Stihl 038 Chainsaw Specs: AV, EQ, Super, Super 2, Magnum, Magnum 2, Farm Boss

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The STIHL 038 has more versions than any other Stihl chainsaw – at least, we haven’t come across any with more!

It has at least 9 versions, some which are extremely rare:

  1. STIHL 038 AV – 62 cc base model has anti-vibration system.
  2. STIHL 038 AV EQ – AV and electronic ignition (E) and Quickstop chainbrake (Q).
  3. STIHL 038 AV SUPER EQ – AV EQ and a larger 50 mm bore than the base model, making it 66.8 cc.
  4. STIHL 038 AV SUPER 2 EQ – most likely the Magnum before the Magnum was released, making it 72.2 cc.
  5. STIHL 038 AV Super Pro – same as the SUPER but with additional features (eg. adjustable oiler).
  6. STIHL FARM BOSS 038 AVS EQ – same as the 038 AV SUPER EQ, just a different year (Farm Boss is just a marketing term).
  7. STIHL 038 Magnum – even larger bore than the Super making it 72.2 cc.
  8. STIHL 038 AV Magnum EQ – AV, 72.2 cc big bore, electronic quickstop.
  9. STIHL 038 Magnum II – likely the same as the Magnum but with a tri-port muffler
  10. STIHL 038 AV Magnum EQ W – a Magnum with heated handles/carb

This even beats the 015, which has 8 versions!

These are the differences between all of the STIHL 038 Chainsaw versions and what the different designations mean.

1. STIHL 038 AV

stihl 038 av
Image: @prodajapolovnihkosilica

The original 1980 base version of the 038 is an AV (anti-vibration system) – as far as we’re aware, there was no non-AV version.

This model has points and condenser ignition rather than electronic. We go into more detail about this, along with how to convert the ignitions, in our STIHL 031 AV review.

While this version doesn’t have a chain brake, it does have a hand guard.

Stihl038 AV
Displacement61 cc / 3.72 cu in
Power4 hp / 3 kW
Bore48 mm / 1.89 in
Stroke34 mm / 1.34 in
Weight6.8 kg / 15 lbs

*Specs for the other versions below

2. STIHL 038 AV EQ

stihl 038 AV electronic quickstop
Image: @glagartenthoma

The STIHL 038 AV with electronic ignition and Quickstop Chainbrake.

Same specs as the 038 AV.


stihl 038 av super electronic quickstop
Image: @tomohisa.asano

The 038 AV Super Electronic Quickstop version has a wider diameter bore making it 66.8 ccs. The non-Super version has a 48 mm bore.

As you can see in the designation, this version also had the AV system, electronic ignition, and Quickstop Chainbrake.

Stihl038 AV038 AV S
Displacement61 cc / 3.72 cu in66.8 cc / 4.07 cu in
Power4 hp / 3 kW4.4 hp / 3.3 kW
Bore48 mm / 1.89 in50 mm / 1.97 in
Stroke34 mm / 1.34 in34 mm / 1.34 in
Weight6.8 kg / 15 lbs6.6 kg / 14.6 lb

*Specs for the other versions down below


stihl 038 AV Super 2 electronic quickstop
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans

The Super 2 is a rare tag on the 038 and its meaning is unclear, but here’s some speculation.

In the Stihl Chainsaw Fans FB group, in an 038 Super 2 thread, Frank said:

The Super 2 designations were usually dealer additions. I have heard that certain dealers in the Pacific North West would upgrade certain things and add the Super 2 badge.

stihl 038 super vs super 2
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans

Shree said in another thread:

I have that same 038 AV Super 2.

Best I could find out is that they used this tag for less than a year before renaming it the Magnum. They are 72ccs. I have never seen another one before until I just seen yours. Very rare tag for a 038.

So those are two different ideas:

  1. Dealers made additions and re-tagged it
  2. It was the Magnum before they called it the Magnum

The second option is most likely, making the Super 2 a 72 cc 038 Super rather than a 67.8 cc. Either way, it’s a cool saw because there are so few of them out there.

5. STIHL 038 AV Super Pro

stihl 038 av super pro chainsaw
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans

The 038 AV Super Pro is another very rare version whose exact specs and features are a bit of a mystery, but which we can speculate on.

Here’s another picture of this one, since it’s so uncommon and there are many guys who don’t believe in it.

Stihl 038 super pro chainsaw
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans

The Pro designation on other models, such as the STIHL 026 and 026 Pro or the 260 and 260 Pro, means the saw has additional features.

Both the 026 Pro and 260 Pro have adjustable oilers and decompression valves which the non-Pro versions do not. In the case of the 038 AV Super Pro, it’s likely the same.

Questions that arise:

  • Do other versions have adjustable oilers?
  • Do other versions have decompression valves?
  • Does the Super Pro have electronic ignition or a chainbrake?

