Top Pole Saw Brands, Models, And Features: Cheap Vs Premium Pole Chainsaws

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Anyone with trees or tall shrubs on their property should invest in a quality pole saw for pruning.

We should know…

On our hobby farm, we have more trees that you can poke a pole at. Many of them need pruning back once a year or so. We use our pole saws to remove dead tree limbs, stop branches overhanging our home, and let more light into certain areas.

This is our advice for choosing the best pole saw for your garden, farm, or business.

Pole Saw Reviews

DEWALT 20v MAX XR Pole Saw

  • Best Battery Pole Saw - affordable and effective saw
  • 15-foot reach, weighs 10 lbs
  • 20-volt battery, varying amp hours
View On AmazonView On Acme Tools

EGO PS1001 Pole Saw

  • Runner-up battery pole saw - new and improved EGO pole saw
  • 13 or 17-foot telescopic pole, 10 lb weight
  • Purchase as bare tool or with 56 v battery
View On AmazonView On Ace Hardware

Husqvarna 128PS Gas Pole Saw

  • Best Gas Pole Saw - good for large jobs
  • 14-foot telescoping steel pole
  • 25cc gas engine
View On AmazonView On Northern Tool

Every battery powered tool brand has a pole saw in their line-up. If you already have Dewalt batteries, EGO batteries, or Ryobi batteries (for example), it usually makes the most sense to buy the pole saw from that line. Bare tools are much cheaper than those sold with batteries.

Pole saws come in many shapes and sizes and make hard-to-reach jobs much easier and safer than a traditional saw would.

Picking out the best pole saw to purchase in preparation for pruning can be a tough choice; for example, whether to pick a battery-powered or gas pole saw.

I personally prefer battery-powered pole saws for around-the-home tasks, but if I head out into the paddocks or wooded areas further away from the house, gas is my go-to.

using my battery pole saw
This is a battery pole saw and mini chainsaw combo tool

Around the home, I rarely use them for longer than half an hour, so a single battery is fine. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve left my cordless pole saw without using it, I can just pick it up and use it for a few minutes without any hassle.

Gas pole saws are better if you are going to be using them for longer periods of time, like over half an hour. I like the freedom and power they give, but you have to mix the fuel and then get it started (which isn’t always easy depending on how long it’s been sitting).

Corded pole saws aren’t great, in my opinion, unless you know you’re only going to be using them very close to home. You are restricted by a power cord and outlet, among other downsides.

Manual pole saws are a good cheap option, but you’ve got to work to prune those branches!

1. ​DEWALT Pole Saw – Best All-Around

dewalt pole saw user reviews

  • Reach: 15 feet
  • Power Source: 20-volt battery
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds

The DEWALT battery-powered pole saw is part of their MAX XR series of tools which includes the MAX XR Chainsaw and the MAX XR Hedge Trimmer.

We own or have used many of the tools from this power tool range, including the pole saw, and can recommend it highly. If you already have batteries in the Dewalt range, or you’re wondering whether they’re worth getting into, we think so.

It’s not a commercial pole saw, but it’s good for standard homeowner use. It has all the features you could want or need in a pole, it’s smooth to use, and it’s going to last the distance.

The DEWALT brand is trusted and known to make reliable products that get the job done. Our experience with the MAX XR range confirms this.

What we like:

  • A trusted name in power tools
  • Quality design and build
  • Durable tools that last for years

2. EGO MPS1001 / PS1001 Pole Saw – Runner Up

is the new ego pole saw good

  • Reach: 13 – 17 feet
  • Power: Battery
  • Weight: 10 lbs (varies depending on battery)

EGO has two different pole saws on the market – the older MPS1001 and the new PS1001.

In our EGO MPS1001 Pole Saw review we list out all the problems with the old version. To summarize here, people found it too heavy, poorly designed, and weren’t happy with the performance.

Most still consider it to be a good pole saw, but the feeling is that “it could be better.”

The new EGO PS1001 Pole Saw receives much better reviews. It’s lighter, better built, and performs a lot more cuts per battery charge compared to the old version.

One big difference is the old model’s pole was made of plastic, whereas the new one is made of carbon fiber.

The EGO company listened to user feedback and made a ton of improvements on the new model, obviously a very positive sign and an indication that this brand is worth investing in.

What we like:

  • Lightweight, well-built pole saw
  • Up to 100 cuts out of a 2.5 Ah battery
  • Telescopic pole, plus attachments for additional reach
  • Fast chain speed and good additional features like a toolless chain tensioner

3. Worx Electric Pole Saw – Best Corded

cheapest electric pole saw

  • Reach: 10 feet
  • Power Source: Electric (8 amp corded)
  • Weight: 10 pounds

Another cost-effective option, this electric pole saw from Worx is a dual-use tool that can be used both as a pole saw and as a regular chainsaw for lower-height jobs.

