Where Are ECHO Chainsaws Made? Who Makes ECHO Brand Products?

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Who makes ECHO chainsaws and where are ECHO chainsaws made?

Let’s cut straight to the chase:

ECHO is a Japanese owned company and ECHO chainsaws are made in Japan, the US, and China.

I was recently speaking with an older guy who had been a professional logger all his life. He was an experienced forestry worker, wood miller, and chainsaw carver.

I asked him what he thought the best chainsaw brand was, and alongside Stihl and Husqvarna, he said ‘those Japanese saws… ECHO.’

Who Makes ECHO Chainsaws?

who makes echo chainsaws

The ECHO company is owned and run by the Yamabiko Corporation of Japan.

It’s a well-established company that has been operating for more than 4 decades.

They mostly sell gas chainsaws, but there is one ECHO battery chainsaw as well (with more scheduled to be released in 2022, including a new ECHO battery-powered top handle chainsaw).

Not only does ECHO manufacture and sell chainsaws, but they also make a range of other outdoor power equipment.

They are well known for their:

  • Blowers
  • Brushcutters
  • Hedge trimmers

The company was originally called the Kioritz Corporation but changed to the ECHO brand name in 1978. This was not long after they first started manufacturing chainsaws.

Here is a great infographic from ECHO’s history page.

You can see they have been involved in chainsaw manufacturing since the late 1970s. Their chainsaws have had that distinct orange color since the beginning.

where is echo chainsaws made

The ECHO company has a long history, which is what you want when buying a chainsaw.

While they can’t claim to have invented the chainsaw, like Andreas Stihl (of Stihl Chainsaws), ECHO has certainly contributed to the chainsaw landscape.

Chainsaws can be dangerous pieces of equipment, responsible for many accidents and deaths each year. You want to know that your chainsaw is well-built by experienced manufacturers, rather than a company that is here today and gone tomorrow.

The ECHO brand is Yamabiko’s largest subsidiary.

Other Yamabiko brands include:

  • Shindaiwa chainsaws
  • Kioritz outdoor power equipment

And they also have brands in the agricultural and industrial machinery markets.

Where Are ECHO Chainsaws Made?

ECHO chainsaws are manufactured and assembled in Japan, China, and the US.

These saws are built from foreign and domestic parts and components that have come from all over the planet – as with all outdoor power equipment.

Your location in the world will determine exactly where your saw has been made.

If you are buying an ECHO chainsaw in the USA, it was most likely made in America (or at least assembled there).

If you are buying an ECHO chainsaw in Australia or New Zealand, it was most likely made in Japan or China.

ECHO has manufacturing and assembly plants in Yokosuka and Morioka, Japan, with the head office in Tokyo. Their Chinese plant is in the manufacturing hub of Shenzhen.

Their US operations are at Lake Zurich in Illinois, where they employ well over 800 staff.

ECHO Products FAQs

Are Stihl and Echo the same company?

No, ECHO and Stihl are not the same company. They are owned by completely different corporations.

Find out who makes Stihl chainsaws here.

Is ECHO as good as Stihl?

Some ECHO saws certainly go head to head with Stihl.

For example, the ECHO CS-2511T is the lightest top-handle chainsaw in the world and would be comparable to Stihl’s equivalent chainsaw.

However, overall Stihl would be considered the better chainsaw brand for performance, durability, and ease of use.

Are Husqvarna and ECHO made by the same company?

Again, No.

Husqvarna chainsaws are made in Germany and other manufacturing plants around the world that are completely separate from ECHO.

Is ECHO as good as Husqvarna?

Many ECHO saws would come out on top when compared to Husqvarna.

For example, the ECHO Timber Wolf would compete with Husqvarna’s Rancher series for quality non-pro chainsaws.

Is ECHO a Home Depot Brand?

ECHO is not owned by Home Depot in any way, but Home Depot partnered with ECHO to distribute the chainsaws in their stores.

This relationship began in 1994 as a way for Home Depot to provide its homeowner customers with professional quality chainsaws.