Let us know in the comment section at the end if you know.

Other than potential additional features, the 038 Super Pro has the same specs as the Super AV.


stihl 038 av farm boss eq
Image: @m16800

As we stated in the intro, the 038 Farm Boss is the same as the 038 AV SUPER EQ. 

The difference is in the year made – for a time, they decided to try out the label. Farm Boss is just a marketing term, usually applied to non-pro-Stihl chainsaws.

stihl 038 AVESQFB chainsaw

Sometimes this saw is listed in the manuals as the 038 AVESQFB. It’s a bit of a mouthful (STIHL 038 Anti Vibration Electronic Ignition Super Quickstop Chainbrake Farm Boss)!

7. STIHL 038 Magnum

stihl 038 magnum
Image: @erikpowell1951

The 038 Magnum AV came out in 1984.

There are a lot of these 038 Magnums that are not marked AV, but it’s unclear whether they are any different from the versions that are marked AV (see below). 

Did those saws marked ‘038 Magnum’ have the same anti-vibration system as those marked ‘038 AV Magnum’?

It’s like they are AV, but are not EQ, as those which are marked AV indeed are… again, if you know, let us know in the comments so we can get it added in for sure.

Also, sometimes you will see pictures of 038s that are simply tagged ‘STIHL 038’ – it’s likely these saws are 72 cc Magnums that have lost their sticker.

Stihl038 AV S038 AV Magnum
Displacement66.8 cc / 4.07 cu in72.2 cc / 4.4 cu in
Power4.4 hp / 3.3 kW4.8 hp / 3.6 kW
Bore50 mm / 1.97 in52 mm / 2.04 in
Stroke34 mm / 1.34 in34 mm / 1.34 in
Weight6.6 kg / 14.6 lb6.6 kg / 14.6 lb

8. STIHL 038 AV Magnum EQ

stihl 038 av magnum
Image: @muro_mako

This is the 038 AV Magnum – it likely only differs from the previous version in that it has electronic ignition and Quickstop Chainbrake.

The saw in the image above also has the EQ designation, but it can’t be made out, but it’s visible in this next picture.

stihl 038 av magnum eq

This version has the same specs as the previous Magnum saws. It’s a 72.2 cc, 4.8 horsepower chainsaw.

9. STIHL 038 AV Magnum II EQ

stihl 038 AV magnum 2 electronic quickstop
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans

Lastly, we have the STIHL 038 AV Magnum II EQ.

User ‘HolmenTree helpfully shared in the Forestry Forum (edited here for clarity):

Introduced in 1985, the 72cc Stihl 038 Magnum was Stihl’s attempt to offer a good middle weight saw.

But the celebration ended quickly the next year when the 064 AV was introduced. It was 85cc and lighter then the 038 Magnum. The 038 Magnum II kept the flame burning up until 1988 – 89 when the next level 70cc-class pro-saw was born, the 044 AV.

But I do admit you won’t find a more solid reliable powerhouse of a saw for casual everyday work then the 038 Magnum 2.
It still lives on sold in other parts of the world as a MS 380/MS 381/MS 382.

But what’s the difference between the Magnum and Magnum II?

The most common answer is that the Magnum 2 and a triple port muffler, whereas the Magnum is dual port. There are reports of Mag IIs with dual port mufflers, but there may have been aftermarket replacements.

10. STIHL 038 AV Magnum EQ W

Stihl 038 AV Magnum heated handles
Image: @prodajapolovnihkosilica

Lastly, there is a ‘W’ version of the saw with heated handles and carb.

This chainsaw is the same as the Magnum AV EQ and simply has the additional feature for cold climates.

STIHL 038 Chainsaw

So those are all the versions and specs for the STIHL series 1119 038. Across all versions, the saw was in production from 1980 until 1997, and perhaps even longer for countries like South Africa, the Philippines, and Brazil.

Do you know of another model with so many versions? Which do you own or which have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

On the whole, the STIHL 038 is very well reviewed by users and it is a sought-after chainsaw – especially the Supers and Magnums. Prices vary depending on version, location, and condition. It’s best to check the current prices on eBay for a good indication of what they’re worth.


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  1. There is also 038 Magnum 2’s that have a red lever that were supposedly less restricted, I myself own 4 038 Magnum 2 saws and only one of which has the factory tri-port exhaust, the service manual I own shows 3 different muffler options and 2 different clutch covers so I can not say for sure that “all Magnum 2 models” have tri-port exhaust that is a false statement

  2. I have an 038AV Super Pro that I swapped a smaller Echo for with my Dad because the 038 was getting too heavy for him. Didn’t realize it was so rare. It does have a chain brake-not sure on the ignition. I’ll say this about it-it’ll eat some wood!


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