It extends up to 10 feet in length and maintains a light, 10-pound weight to keep your arms from getting tired during extensive cutting.

At 8 amps, the motor is rated for mid-sized jobs. The blade head is auto-oiling and auto-tightening, keeping the chain at the right tension and lubrication for maximum efficiency.

Like any other electric tree trimmer, you’re limited by the reach of the cord. But at a very reasonable price, this lightweight pole saw is built to last and will get you through medium-intensity jobs well.

WORX chainsaws are also a good budget option.

What we like:

  • Very cheap
  • Electric allows for constant use, no charging batteries
  • Generally performs well for the price

4. Imoumlive Pole Saw/Mini Chainsaw – Best Combo

combination pole saw mini chainsaw

  • Reach: 16.6 feet
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds

The Imoumlive Pole Saw is pictured throughout this article – it’s a combination battery-powered tool.

You can use it as both a good mini chainsaw or a pole saw. It’s simply a case of removing or adding the pole. The battery attaches to either the bottom of the pole or the bottom of the saw.

This tool isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s not as expensive as EGO or Dewalt. It comes with everything you need (other than bar oil) including the battery.

We have been using this tool for over a year now on our property. It’s come in very useful for pruning a small oak tree, dead branches off native trees, and for use as a mini chainsaw for tasks closer to the ground.

Read our full review of the IMOUMLIVE Combination Saw for more information and thoughts.

What we like:

  • Multifunction tool with both mini saw and pole saw
  • It’s more affordable than the better-known brands
  • Good safety features such as a handguard

5. Fiskars Extendable Tree Pruner  – Best Manual

fiskars extendable pole saw

  • Reach: 12 foot model or extendable 7 – 16 feet
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs

Manual pole saws are generally a lot cheaper to buy and can be just as good for small jobs as they arise.

This Fiskars Pole Saw isn’t the cheapest manual pole saw, but it’s certainly the best. Fiskars is a very good brand, well known for its quality garden products.

We have a number of their axes and hatchetts. All the Fiskars products that we’ve bought or used have been well-designed, made with quality materials, and they keep performing, year after year.

The extendable Fiskars Tree Pruner pictured and linked above has a fiberglass pole, making it very light. Not only does it have a saw, but it also has pruning shears for thinner branches.

This pole saw is good for homeowners who are only going to be cutting branches every now and again. A battery or gas pole saw will be easier to use for more frequent or demanding tasks.

What we like:

  • Long reach of up to 17 feet
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Multifunction with saw and cutters

6. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw – Alternative

are greenworks pole saws good

  • Reach: 11 feet
  • Power Source: battery
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds

With around the same limb-size rating as the DeWalt, this Greenworks pole saw is a lot cheaper. Of course, there are pros and cons.

This saw is extendable up to 11 feet with a multiple-piece system. This can cause some flexing in really tough or high-up jobs. Because the battery capacity is greater, the Greenworks saw can pack a punch for smaller limbs or jobs that need fewer cuts.

For gardeners or landscaping caretakers, this tidy-looking saw, also with an angled head, is more a sprinter than a marathoner, and that can be the perfect fit for some folks.

The main drawback of this battery pole saw is that you will need to buy the battery charger separately. Even so, the combination of the two purchases is still a good value price-wise. The batteries are interchangeable with Greenworks chainsaws and other outdoor power equipment.

EGO and Greenworks are often compared to each other, but ultimately we think EGO has the better tools – though you pay quite a bit more.

What we like:

  • Greater battery capacity
  • Inexpensive for the power level
  • Suitable for jobs up to 11 feet

7. Husqvarna Pole Saw – Best Gas

best gas powered pole saw

  • Reach: 12 feet
  • Power Source: Gas / Petrol (28 cc)
  • Weight: 20 pounds

The Husqvarna 128PS is a good gas-powered pole saw. It’s comparable to the EGO or DEWALT pole saws in price and is made for homeowner use.

Northern Tool sells Husqvarna’s other more powerful commercial-use pole saws. All of them are well worth it, it just depends on the types of jobs you want to do.

The 128PS is quite heavy compared to the battery-powered models, and it can only reach 12 ft. However, there are those who are more comfortable using gas tools, and if so, this is a good choice.

Husqvarna chainsaws are also obviously very good machines.

What we like:

  • Gas engines can allow for longer run times
  • Husqvarna is a trusted brand producing quality products
  • Powerful cutting saw, usually a lot better/faster than battery

STIHL Pole Saw Models

stihl battery or gas pole saw


Stihl also has a range of both gas and battery-operated pole saws.

As you’d expect, these units cost a lot more than the entry-level models, but you do get a superior power tool.

