What Does NOS And NIB Mean Relating To Chainsaws?

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If you’re in the chainsaw forums and Facebook groups, you’ve probably come across a NOS or NIB chainsaw for sale

The first time I saw it, I thought someone was selling a saw with a nitrous oxide system – which would be cool, but didn’t seem to be the case.

So what does NOS or NIB mean when referring to chainsaws?

NOS = New Old Stock – an old chainsaw that has never been used

NIB = New In Box – a chainsaw that has never been used (could be old stock or new)

These are new saws that have never been fueled and put through wood.

The terms can also be used for chainsaw parts that were manufactured during the initial production run, but have never been used. More often you’ll see OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) used for new genuine parts.

NOS Saws

is the stihl ms270 still being made

New Old Stock chainsaws can command a steep price, especially if they are collectible or popular saws.

A Stihl 070 or MS720 that has never been used, for example, will set you back a big chunk of money. Or, alternatively, if you are selling, make a tidy sum.

It’s said that there are no NOS Stihl 090 saws at all anymore, so one of those would be awesome to come across.

You will see NOS 025s, 026s, 028s, and so on, but are far less likely to see older NOS saws like an 075, for example.

And while I’m focusing on Stihl saws for these examples, there are always people buying and selling NOS chainsaws in the Husqvarna, Poulan, and McCulloch communities as well.

NIB Saws

new old stock chainsaw

New In Box saws aren’t usually as exciting as NOS saws.

If a saw is only listed as NIB, it usually means it’s a more modern saw that you could go and pick up new from the store or your dealer. For example, something like a Stihl MS170, MS180, or MS391.

NIB saws will usually go for a little under the retailer’s price unless there is a shortage of that certain saw in an area (as there are these days with plenty of Stihl and Husky saws).

You’ll need to speak with the seller and dealer to see if warranties can be transferred, but more often than not, they can’t be.

Nitrous Oxide Chainsaws

And lastly, for those who just want to see something awesome, this is a great nitrous-powered chainsaw ☝️

The description states:

I do NOT recommend that anyone build or operate a nitrous chainsaw!

I am a certified Stihl service tech with decades of experience with 2 strokes and small engines. Even with that I have blown up saws, almost lost a finger, had backfires burn off my arm hair… and thrown chains that resulted in me super gluing my knee back together.

But because of all the trial and error I have developed a method that allows these saws to run nitrous relatively safely. But if you throw NOS on a chainsaw without the proper modifications you can and will have a very bad day! So don’t do it!

It’s not worth trying out, but it’s fun watching videos!

Let us know if you have any questions about ‘new old stock’ or ‘new in box’ chainsaws down below, and keep these things in mind when buying a second-hand chainsaw.


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