5 BIG Problems: EGO Power+ MPS1001 / MPS1000 Pole Saw Review

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EGO has three pole saws for sale:

  • One designed for home use – the MPS1001 (with battery kit) or MPS1000 (bare tool)
  • An updated homeowner model – the new EGO PS1001 (with battery kit) or PS1000 (bare tool)
  • One for commercial use – the PPSX2504

The EGO home-use pole saws are by far the better-selling version.

In this article we’re focusing on the older MPS1000 version. Visit our EGO PS1000 Pole Saw review to learn about the new and improved version.

The MPS1001 is part of the EGO Multi-Head System which allows you to swap in and out different tool heads. Attachments include the pole saw, string trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, and another 5 or so attachments.

While the majority of users love this EGO Pole Saw, let’s find out what common problems users have had with this EGO Pole Saw.

Ego MPS1000 Pole Saw

best EGO pole saw version



  • 10″ bar and chain
  • Bar oil chamber with auto oiler
  • Water-resistant
  • Compatible with any EGO battery
  • Can be used with 31″ pole extension

The Ego MPS1001 Pole Saw is a great tool for pruning tree branches around the home. It’s an interesting and unique outdoor tool because it has a multi-head system that can transform it into one of 8 different tools.

With the Ego PH1400 Powerhead System, you can use it as a:

  • Pole saw
  • Hedge trimmer
  • String trimmer
  • Edge trimmer
  • Bristle brush
  • Cultivator
  • Rubber broom
  • Extension attachment

When purchasing it you can decide which attachments you want, as not everyone will want all of them. However, it can be worthwhile picking out your most needed 2 or 3 attachments to get the most use out of the powerhead.

This system is intended for homeowner use, not commercial. Check out the commercial pole saw kit if you need something more powerful.

EGO MPS1000 Pole Saw Problems

ego pole saw attachment review

After reading hundreds of EGO Pole Saw reviews, we noticed that there are a few issues that come up again and again…

1. Faulty product

The biggest reason for a 1-star review is due to receiving a faulty product. For whatever reason, the tool will make a few small cuts and then no longer work. 

For example, in the Walmart reviews, Eric said:

Not worth it

Chain broke after only minutes of use on a small twig. Seems like a waste of money for this ego tool. Have a blower and weed trimmer that work great but too many moving parts to make this thing reliable.

And in an Ace Hardware review, Mooregrouse said:

Power head

Unfortunately the pole saw with power head stopped working after about 25 minutes of use.

I tried different batteries and tried the hedge trimmer attachment to see if it was the pole saw that was not working or the power head but it would seem that it’s the power head.

Now to try to get it repaired under warranty.

These kinds of problems can be expected when a major brand like EGO is selling so many units.

Perhaps it is one in a 1000 or one in 500 that is faulty, but it will happen. People are able to easily get replacements or refunds when this happens.

2. Battery Life

Not everyone is happy with how long the battery lasts when using the pole saw.

Again, in the Walmart reviews, Husky said:

Battery life is unacceptable

The 2.5Ah battery does not last more than 15 minutes of use.

The tool works well, but a 45 minute job takes an additional hour and a half due to multiple 30 minute recharges, IF you have the rapid recharger.

Terry shared:

Replaces gas, but breaks down

Main battery died after less than a year of use. Easily warranty replacement, but still shouldn’t occur.

Also, the Motorhead has developed a very bad vibration, likely a bad bearing or worn bushing. Shouldn’t be that way after such a short residential use.

If you need the pole saw for extensive use, upgrading to a 5 or 7.5 Ah battery would be the way to go. The 2.5 Ah battery isn’t going to last long, especially if the work is demanding.

When using battery power yard equipment it’s always best to have at least two batteries to avoid downtime. There are also some potential ways to revive a dead EGO battery.

3. Oil Leaks

A third issue with the EGO pole saw is that it tends to leak bar and chain oil.

In an Acme Tools review, Grays shared:

Pole Saw and Power Head.

Oil leaks all over the place, very disappointed and I purchased the exact oil that they recommend

And in an EGO FB group post, Jerry asked:

What am I doing wrong?

