Ego Chainsaw Reviews: The CS1400, CS1600, CS1610, CS1800, And CSX3000

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In this Ego Chainsaw review, we’ll compare the range of Ego Chainsaws.

If you’re part of the Ego ecosystem already, you’ve probably already decided that you want one of their 56v battery chainsaws. However, choosing the best Ego chainsaw for your situation takes a bit of research and thought.

Their Power+ line has 5 current chainsaws, the CS1401, CS1604, CS1611, CS1804, and CSX3003.

We’ll start with a table outlining the differences between the Ego 56v Chainsaw range. That alone should go a long way in helping you to decide which one is best for you.

EGO Chainsaw Review

EGO CS1401 - Smallest

  • Comes with a 14" bar and 56v battery/charger
  • Weighs 11.4 lbs, max RPM 6800
  • The bare tool version is the CS1400
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EGO CS1604 - Mid-Range

  • Comes with a 16" bar and 56v battery/charger
  • Weighs 18 lbs, max RPM 6800
  • The bare tool version is the CS1600
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EGO CS1611 - NEW Mid-Range

  • Updated 16" saw with 2.5 Ah battery
  • Weighs 13 lbs and has equivalent power to a 40cc gas saw
  • The bare tool version is the CS1610, 4 Ah is 1613
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EGO CS1804 - Largest

  • Comes with a 18" bar and 56v battery/charger
  • Weighs 21.8 lbs, max RPM 11,000
  • The bare tool version is the CS1800
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EGO CSX3003 - Commercial Top Handle

  • Top handle saw with 12" bar and battery holster pack
  • Equivalent power to a 35cc chainsaw
  • 5.0Ah 56V ARC Lithium Battery included, bare tool model # CSX3000
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The most popular Ego Chainsaw is the mid-range Power+ CS1604 with 16″ bar. It is followed closely by the higher-powered CS1804 with 18″ bar. Both saws use the same 56v battery packs.

It’s important to realize that many of the Ego Chainsaw listings you see online are actually identical tools. The model number can be different because one product is the bare tool while the other includes the tool, battery, and charger.

For example, the only difference between the CS1800 and CS1804 is that the latter includes 1 5 Ah battery and charger while the former does not. The same goes for the CS1600 and CS1604. Beyond this, the batteries are sold with different amp hours (Ah).

So in the case of EGO’s new 16″ saw, the bare tool is model CS1610, the CS1611 has a 2.5 Ah battery, and the CS1613 has a 4 Ah battery. No doubt they’ll release a version with a 5 Ah battery and that will have a different model number again, while being the same tool.


However, one of the best things about EGO tools is that they all use the same 56v batteries. You don’t need different batteries for different series or levels of saw, unlike other brands. The different amp hours just mean your saw will run for more or less time before needing a charge.

1. EGO Power+ CS1400, CS1401, CS1403

ego cs1401 cs1400 chainsaw reviews


CS1401 Specs:

  • Brushless motor – more efficient than brushed
  • Chain brake – helps prevent injury from kickback
  • Weather and water-resistant – unlike many gas chainsaws
  • Push-button start – so easy to use
  • Only 86 decibels – very quiet in comparison to other models
  • 0.043 chain gauge

The Ego CS1401 is the smallest of the Ego chainsaw range, coming with a 14-inch bar and weighing 16 lbs.

Ego does actually sell a 10 and 12-inch bar separately that can also be used on this or one of their other saws. Sometimes all you need is a small chainsaw for light work!

The CS1401 comes with 2.5 Ah battery and charger, but you can alternatively get the CS1400 which is the bare tool only. The CS1403 is another option in the range, the main difference being a lower RPM of 6300.

This is a reliable option for those needing a small chainsaw and is suitable for many years of light use.

Frank, an owner of this saw, shared:

I have the EGO 14″ and a gas saw.

For 80% of use, I go to the EGO because it’s quiet and does not require pull starting.

Personal preference but I like the power and much higher RPM of the gas saw. The gas throttle response is instant, where the EGO takes a couple seconds to get to speed.

And in the reviews on Acme Tools, Tom shared:

I was skeptical about electric chainsaws for a long time. However, when a gas saw that I had for years finally wore out, my small engine repairman/tuner recommended that I switch to battery powered.

