.

But what are the Stihl colors called? And where can you find Stihl orange and off-white/gray paint?

The best place to buy OEM paint is on eBay or through your local Stihl dealer, though not all dealers will be able to get it. If they can, it will cost you!

These are the official Stihl colors and alternatives that match up well with genuine Stihl gray and orange.

Stihl Paint Colors

Stihl OEM Paint

  • Official Stihl OEM spray paint can be purchased
  • Orange is parts number 0000 000 2101
  • Gray is parts number 0000 000 2102
EBAY - Stihl OEM OrangeEBAY - Stihl OEM Gray

Alternative Stihl Orange

  • Majic Tractor Paint in Kubota Orange is considered a nearly perfect match
  • Can also be purchased as a brush on paint
  • Valspar and Rustoleum brand Kubota also good
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Alternative Stihl Gray

  • Majic Tractor Paint in Light Ford Grey is considered a nearly perfect match
  • Can also be purchased as a brush on paint
  • Valspar and Rustoleum brand Light Ford Gray also good
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Stihl sells orange and grey paint in a can.

It lays nicely if you use thin layers, though there are mixed reviews on how well it holds up to use. But it looks good.

In one of the Stihl restoration groups, Jeff said:

Old Stihl white is German paint code RAL 7035.

Old Stihl Red/Orange is RAL 3000.

Stihl orange is RAL 2004.

New Stihl white is RAL 9010.

You can also search these paint codes on eBay and you’ll find a lot of other good options.

Majic brand paint is a good substitute for OEM.

This is what people are saying about them:

  • “Tried some Ford Light Gray implement paint on a recoil today and it was almost a perfect match.”
  • “Ford Light Gray is spot on with Stihl Gray.”
  • “Kubota Orange and Ford tractor Grey works well.”

The Majic brand can be found here on Tractor Supply Co, along with Rust-Oleum brand paint which is also said to be suitable in those same paint codes.

About Majic paint, someone else said:

I repainted my Stihl saw the colors you can get at any Tractor Supply. It’s made by Majik spray paint for tractors implements.

I used Kubota orange, and light Ford grey. It’s ceramic paint and much cheaper than getting Stihl paint from the dealer.

However, we don’t think the price difference between OEM and Majic is too great.

Stihl OEM Paint Codes

restoring stihl paint
The Stihl 070

If you want the perfect finish, it’s best to buy OEM paint rather than trying to match it.

OEM touch-up paint parts numbers:

  • STIHL Orange touch-up paint – 0000 000 2101
  • STIHL Gray touch-up paint – 0000 000 2102

And here’s what people say about it:

  • “Stihl canned paint is great paint if you allow it to dry for 1-2 days. I use it all the time.”
  • “Stihl sells the good paint, but Ford tractor light grey is pretty darn close too.”
  • “I’ve just always used Stihl gray. I mean, it’s a Stihl paint for a Stihl saw. You can get it at or order it from any Stihl dealer or eBay.”

We haven’t heard any complaints about the official Stihl paints.

Cleaning The Saw Before Painting

stihl paint colors
The Stihl 031 AV

What’s the best way to clean a saw before painting it?

One good method is CRC Brakleen Brake Cleaner, an old toothbrush, and compressed air.

And, once everything’s clean and put back together, you can give it a light spray of silicone and wipe it down. That’ll keep the gunk from sticking as bad next time.

stihl cleanerIt’s important not to use a cleaner with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) in it as this will damage the paint, plastic, and/or magnesium.

Stihl sells a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that is good at cleaning parts before a paint job.

They say, “The STIHL Cleaner/Degreaser is an industrial strength product that is ideal to clean grease, dirt, oil, and wax from engine components.”

It won’t remove paint if that’s needed. An aircraft paint stripper is best for that task.

Varioclean special cleanerStihl also has another product called ‘Varioclean Special Cleaner’ that many people swear by.

Stihl states:

“Cleaner developed specially to remove organic substances like resin, oil and grass stains from saw chains, guide bars, cutters, circular saw blades and machine housings. For steel and diecast magnesium.

Contains no phosphates or organic solvents. Surfactants are biodegradable.”

Buy or order these products through your local Stihl dealer.

Repainting Stihl Chainsaws

The Stihl 015

If you have any more questions about repainting Stihl saws or parts, leave them in the comment section below.

Another alternative is to paint your saw black, as these custom chainsaws are also pretty cool. 

Whether you have a Stihl 031, an 015, or even an MS 500i, hopefully, some of these color options will be the perfect match for your saw.


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