ECHO Battery Powered Chainsaw Review: ECHO’s Cordless 58v Electric Chainsaw

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The best ECHO battery chainsaw is the beautiful 58v electric chainsaw sold with a 16″ bar.

It’s a reasonably light chainsaw weighing a little over 13 lbs without fuel, oil, and bar, though there are far lighter saws. It’s also plenty more powerful than most electric saws, making it good for a wide range of tasks.

Right now, the ECHO chainsaw we’re looking at in this post is the only ECHO electric chainsaw. However, there are new models due to be released in 2022, including a battery-powered top handle chainsaw (we’ll share a bit about them below).

For now, here’s what you need to know about the ECHO 58v chainsaw.

ECHO 58v Electric Chainsaw

echo battery powered chainsaw


This ECHO battery chainsaw is great for light work around the home.

It’s good for pruning trees, shrubs, and bushes, limbing trees that are down, and sectioning up thinner logs. They can also be used on construction sites and farms for cutting lumber and fence posts.

It’s not for heavy-duty firewood processing or dropping larger trees, nor is it for working long hours with – especially if you don’t have spare batteries on hand.

ECHO is also known for their top handle chainsaws, but the CCS-58V4AH battery saw isn’t as good for climbing trees as their small gas models.

The ECHO battery saw is good to have on hand when you need a chainsaw quickly for a small job, as it starts quickly and can be put down easily. All electric chainsaws are good for this reason, but they lack in power and performance when compared to gas.

ECHO CCS-58V4AH Specs And Features

echo ccs-58v4ah

ECHO battery chainsaw specs:

  • 58V
  • Brushless Motor
  • 4 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 56 – 110 cuts per charge
  • 16″ recommended bar length
  • .043″ chain gauge
  • 3/8″ chains pitch
  • Weight (with battery) 13.7 lbs.
  • 5-year consumer/2-year commercial limited warranty

ECHO electric chainsaw features:

  • Automatic bar and chain oiler (all chainsaws have this now)
  • Variable speed trigger for going fast or slow
  • Side access chain tensioner for easy tightening
  • Wrap handle for awkward branches
  • Onboard scrench tool (underneath chainsaw)
  • Rapid charger so you don’t have to wait too long
  • Inertia activated chain brake for safety

Most of these features are fairly standard, though not all battery chainsaws have a variable speed trigger. This gives you a bit more control over the speed you want to get through a piece of wood.

ECHO Battery Chainsaw Review

The ECHO battery chainsaw isn’t the most well-known saw in the homeowner range, but it should be.

It’s overshadowed a bit by better-known battery-powered chainsaws like EGO, Greenworks, DEWALT, and the Milwaukee M18 chainsaw. Those models are good saws, but the ECHO is also worth considering closely, especially if you’re already a fan of the brand.

The ECHO brand is highly respected and the company has been manufacturing quality chainsaws for a long time now. They are well-known for their gas-powered chainsaws, and in particular, their lightweight top handle chainsaws like the Echo CS-2511T.


  • High powered
  • Long bar (as far as batteries go)
  • Up to 112 cuts per charge
  • Fast battery charging
  • Part of the ECHO range


  • Not the best looking chainsaw
  • Limited battery life

ECHO 58v Chainsaw Best Price

Make sure you get the best deal on this ECHO battery-powered chainsaw by comparing prices.

It’s generally listed around the same price at the different online stores, but you’ll often find some will be running chainsaw sales and it will be cheaper.

Recommended retailers include:

Remember you’ll also need bar and chain oil for lubricating the bar and chain. Obviously, no fuel is required though!

Also, when purchasing, make sure to check whether or not it comes with the battery and charger. Some retailers sell them without, so make sure you’re getting it if you need it.

ECHO Electric Chainsaw

The ECHO electric chainsaw is a good saw for light work and for those needing something ready to go.

It’s not ideal for those needing a high-powered chainsaw for doing a lot of land clearing or firewood processing. Nor is it ideal for working with a lot of hardwoods. Check out the ECHO CS-400 for that!

Let us know if you have any questions down below, or if you’ve used this chainsaw and have anything to add. Thanks!


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  1. Would be interested in the chainsaw but……. the batteries are expensive and hard to find, Home Depot stop caring the Echo 58v line up altogether! Just read that their 56v line up has replaced their 58v and the 58v will be discontinued! I’m a little pissed because I have several of the 58v tools.

  2. Brand new and will only spin a second and quit, I need some advice, gotta be under warranty or something ive cut one small tree is all. I’m very disappointed .


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