Stihl MS 162 Chainsaw: Stihl’s NEW 30cc Garden And Grounds Saw

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The NEW Stihl MS 162 Chainsaw has been released for sale in Germany.

It’s slated for release in the US, UK, and other parts of the world in early 2023.

The MS162 is a 30.1cc gas chainsaw that is described as “a reliable entry-level machine for both property maintenance, gardening, and landscaping.”

Here’s what we know about it.

Stihl MS162 Chainsaw

Continuing on from Stihl’s description above, they state:

Whether you’re sawing firewood or trimming fruit trees, the MS 162 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Or this synopsis (translated from German):

As a private user, the STIHL MS 162 petrol chainsaw is always the right choice for you when it comes to cutting firewood or maintaining your property.

The MS 162 is a light and robust chainsaw for occasional use. Even felling smaller trees is possible with this reliable chainsaw.

There are two different 162 models:

  • MS 162
  • MS 162 C-BE

The following image comes from Firma Bernd Michaelis’ post

is the stihl ms 162 good

The difference between the two is that the latter has the comfort features B and E.

The additional features are:

  • B – Quick Chain Adjustment (for adjusting the chain without tools)
  • E – Easy2Start/ ErgoStart (easier to start the chainsaw)

Some people like these comfort features while others much prefer their saws without them.

Personally, I can take them or leave them. These saws are easy enough to start with the Easy Start feature, and it’s no hassle to tighten the chain with tools. Also, I’ve heard a few bad reports about faulty or troublesome Quick Chain Adjusters.

This image comes from Bader Motorgeräte’s Facebook post.

The price difference between the two versions is 40 euros, though these are introductory prices that are subject to change.

The MS 162 is sold with a 12″ bar and a standard 3/8 “P saw chain – it’s a small chainsaw alright!

Stihl MS162 Specs

  MS162 MS170 MS171
CCs 30.1 30.1 31.8
Horsepower 1.2 1.7 1.7
Weight (lbs) 9.9 8.6 9.5
Bar Length 12 – 14″ 12- 16″ 12 – 16″

The Stihl MS 162 is very similar in specs to the MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, and MS 181.

They are all cheap lightweight homeowner pruning saws. They’re not high-powered and they are used with small 12 – 16″ bars.

It’s difficult to even see the need for the 162 really, as it’s so similar to other Stihl saws, but it does have slightly less power than even the 170. 

Many people probably would have preferred a homeowner-level top handle saw instead as Stihl currently only sells pro-level top handle saws like the 200T (discontinued) or 201T.

Stihl MS 162 Features

stihl ms 162 specs features

Not everyone will love the Stihl MS 162’s features.

I’m not sure about the fuel tank lids for one thing, and the single bar nut is an unpopular feature common to some of the worst Stihl chainsaws.

Other features include:

  • Hardened Stihl guide bar with narrow saw chain
  • Single easy-to-use lever for choke, run, and stop
  • Well-balanced for easy handling
  • Quick chain adjuster
  • Transparent tanks for checking fuel and oil levels
  • Stihl anti-vibration system with “reduced oscillations at the grip points”

And it’s said to have a powerful energy-efficient engine – but I guess the powerful part depends on what you’re comparing it to.

If it’s compared to the Stihl GTA 26 mini saw, then yes; but if it’s to Stihl’s biggest chainsaws, then no!

Stihl MS 162 Price

How much does the MS 162 cost? Or how much will it cost?

The intro prices in Germany are:

  • €189.00 for the base model
  • €229.00 for the C-BE model

The US dollar and Euro have reached parity in recent times, so at the time of writing it’s about the same price in US dollars.

However, if it’s going to be a German-made model then it will likely cost a bit more after shipping (Husqvarna recently added a 6.5% surcharge on all products).

When the MS 162 is released in the US and the rest of the world it could also be part of an intro Stihl deal – hopefully!

Stihl Community Review

So that’s basically all I can find out about the 162 right now – those who can speak German can find out a bit more in the few YouTube reviews that are available.

Lastly, here are a few comments from around the web on the 162:

  • Looks like a good saw to start kids on.
  • Just when you thought the 170 couldn’t get any worse!
  • The only drawback I found is that it is heavier than the ms180. This 162 weighs 9.9 lbs. I was thinking it would be lighter.
  • At least it’s got the old gas caps.
  • I don’t see any advantage over the 170.
  • 30 cc light use saw for occasional use. Might be a good pruning saw but I don’t see the point. The 170 is just fine in that sector of the market.

There was this exchange about whether or not it was Mtronic:

My guess is that it’s a pro saw with an mtronic option. So a better build quality for one. Not knocking the 170, but they’re a homeowner design.

And someone replied:

I doubt it.

The list price on Germany page is 189 euros which is about 225 US. And I have never seen that “easy” chain tensioner crap on a pro saw. Same goes for the “easy start” crap. First time someone forgets a saw has that junk and tries to start it like a regular saw, the whole system is stuffed.

I’m a pro-saw proponent but I have been impressed with the 170. I know a few tree companies that use them as part of their fleet and get 18-24 months out of the running every day with no major work required.

And I can confirm the 162 does not have an Mtronic option.

I think this comment kind of sums up the saw:

Price, fuel caps, single bar stud, power to weight ratio, and options scream new budget saw.

Let me know your thoughts about this new Stihl chainsaw release in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Stihl MS 162 Chainsaw: Stihl’s NEW 30cc Garden And Grounds Saw”

  1. Very interesting comments, just to explain I am an older person looking for an inexpensive saw for firewood log cutting, and just the occasional tree branch tidying up I have owned saws in the past which I simply could not start and have spent a lot of time pulling my guts out which I can no longer do.
    I thought that this new Sthil 162 model might be ideal, but I have noticed the Husqvarna equivalent might be as good if not slightly better.
    So that leaves me not really knowing which is best.

  2. The specs tell you everything. The power is down, the weight is up while the price is the same as the 170. There is no upgrade in reliability so in comparison to the 170 you are getting less product for the same money. And for all of us old fellows looking for a light saw with decent power this is not the model.


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