Turned out to be good advice. I’ve had this model for about 2 or 3 years and am very happy with it.

My only request would be that the spikes be a little more aggressive for a more positive engagement on the log, especially when the bark is wet. Otherwise, no complaints.

Negative reviews of this saw mostly revolve around people being disappointed at the lack of power or receiving a product that has (or soon gets) a fault.

2. EGO Power+ CS1600, CS1604

ego cs1604 chainsaw reviews


CS1604 Specs:

  • Tool-free chain tensioner – you don’t have to carry a scrench around
  • Comes with a 56-link chain – you’ll have to learn how to sharpen it
  • Reversible bar – so you can flip it over to wear it evenly
  • Power beyond belief – said to rival that of gas chainsaws (though I have my doubts)
  • Up to 300 cuts – depending on the size of the cuts, of course

The Ego CS1604 is a step up in size and weight and is the mid-range Ego battery chainsaw.

It’s essentially the same as the previous model, only larger. The CS1600 is the version you want if you already have Ego Power+ batteries.

It comes with a 16″ bar but uses the same 56v ARC Lithium Battery and Charger. It has a very good run time thanks to Ego’s constant product development and improvements.

You can check the specs for the model above, but here are a few more features not already mentioned.

If you aren’t looking forward to sharpening your chain every once in a while, consider the Oregon self-sharpening chainsaw. It does it for you!

3. EGO Power+ CS1610, CS1611, CS1613

EGO CS1610 CS1613 reviews


The CS1613 comes with a 4 Ah battery.

There is also the CS1611 with a 2.5 Ah battery, or the CS1610 is the bare tool model number.

The differences between the CS1604 and this new 16″ battery saw from EGO include:

  • has metal bucking spikes (rather than plastic)
  • new tensioner
  • faster chain speed

In the EGO FB group, Wendell said:

The CS1611 is the newer 16″ saw that matches the 11000 RPM (20 meters per second) speed of the 18″ saw and also has the auto chain tensioning capability of the 18″ saw.

The CS1604 lacks both of those. It’s slower (6600 RPM) and has manual chain tensioning.

From what I could see in the product guide, for some inexplicable reason, they only include a 4.0Ah battery/charger in the CS1611 kit, whereas the CS1604 includes a 5.0Ah battery.

I don’t know why they would downsize the included battery (unless they figure people upgrading already have larger batteries and EGO is trying to keep the cost/weight down).

If it’s within your budget, the new EGO saw with 16″ bar would be the one to get.

4. EGO Power+ CS1800, CS1804

Ego CS1800, CS1804 chainsaw reviews


CS1804 Specs:

  • Auto tensioning chain system – easy to keep right
  • LED lighting – helps you work in low light
  • Weighs 21.8 lbs – still comparably light to gas saws
  • Compatible with 16 and 14″ Ego bars – for when 18″ is too much

The Ego CS1804 Chainsaw is the final and larger chainsaw in the Power+ tool ecosystem.

Again, it’s similar to the previous Ego electric chainsaws, but it’s more powerful and has a couple of additional features. The CS1800 is the model to look up if you only want the bare tool.

It comes with an 18-inch bar for those expecting to make some larger cuts, and it has a much higher RPM (11,000). It has the same brushless motor that delivers excellent battery life and performance.

This can be used for felling small trees and other slightly heavier tasks compared with the CS1400 and CS1600.

Besides these features, it has most (if not all) of the previously mentioned features of the other models.

Josh said in one review:

I bought the 18″ and it has cut everything I have put it on.

The 5.0 ah battery seems to have good life, though I’d like to have another one or bigger one. Only thing I don’t like is the sound of it, it’s just not a two stroke.

The light is very useful at night, my gas saw doesn’t have that.

And in the reviews on Acme Tools, William shared:

It works like a charm!

It definitely has more power than our previous gas chainsaw, and with the 45cc equivalent, it can cut through almost any wood.

I love the auto-tensioning system. Before I had to carry a tool to tighten the chain, but now that I got the EGO, I can do it in about 3-4 seconds instead of minutes.

