Stihl 064 Chainsaw Reviews: “A Saw I Regret Selling”

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The STIHL 064 is an 85 cc, 6.5 hp professional chainsaw produced from 1986 to 1997.

The saw pictured in this article belongs to Bruce, our neighbor. He uses it with a 24″ bar for felling trees, bucking logs, and even a bit of milling!

Bruce rates this saw highly. It’s extremely capable, good for the big stuff, and has no trouble going all day. Many would say it’s one of Stihl’s best saws.

While the 064 has been out of production for over 15 years, used models are regularly listed on eBay, Marketplace, and FB groups.

Stihl 064 Chainsaw

stihl 064 from above

The series 1122 064/066 chainsaws replaced the 056 that ended production in 1986 – more about Stihl production years here.

Some Stihl saws are extremely popular in the chainsaw community, while others are not. The 064 is one of the popular ones.

There are a few versions of the saw:

  • STIHL 064 – base, standard version
  • STIHL 064 AV EQ – with AV system, electronic ignition (E), Quickstop chainbrake (Q)
  • STIHL 064 BUND – German army version (in green)

There are also “red lever” 064s.

A red lever indicates that the saw was built in the first year of production.

Some saws were marked Magnum, which, in the case of this saw, was marketing.

Stihl 064 Reviews

is the stihl 064 good

The 064 is known for being a reliable and powerful saw that will perform well for decades.

It’s not a beginner’s chainsaw but is best for experienced users who need a powerful saw.

Bruce is a farmer with a large property covered in trees. Many are well over 100 years old and many meters thick. The 064 is the perfect saw for tackling these trees when their time is up.

The biggest problem or downside with the 064 is finding parts, especially ignition coils. This write-up on Arborist Site can help with that.

Here are some other 064 user comments and reviews:

  • Darren said, “My 064 is one of my favorites.
  • @interiorurbanmining1155 said, “I have 7 old 064s… I love ’em. Always looking for more.”
  • Matt said, “Gonna make a few people upset here… but this generation was peak Stihl. What a beauty.”
  • Scott said, “Ahead of their time the 064s. Light and powerful!”
  • Conrad said, “That 064 eats!”
  • @smithtradfallning said, “Man, I love my 64, but it is an absolute jackhammer in terms of vibration.”
  • @05victorylly said, “The 064 sounds great! I had one years ago that I regret selling.”

@brandonperkins3942 said:

I bought a 064 in 1993 and paid $710 for it, out-the-door tax and all. Used it last weekend to cut 3 cords of wood.

Always starts, even when it’s super cold.

Every time I run it, it “Still” amazes me. It brings back a lot of memories of making a living all through high school and puts a smile on my face.

Definitely one of the finer things in life!

@cainsmale5988 said:

I put away my 064 in 1999 after harvesting in New Zealand with it for 12 months…

[13 years later] still had the 24 year old fuel in it… 6 pulls and away she went…

Spent a day cutting firewood with it… beautiful saw.

@oxyehho said:

Great saws.

I’ve logging for decades and I will not trade my 460 for any amount of brand new 500is period!

And Steven said:

I love my 064, just wish I could find a new coil that worked as good as the OEM.

I changed the flywheel to the old model 066 and an aftermarket coil but it isn’t quite the same, though she still gets the job done.

Specs and Features

064 price parts

These are the basic 064 specs, compared with the higher-powered 066 and today’s equivalent, the MS661.

Stihl 064 vs 066 vs MS661

STIHL064066MS 661
Displacement85 cc / 5.18 cu in91.6 cc / 5.58 cu in91 cc / 5.55 cu in
Power6.5 hp / 4.8 kW7.1 hp / 5.0 kW5.56 hp / 5.4 kW
Bore52 mm54 mm56 mm
Stroke40 mm40 mm37 mm
Weight15.7 lbs / 7.1 kg16.1 lbs /7.3 kg16.5 lbs / 7.5 kg
Bar Length16  to 36″16  to 36″16 to 36″

Differences between the 064 and 066 include different flywheels, the size of cylinder bolt holes, and that sort of thing, but otherwise, they’re very similar. The STIHL 651 is another saw worth comparing.

They’re all heavy, powerful chainsaws suitable as full-time work saws logging, felling, limbing, bucking, and clearing land.

They were (and continue to be) used on farms, in forestry, and by chainsaw enthusiasts alike.

stihl 064 chainsaw specs

You can download the Stihl 064 operators manual here.

It had all of the standard features of its day, keeping in mind that early models may differ from later models:

  • Automatic chain and bar oiler
  • Chain brake for protection against kickback
  • Spiked bumpers to hold saw in place in wood
  • Chain catcher to reduce risk from broken/thrown chain
  • Anti-vibration system for more comfortable use
  • Decompression valve for easier starting
  • Heated handles (not all models)
  • Adjustable carb

Among other things.

Price and Parts

how much for stihl 064
An example of how much a Stihl 064 costs

How much should you pay for a Stihl 064?

It depends on:

  • Condition
  • Country or state or looking at buying it in
  • Time of the year

Most buyers will want to know if it’s all OEM or if aftermarket parts have been used for repairs.

We’ve seen extremely tidy 064s for sale on Facebook Marketplace for as little as £600 (approx US$810) in the UK or as low as $700 in the US. However, most OEM saws in good working condition will go for higher.

OEM and aftermarket parts can be found:

We’ve noticed that when people are looking to buy a Stihl 064, they generally request that it be repaired, maintained, or modified only with OEM parts.

Stihl 064

how to use stihl 064

If you’ve seen a 064 for sale and are wondering whether to buy it, consider the following questions.

  1. Do I need a seriously powerful saw for heavy work?
  2. Will I be able to comfortably deal with the weight for the periods I need to use it?
  3. Has it been well maintained and been repaired with OEM parts?

If the price is right, it could be the Stihl chainsaw for you.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions below.


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9 thoughts on “Stihl 064 Chainsaw Reviews: “A Saw I Regret Selling””

  1. I’ve been using my 064 for over 2 decades and it hasn’t missed a beat. She’s only just getting broken in now. Great saw for bucking thick logs.

  2. I’ve just been given an old seized 064, just the piston shows scratches so getting a New OEM piston in for it. Sorry I’d loose this thread if I had to wait for it to arrive.
    I highly recommend the MS460, its a 76cc saw, lighter than the 064, but a good condition saw will last you a lifetime.
    Thanks for the post.


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