After using the pole saw for the 1st time, I mounted it vertically on the wall. A few days later I discovered the Ego battery under the saw covered with oil. I attached a cup under the saw to catch the bar chain oil. The cap on the oil tank is tight.

Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Russel responded, “Mount it horizontally and position the reservoir down. That solved the problem for me.”

However, leaking bar oil is a common problem with both chainsaws and pole saws. My Stihl 011 chainsaw is terrible for it. And so is my DEWALT 20v MAX XR Chainsaw.

If you put the tool in a certain position – on its side, for example – this will often remedy the issue, but I just try to put them away without any oil.

4. Poor Performance

Another common complaint is that it doesn’t perform as well as expected.

We all know how that feels, right?

We buy a product with high hopes of it being the perfect solution to our needs, and it just doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

In the Walmart reviews, one customer shared:

Not quite ready to replace gas-powered tools

I bought this along with the 31-inch extension to elevate and prune some trees around the yard that hadn’t been pruned or elevated for many years. I used it for many hours last weekend, and overall it performed well, when it worked.

I LOVE that it’s cordless, since I didn’t want yet another engine to maintain. It cut quickly through everything I needed to trim.

The downsides: the head doesn’t rotate, and it would often turn off and not restart without removing and reinserting the battery. When this happened, the battery indicator was blinking red. I’m not sure if I had overheated the battery or the motor, or if something else happened.

The battery was NOT dead, as it would happen even with a fully-charged battery. We also own an Ego handheld blower, which we love and use often, and it works flawlessly.

I bought this powerhead and pole saw because my old (gas-powered) Echo string trimmer is 11 years old, and becoming difficult to start. It may be at the end of its life, and I thought that I might replace it eventually by buying the Ego string trimmer attachment to go with the Ego powerhead.

After my experience with the pole saw stopping several times, I’m not so sure. I can tolerate the poor performance of a tool that I use only occasionally, but a string trimmer is something I use at least weekly during the warmer months.

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Ego products that I know I would only use occasionally. The pole saw works very well, when it works. However, for items that I use frequently such as a string trimmer, I think I’m going to stick with gas-powered products for now.

And Wisconsin Farmer said:

Not up to EGO standards

Weight is good, but not durable. Chain comes off so often it is better to do sawing by hand.

Compared to the chainsaw’s easy use it is a disappointment.

The chain coming off does come up a few times in different reviews. Someone also posted in the FB group recently, “Anyone had troubles with the pole saw attachments throwing chains repeatedly?”

Responses included:

  • Yes, the pole saw tension system is complete garbage.
  • It’s probably a dud bent bar take it back.
  • Have you checked the chain tension? Chains are usually thrown when they’re loose, and they loosen over time with use and when they get hot.
  • The chain needs sharpening with a file every time you use it. If it’s dull it will throw the chain.
  • It’s possible for the chain to stretch and need to be re-tensioned. That could be the cause. I’ve used mine pretty heavily and haven’t had a chain drop yet.

It’s possible that the chain needs to be tightened and that this is a result of user error.

However, as a frequent user of mini chainsaws, these types of tools do drop the chain more regularly than a regular chainsaw.

5. Design Problems

Lastly, some think the tool needs a few design kinks worked out.

DMJR said:

Good saw with some issues

This is a great pole Saw has plenty of power I was able to cut down two small trees with split trunks that I couldn’t reach with a regular chainsaw made the job much easier.

What I don’t like about it is the safety button location on the side of the handle under your right thumb. The location makes it difficult to engage when you have to tip the saw so the button faces the ground I think this something that needs to be addressed in the future.

The saw also leakes bar and chain oil even while not in use just sitting which means it needs to be emptied after every use so it doesn’t make a mess I haven’t contacted customer service yet about this issue.

And Canofstew shared:

Heavy tool, great power

Tool works great!!!

It’s got plenty of power to get through just about anything you’d ask of it.

The Down Side… it’s unbalanced and quite heavy

The new Ego pole saw attachment and powerhead have quite a few improvements.

I believe some of the design and performance problems listed here have been addressed in the new version.