It barely uses bar and chain oil as well. The chain is getting oiled sufficiently, but it isn’t over-applying like our previous Poulan Pro chainsaw.

I would guess you could get at least a few hundred cuts on one tank of chain oil. It is extremely nice to not have the strain of pulling a starter cord a million times, and this saw has started first try every time.

I love this thing.

A passionate fan of EGO!

5. EGO CSX3003 Chainsaw

EGO CSX3003 specs price


This small, lightweight model is part of EGO’s commercial series.

It’s a top handle saw which makes it good for work up in the trees. They are mostly used by arborists, but many regular home users prefer this style of saw for pruning and/or bucking firewood.

It has a lot of cool features like battery and oil level indicator lights, low vibration and noise, metal spikes, and a variable speed trigger.

It is used with a battery holster, which may turn some people off, but this allows the tool itself to be very lightweight while still being able to make up to 265 cuts with the 5 Ah battery.

Robtronics shared in the Acme reviews:

This saw has torque and chain speed to rival any gas-powered saw in this class.

It’s awful nice, especially if you’re climbing, not to have to worry about starting the saw, just pull the trigger and instant cutting power!

And Jeff said:

This chainsaw is a beast. Very good product. I use it for my winter firewood.

Like the CS1610, this is another new tool from EGO so the reviews are still coming in as people put it to the test.

Whether you get this or another top handle saw, make sure you’ve got good climbing boots up in the trees!

EGO Chainsaw Differences

best ego chainsaw power+

The main differences between the Ego Chainsaws are:

  • Length of the bar
  • Weight of the powerhead
  • Max RPMs

And, of course, the price varies as well – the larger and more powerful they get, the more expensive they are (though you can get these tools for cheaper when EGO tools are on sale).

The CS1400 series comes with the shortest bar and is the lightest.

The CS1800 series has the longest bar, weighs a bit more, and has the highest RPMs – meaning it will cut harder and faster.

And the CS1600 series is in the middle of the two.

The new CS1610 series has a 16″ bar but the same RPMs as the CS1800.

All of these chainsaws are suitable for pruning and limbing, as well as tidying up shorter sections or lengths of wood. They can be used for processing firewood, though not on a large scale.

Keep in mind that the bars are not overly long so they’re not ideal for working with thicker logs, nor are they great for felling trees and other serious applications.

best ego chainsaw

In general, cordless chainsaws are not good for heavy-duty work.

They are best for light clean-up tasks or breaking up thinner-width logs. They can be good to keep in the car for those who regularly come across small downed trees or for those who are pruning in orchards.

In summary, they’re good for:

  • Pruning trees, shrubs, and other small limbed bushes
  • Working with while up trees (they are about to release the Ego top handle saw which would be better for this)
  • Trimming up lengths of wood
  • Use on construction sites for cutting lumber
  • Use on farms for fence posts, etc

They are an extremely popular chainsaw for homeowners, and it’s nice that you can use the batteries with the rest of the Ego toolset.

EGO Power+ Chainsaw Batteries

batteries for EGO chainsaw


There is a range of Ego batteries that you can buy additionally.

The Ego chainsaw kits tend to come with either the 2.5 or 5 Ah batteries, but there are also:

  • 4 Ah batteries
  • 7.5 Ah batteries
  • 10 Ah batteries
  • 28 Ah battery backpacks

There are also multiple different chargers.

All EGO batteries work with all EGO tools, so whatever chainsaw you have, any EGO battery is fine.

Whether you have the old EGO pole saw or the new EGO pole saw, the same batteries are good for all.

The batteries have many helpful features, including showing how much power is left, technology that keeps them cool during use, and a power management system that keeps them from over-discharging and helps to extend the battery life.

They are also shock-resistant, have long-lasting power, charge rapidly, and are good to use year-round in most climates. Some people even have tips on how to fix EGO Batteries.

Ego 56v Chainsaw Review

The EGO battery chainsaw range has been very well-reviewed on Amazon and elsewhere on the web.

It’s a top seller on all of the online retailers, including Ace Hardware and Acme Tools. Ego sells a ton of units and they regularly receive 5-star ratings and reviews.

