Stihl 064 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Price, Parts, And Best Alternatives

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Is the Stihl 064 Chainsaw worth picking up?

I went and talked to my friend about his 064 – the one pictured throughout this post. He uses it for felling large trees and bucking logs, or anything else the requires a saw of this size.

It’s an 85cc 6.5hp chainsaw that was manufactured between 1986 – 1997. It can no longer be bought new – which is somewhat obvious, given it’s been out of production for 15 years.

However, there were massive numbers of this saw sold worldwide, and used models are commonly listed for sale online.

You will also often see very tidy 064s for sale that look as though they’ve basically never been used – I saw a great example today on Marketplace.

Stihl 064 Chainsaw

stihl 064 av specifications
The base 064 – the 064 AV and 064 M are other designations for additional features/capacity

The 064/066 replaced the 056 that ended production in 1986 – more about Stihl production years here.

It’s a powerful saw that was part of Stihl’s professional saw line-up, designed for use by loggers and other tree workers.

The main downside of the 064 today is that it’s a heavy machine compared to similarly powered chainsaws available today.

The power-to-weight ratios of the 80s don’t compare to today’s most powerful Stihl chainsaws.

stihl 064 problems

In the chainsaw community, some Stihl saws are extremely popular, and others are not.

The 064 is one of the popular ones.

You will find owners passionately referring to it as ‘my beloved 064,’ or ‘my baby’ and other terms like that.

When they share pics of ‘their baby’ in the FB groups, members will comment and say ‘she’s a real beauty, or with statements like the following that I screenshot from a recent 064 post.

my thoughts on the stihl 064

These terms are not uncommon in Stihl circles, but still, they don’t say it about all of them. 

The machine looks good, but it’s the performance that they are praising as well.

Stihl 064 Specs

stihl 064 chainsaw specs

Here are the basic 064 specs, compared with the slightly higher powered 066 and, today’s equivalent, the MS661.

Stihl 064 vs 066 vs MS661

  Stihl 064 Stihl 066 Stihl MS661
CCs 85 ccs 91.6 ccs 91 ccs
Horsepower 6.5 hp 7.1 hp 5.56 hp
Power Output 4.8 kW 5.0 kW 5.4 kw
Dry Weight 15.7 lbs 16.1 lbs 16.5 lbs
Bar Length 16  to 36″ 16  to 36″ 16 to 36″

There are other differences between the 064 and 066, such as different flywheels, the size of cylinder bolt holes, and that sort of thing, but for the most part, they’re very similar.

They’re all heavy but powerful chainsaws that are suitable as full-time work saws logging, felling, limbing, bucking, and clearing land.

There were and continue to be used on farms, in forestry, and by chainsaw enthusiasts alike.

You can download the Stihl 064 operators manual here.

064 Chainsaw Features

stihl 064 av specs

The 064 had all the modern features of its day (keeping in mind that early models may differ from later models).

This includes:

  • Automatic chain and bar oiler
  • Chain brake for protection against kickback
  • Spiked bumpers to hold saw in place in wood
  • Chain catcher to reduce risk from broken/thrown chain
  • Anti-vibration system for more comfortable use
  • Decompression valve for easier starting
  • Heated handles (not all models)

Among other things.

Stihl 064 Price And Parts

how much for stihl 064
An example of how much a Stihl 064 costs

How much should you pay for a Stihl 064?

It really depends on:

  • the condition
  • the country or state or looking at buying it in
  • time of the year

And whether or not it’s a Stihl 064 AV (anti-vibration), 064 M (Magnum), or other additional designation.

Also, keep in mind that chainsaw price inflation is a real thing right now.

Due to transportation disruptions, difficulties obtaining components/workers/materials, and incessant money creation, chainsaws (even old models) are quickly increasing in value.

It’s hard to say ‘the Stihl 064 costs X’ because prices are rapidly increasing.

However, in recent times, I’ve seen extremely tidy 064s for sale on Facebook Marketplace (such as pictured above) for as little as £600 (approx US$810) in the UK or as low as $700 in the US.

OEM and aftermarket parts can be found:

For interest’s sake, I’ve noticed that when people are looking to buy a Stihl 064, they generally request that it’s been repaired, maintained, or modified only with OEM parts (which are somewhat hard to come by).

Stihl 064 Chainsaw Review

My friend Bruce loves his 064, and so does most of the Stihl chainsaw community.

The 064 is known for being a reliable and powerful saw that will go for years and years.

It’s obviously not a beginners chainsaw, but one for experienced users who have some large tasks ahead of them. Bruce uses his Husqvarna 45 for the small stuff.

Often the people who have these saws and farmers, those with a lot of land with trees, and firewood businesses.

It’s a serious chainsaw with plenty of weight that requires a decent amount of strength to use.


  • Great power
  • Efficient felling and bucking chainsaw
  • Will last for decades (with the right care)


  • Chews through the gas
  • Heavy

Stihl 064

064 chainsaw review

If you’ve seen an 064 for sale and you’re wondering whether or not to get it, then consider the following questions.

  1. Do I need a seriously powerful saw for heavy-duty work?
  2. Will I be able to comfortably deal with the weight for the periods of time I need to use it?
  3. Has it been well maintained and been repaired with OEM parts?

If the price is right, then it could be the Stihl chainsaw for you.

If not, the Stihl MS310 is another option – it’s a 59cc non-pro saw. If you strike the jackpot, the Stihl 090 is an even more powerful chainsaw. Or, if you’re buying for Grandma, check out the Stihl corded electric chainsaws.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions down below.


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  1. I’ve been using my 064 for over 2 decades and it hasn’t missed a beat. She’s only just getting broken in now. Great saw for bucking thick logs.

  2. I’ve just been given an old seized 064, just the piston shows scratches so getting a New OEM piston in for it. Sorry I’d loose this thread if I had to wait for it to arrive.
    I highly recommend the MS460, its a 76cc saw, lighter than the 064, but a good condition saw will last you a lifetime.
    Thanks for the post.


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