The Stihl line includes:

  • HT 131 – a 36.3 cc gas-powered model with a 14″ bar (telescoping)
  • HT 105 – 31.4 cc gas-powered pole saw with a 10″ bar (telescoping)
  • HT 56 – a 27.2 cc gas pole saw with a 10″ bar
  • HTA 123 – Stihl battery pole saw with a 10″ bar

The first thing you’ll notice about these pole saw specs is that the bar or blade is much longer than other pole saw brands. Stihl pole saws are designed for tough work and can be used commercially. They cut easier and faster.

Manual Vs Battery Vs Gas Vs Corded

gas or battery powered chaisnaw
Battery-powered is usually best for around the house

Potential buyers often ask us, ‘Is a gas, battery, corded electric, or manual pole saw best for me?’

Most people already have a preference for one or the other, but guys who would usually go for a gas pole saw may also be surprised at how good battery models are today.

Battery pole saws are good because, as long as the battery is charged, you can just pick it up and use it. There’s no fussing with mixing gas and getting it started. You just pull the trigger and it goes.

The downside is that battery (and electric) saws don’t put out as much power as gas. A gas-powered saw runs faster and with more cutting power. They just get through the branches faster.

Electric saws are problematic because you need to carry around a cord. You are limited by the length of your extension. We’ve heard of too many accidents that people have had with these tools as well – the cords accidentally get cut and things like that.

Gas saws need to be fueled, but you can keep filling them and they’ll keep running. There’s no downtime waiting for batteries to charge. 

Manual saws are good for those who have small tasks to complete, or who are nervous about fast-running chains – we know those people are out there!

Ultimately, for around the home for pruning branches, a battery-powered pole saw is going to suit most people and be the best option – just like battery-powered chainsaws.

Pole Saw Length And Weight

how to choose the right pole saw
Consider the types of work you want to accomplish

Extendable Vs Fixed Length Pole

What’s important to look for is the durability and hardiness of the tool and how it relates to your project.

Tools made of lower-quality materials may be less expensive upfront but can cost you in the long run, as you will need to replace them early.

Extendable or telescoping saws, like the new EGO pole saw, that come with multiple extension arms can sometimes fall in this category because the various pieces leave them vulnerable to flexing and bending.

Check pole saw reviews and see what customers are saying about the durability and quality of the tool since they’ve tested it. Choose a fixed pole when the job requires greater intensity for added durability.

For best results, choose a cutting bar length greater than the thickest branches you plan to cut. Most pole saws have an average length of 9 inches, although they run in varying lengths between 6 and 12 inches.

The pole saws with longer bars/blades will usually get through things a bit quicker.

Pole Saw Weight

Generally, easier jobs require lighter pole saws. Choose the lightest saw that will work for you.

Keep in mind:

  • Gas-powered saws are often the heaviest option
  • Battery-powered is lighter than gas
  • Electric can be even lighter as it doesn’t need fuel or a battery
  • Manual pole saws are the lightest

Weight isn’t the most important factor when choosing a pole tree trimmer – the faster the cut, the quicker you can put it down again.

Manual saws are light, but you have to hold them for a lot longer. Battery-operated pole saws are a nice medium for most people.

Safety Features

pole saw safety features
This pole saw blade has various safety features

Regardless of whether you purchase a high-quality or less-expensive tool, you will need to put some upkeep and maintenance into your investment in order to extend its life and see it perform safely at its top potential.

Read all documentation with your pole saw, check guards for damage, and make sure power cords and batteries are free from fraying and corrosion.

Make sure to clean the blade after every use. Resins and sap from tree branches can harm the blade if left on for too long, compromising its integrity and leading to decreased performance.

If the blade is auto-oiling or auto-tightening, check that all of these components are working correctly before storing it away after use.

Caring for your pole saw is important when it comes to keeping it safe for use. Consider wearing a chainsaw helmet when pruning with these tools as well.

Best Pole Saws

cheap pole saws
This is the Imoumlive Pole Saw

Our overall pick is the DeWalt 20v Pole Saw.

This battery tree trimmer is a great pick for its extended reach, durability, and strength. The DEWALT pole saw has been tried and tested and found to be really good for your average homeowner – it goes the distance and performs well.

If you need a heavy-duty saw for some tough jobs the EGO PS1001 is another option that checks all the boxes when it comes to reach, power, and even comfort considerations.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pick, then try out the the Worx WG 309. Although it’s an electric pole saw limited by cord reach, it’s still versatile and adjustable and is a great value at the lowest-priced pole saw on the list.

Consider your unique needs and the kind of jobs you’ll be doing before choosing a pole saw. We’re confident there’s a perfect fit on this list for everyone that will make their trimming jobs much easier and safer.

If you are the type of person to get up into the trees, check out these climbing chainsaws.


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