See the full range of ECHO chainsaws on Home Depot here – they also stock other ECHO products as well (pole saws, chain bar oil, bars, chains, etc.).

Are ECHO chainsaws Made in USA?

Yes, some ECHO chainsaw models are manufactured and assembled in Illinois, USA.

What kind of gas does an Echo chainsaw use?

Most chainsaws use a gas oil mix of 40:1 – 50:1 – ethanol-free fuel is best.

Where Can I Buy ECHO Chainsaws?

Who is the manufacturer of Echo chainsaws?

ECHO Chainsaws can be purchased through a lot of retailers today.

Here is a list:

  • Home Depot – large range of ECHO products
  • Amazon – ECHO gas chainsaws, pole saws, battery saws, parts
  • Acme Tools – most ECHO chainsaws
  • Walmart – limited range of the popular models
  • Ebay – new and used saws, vintage ECHO saws, parts

Compare prices and get the best deal – most have free shipping.

Is ECHO A Good Brand?

Who makes ECHO Chainsaws?

ECHO does!

The saws are considered a very good professional chainsaw brand and there is a line of ECHO professional chainsaws.

They do not outsource manufacturing, like many chainsaws available for sale on Amazon and elsewhere. They are in control of the entire process from design to complete assembly.

The same goes for ECHO trimmers, leaf blowers, generators, and all the rest as well.

They manufacture trustworthy and reliable products that are well-priced and great for homeowners, homesteaders, and farmers alike.

Check out a couple of our ECHO chainsaw reviews here:

And let us know if you have any questions or comments down below.


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15 thoughts on “Where Are ECHO Chainsaws Made? Who Makes ECHO Brand Products?”

  1. I had run stihl and nothing but for 20 years. Lately I noticed their saws got lighter and they supposedly more power. Not so. Mainly they don’t last as long. All their “power” seems to come from rpms. I still love my stihls but I’m not buying any new. Echo has a full line of everything the pro needs at a reasonable price. The saws I have were all manufactured in the ?? as well.

    • Nope just bought the DCS-5000 at Home Depot. Got it in Kansas, and Everything wad made in China. Valley headquarters to ask why it wasn’t atheistassembled in the USA. They said they would get back to me. Still waiting. Been two weeks

  2. Love my Echo saws. You don’t really see them around as much any more though. Husqvarna and stihl seem to have most of the market wrapped up.

  3. I have had echos for over 20 plus years. Don’t remember the first ones number but it was the best. About 6-7 years ago I got a 225 straight shaft and it was good. Last year I step up to the 3020T. It’s is a POS. The other started easy. This one don’t. It doesn’t let enough string out and that a pain too. Took back to the dealer and he blamed it on the gas. Funny the 225 still runs in it and I haven’t figured out how that effects the string! So I will buy another but it will no longer be a Echo. Don’t know if it’s they are making them cheaper or what but something has change through the years!!!

    • My 3020T starts with ease. Nothing to do with how much line comes out. I’m a landscaper and start it at least 10 times a day in all kinds of weather. Sorry you have an issue. Maybe bring it to the dealer to check out.

  4. Bought my first Echo chainsaw about 6 months ago. I now own 3 cs-310, cs-4910 and cs-590. I’m selling my stihl. I am very impressed with the echo saws. For the money I don’t think they can be beat.

  5. I’ve been using echos for decades and think they’re great. Their top handle saws are excellent. Really light weight but powerful, good for use up trees or in dense bush.

  6. I had been using the two different pole saws and have my large saw is a timber wolf 24” and needed to replace can old Poulan 16” saw. It got replaced with a Echo 400.

  7. Love ECHO!I have( 2 )CS310’s /Longshot trimmer/Weedeater/about to step up to the Larger echo chain saw/and then the Blower. “ECHO’s”all the way for me. oh yeah,my next purchases will be also Electric as well.thanks,and great reviews! ?

  8. My first was a Husky , no good !
    I bought a Echo 20 in bar 27 years ago , still working great. I heat with wood so I’ve cut up many a cord of wood. In my opinion Echo is the finest saw made. To bad they don’t advertise like sthil does. And yes , I know I misspelled their name ::))


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