The EGO power tool FB group (over 7K members) is another good spot to look for people’s real-time thoughts on chainsaws and other products.

I’ve been part of the group for a long time now and have seen both praise and problems there. However, the overwhelming impression that I get from users is very positive.


  • A premium electric chainsaw
  • Low noise and lightweight
  • No fumes and no gas are required
  • Easy to start and use
  • Part of a larger set of tools
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Lacks the ‘go all-day’ of a gas chainsaw
  • Extra batteries are costly

Overall, these products are very good and can be considered better than alternatives such as the Milwaukee M18 chainsaw, or the Dewalt MAX XR chainsaw.

If you are already in the EGO line of tools or are considering making a commitment, I wouldn’t hesitate. As long as they are within your budget and are suitable for your requirements, of course.

Find out more about the EGO brand and company here.

Best Ego Chainsaw

ego power plus chainsaw

The best Ego chainsaw for you is going to be the one that best suits your need!

There isn’t one ‘best’ for everyone, it’s going to depend on your budget and chainsaw requirements.

Generally speaking, I always recommend getting a little more chainsaw than you think you need, and that way you won’t be disappointed later. If you get a more powerful model you can always get a shorter bar for it instead and continue to use it like that.

Electric chainsaws have some limitations, but at least EGO isn’t selling any that are corded. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion!

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below, and feel free to share your experiences with the EGO chainsaw or their other outdoor power tools.

Also, compare EGO with Greenworks – the two brands are similar but have some important differences.


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8 thoughts on “Ego Chainsaw Reviews: The CS1400, CS1600, CS1610, CS1800, And CSX3000”

  1. A few years ago, I bought two EGO CS1600 chainsaws, and I really liked them. Lots of power, good battery life, and they were very reliable. However, just this spring, after about a hundred hours on each of them, they both failed within a month of each other… both of them in the same manner, I pulled the trigger and there was a short zzzt noise, then they would not work again. I am not complaining though, because I think I got my moneys worth, and I still had the batteries. So I ordered a CS1800 and I am very impressed with this chainsaw… it has more power and longer battery life than the two I had before, plus it came with a much better chain. But I have some complaints about it… EGO still hasn’t put a falling line on the side of the saw, so it is difficult to judge the angle of cut to get the tree to fall where you want. Plus the saw should have some bright colours on it so that it is easy to spot after you set it down somewhere. But my biggest complaint is the chain adjusting system! It is the worst I have ever seen! When the chain comes off, it is impossible to loosen the bar so that you can put the chain back on. You have to take the bar right off, then put the chain on, and try to put the bar back on with the chain. A real pain! What was a 30 second job with the old saws becomes a 10 minute cursing job with this new saw. I hope EGO will go back to the old system in the future, because otherwise I won’t buy another one.

  2. Are the motors in the 16″ and 18″ (CS1611 and CS 1604) the same and if so why are the RPMs so different between the 2 saws?

  3. I’ve had the older version of the 16″ EGO chainsaw for over a year now and have used it a dozen times. It’s good for cutting small logs or trees but useless on thicker stuff, especially hardwoods. It will bog down and cut out if you’re trying to do something too large. Gas is best for anything serious.

  4. Any thoughts or update about the new CS1410, which is available as of yet.
    Are the motors in the CS1410 and the CS1610 the same and what are the main differences?

  5. I have had two of the 18″ saws. The second one is the result of Ego honoring their warranty. Very disappointed in this Ego product. The first one was replaced due to the chain tensioner wearing out. It simply would not keep the chain tight on the bar. The replacement saw has the same problem. After only a little use on the chain it will no longer maintain blade tension. I end up spending a lot of time putting the chain back on the bar. Too loose and honestly, dangerous. I have come to the conclusion that the Chain tensioner design on the 18″ saw is very poor.

    On the pro side, Ego has an excellent warranty, and has replaced the chainsaw and one battery that failed before the end of the warranty period. Saw power, balance, and ease of use is great. My disappointment is that after I researched all the battery chainsaw brands, I picked Ego and spent the extra money to buy it, only to spend most of my time putting the chain back on. I will end up replacing the Ego saw with one of the other top rated brands.


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