EGO Pole Saw Review

ego pole saw problems

While we’ve focused on all the negatives here, it’s important to know that most users love this pole saw, and it gets mostly positive reviews. It has a very good overall star rating online and the overwhelming majority of the comments are positive.

At the end of the day, it’s only a homeowner-level pole saw, so it’s not made for excessive or highly demanding use. If it’s kept for light use there shouldn’t be any problems.

It’s not the kind of tool for sectioning up branches – use your EGO chainsaw for that – the pole saw brings the branch down. 


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4 thoughts on “5 BIG Problems: EGO Power+ MPS1001 / MPS1000 Pole Saw Review”

  1. Works for 10 minutes or so in summer which is fine for what I have to do. In winter not so good. Lasts less than a minute, 2 or 3 cuts,
    then stops. Winter is when I like to trim trees. I can see the branch pattern better and the trees don’t bleed.
    It must be the power head because the string trimmer will run for quite a while on the same battery.

  2. We had gotten attached to the Ego brand as individual products, and recently have had issues with battery cells going out. As these individual items have always been used with original batteries that were purchased with each product, and used solely for the product bought for.

    Just recently have had battery issues, with no change in use, and have been doing some research on the Powerhead Max that allows interchangeable heads to manage all of the functions of the individual tools, but having second thoughts after reading so many bad, or should say discouraging reviews of the downside of another investment of lawn tools.

    As not being clear as to any improvements to the bad reviews kinda makes it senseless to purchase a powerhead to operate the different tools that are supposed to be able to handle like the original single item tools, and now with battery issues not quite sure about warranty to address this issue.

    Have not yet contacted the company to make this right, so until then with not be purchasing more products without any guarantee for this type of issue. As I was going to get into the powerhead, and gradually purchase all the attachments that work with it. But as I’ve read there may be many issues with this type of purchase, and have already purchase the lawnmower, blower, and weedeater.

    So need to be confirmed on the replacement of the batteries life, as if they are going to continue to lose cells within the battery pack with no replacement for them then this will become another issue with trusting companies to stand behind their name to keep customers from disappointing issues that only turn into a more costly product.

    Till confirmed that they will honor battery, and motor life that made their name” Ego” such a trustworthy product that had gotten my attention from 1st purchase, until the battery issue, and what I am seeing before purchasing the Powerhead + that I had been interested in since I’ve seen the adds that caught my eye.

    But thanks to reviews I am thinking twice and will see what produces from the issues that have been made in these latest reviews before purchasing. Hope to hear more on this issue, and any other issues, as well as improvements. I have been torn between old school, and new innovation products, I follow many and even put my old favorite Craftsman to rest after purchasing the weedeater, and blower, they did not get the job done nor, compared to any of my products purchased.

    As Milwaukee, and Ego have replaced far too many of my other brand named products. Hope to hear from anyone on the behalf of these Ego products, good/bad and otherwise. Thank you for the helpful information, and hoping for resolution of my battery issues. Once confirmation can be found, may invest at a later time in what I had wanted to make my next investment in.

    Good day to all and thank you for the information you’ve provided.

  3. Love all my ego tools. Took the pole saw & my 18 inch saw to my property in Vt. My farmer laughed at my flatlanders toys. Spent 2 days beating the crap out of them both for 8 hours a day nonstop. We trimmed 10 acres of farmland edging that was overgrown with trees, brush & overgrowth & gained 10 ft of planting. Our farmer wasn’t laughing when we were done & couldn’t believe it if he didn’t see it for himself.

  4. Head broke off polesaw gas powered rented from Jeff’s small engine Miltown wi.just hanging weight did it,it got pinched ,got 029 Stihl saw ,that got pinched to ,fallen white oak ,branch twisted.got sawsall an cut branch ,both fell out.didnt get charged rent,just parts no labor,127 dollars. It wasn’t my fault,branch twisted an caught chain,had to let it down an it snapped off like toothpick,casting only 1/8 in aluminum.took it back,dealer wasn’t surprised,head broke from other renter an shaft bent an inn er shaft bent an handle broke,renter paid for parts too. This shouldn’t be rented,we should get our money back because of cheap design. Poor quality. I had it 45 min,took it back ,will u reimburse me? Thanks bruce hochstetler


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