SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Review: Is This The Best Chainsaw Scabbard?

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The SawHaul chainsaw carrier range is a superb way to protect your chainsaw while on the move and free up some extra space.

It looks like a simple scabbard for attaching your chainsaw to the tractor or off-road vehicle, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s tough, keeps things tidier and safer, and now has a Snap-Lok system that allows you to change out different tools.

Let’s take a closer look at this company and the SawHaul chainsaw carrier.

SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier

SawHaul Kit For Tractors

  • Protects saw from damage
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Easy install
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SawHaul Kit For UTVs and Manlifts

  • For Man Lifts, ATVs, UTVs, and anything with a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Easy chainsaw transport
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SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Base Kit

  • For Pickup Beds, Workshop Benches, Trailers, and anything with a flat surface with access to the back
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Great for storage
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SawHaul is considered by many to be the best chainsaw carrier for a range of vehicles and machinery.

They have chainsaw scabbards for tractors, the Polaris Ranger and Generals, UTVs, Manlifts, and more. It’s a highly durable product that will help protect your chainsaw from damage and free up some room on your truck or tractor.

It comes with all the mounting hardware that you need and is quick and simple to install.

SawHaul kits make it easy to safely carry your chainsaw on a tractor or other vehicle.

Yes, you can make your own chainsaw scabbard, but what is your time worth?

You might spend 4 – 5 hours putting something together that doesn’t look as nearly as polished or classy as the SawHaul (plus material cost). Or, you could pick up a SawHaul chainsaw scabbard, have it delivered to your door within a couple of days, and be good to go.

That’s really what it comes down to. SawHaul kits aren’t cheap, costing over $100. But, in another way, they do save you a lot of time and energy, which is priceless.

I’ve seen a ton of pictures from people who have built their own chainsaw carrier for their tractor, digger, or Polaris, but I do wonder how long it took.

If you’ve got spare time to fuss about with such things, that’s cool! But if you are short on time order a SawHaul today.

Saw Haul Features

truck bed chainsaw mount
Kenny Finley is the inventor and CEO of Saw Haul

When a chainsaw is kept or transported in the bucket of your tractor an accident can happen so quickly.

It only takes a second for your chainsaw to bounce out and before you know it, it’s under the wheels and completely destroyed. I’ve heard of it happening (and have seen the pictures) so often.

And if it hasn’t bounced out of a tractor bucket or truck bed, the saw has been placed down on the ground, not seen, and subsequently squashed.

That’s the problem that SawHaul solves. It can prevent these chainsaw-destroying accidents before they happen.

It is a fantastic piece of US-made ingenuity.

Here is a video demonstrating the new SawHaul Snap-Lok 360 Kit

The new version has some improvements that CEO Kenny Finley shared with me.

He said:

The Snap-Lok system allows a person to “plug n play” with all of our new products. It is a… Wall to Woods system.

Basically, pick out the tool you need for the day, have a base installed on all of your equipment, and you can easily mix and match the tools you need with the equipment to do the job.

Some of the features and specs include:

  • It is designed to protect your saw from damage
  • Buy the complete kit for mounting to the Lift Arm of your Front End Loader of Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors
  • Easy to access to your chainsaw – eliminates the need for bungee cords and jerry-rigging
  • Lockable so the saw can’t be stolen
  • Really EASY to install in minutes
  • The kits include SawHaul Mount, No-Drill Tractor Kit, Heavy Duty Scabbard, and Installation Hardware

Previous versions of the SawHaul could only be used with bars up to 20″ long, but this new version can be bought in 20-inch, 28″, or 36″ lengths.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that wherever you are going to mount it is going to have good clearance for the bar as well.

SawHaul Review

Image: SawHaul photo gallery

Personally, I think that the SawHaul chainsaw carrier range is really good.

I’m not skilled enough to DIY a chainsaw mount, so anything that can save me time and effort I’m all for. It’s good to have a particular place for me to put my chainsaw when I’m riding out around my property.

When the saw is just sitting on the bed of my 4-wheeler, it can bounce about anywhere. But when it’s in the SawHaul it’s not going anywhere.

There is a little bit of an upfront cost when buying the SawHaul and hardware (included with the kits), but time is money. If I can save myself an hour here and there, paying a little bit more is worth it.

Here are a few comments about the SawHaul from FB groups I’m a part of:

  • “Haven’t been disappointed with this purchase and wish I’d bought one sooner.”
  • “Worth every penny.”
  • “I just mounted the Saw Haul on my 2638 Mahindra – great mount and keeps my STIHL out of trouble.”

Find out more about the SawHaul range and what’s involved with getting it set up on their Amazon store here.

Saw Haul Examples

how to carry chainsaw on motorcycle
Image: @sawhaul

What can the Saw Haul be used on?

Motorcycles aren’t out of the question!

sawhaul chainsaw carrier for tractors
Image: @tdchunts

A Saw Haul chainsaw scabbard is perfect for Kubota tractors – even for carrying a battery-powered Stihl chainsaw in this case.

chainsaw scabbard for farm vehicles
Image: @rebel_rider85

In this example, we have a Saw Haul chainsaw mount on a new Massy Ferguson tractor.

It’s carrying a Stihl MS250 quite nicely.

diy chainsaw scabbard for tractor
Image: @your_basic_username

This is another Kubota, this time the Saw Haul is holding an MS291.

keep chainsaw safe on farm transport
Image: @offgridlife_

There really isn’t a better place for a chainsaw on these tractors. At least, nowhere else is safer for the saw.

And no, Saw Haul isn’t only for Stihl saws – it’s completely unbiased.

This time it’s looking after a Husqvarna chainsaw.

atv rtv 4 wheeler chainsaw scabbard
Image: @arkliehooten

This small disaster relief RTV is kitted out with FOUR Saw Haul chainsaw holders.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one!

made in usa chainsaw scabbard
Image: @c0reyvt

This Mahindra Tractor is looking good with an ECHO saw in the holster.

Saw Haul can also be used on John Deere tractors, though may need an extra attachment in some cases.

stihl husqvarna chainsaw transport
Image: @centralarkansasmahindra

And lastly, a small Husqvarna 240 is looking snug on this tractor.

It is a universal chainsaw scabbard that can be used with most types and sizes of saws.

Of course, if you have a saw with an extra-long chainsaw bar you’ll need another solution, but otherwise, SawHaul will work! 

SawHaul Shark Tank

That is the announcement from SawHaul’s Facebook page in 2020.

It’s always exciting to see or hear about small US businesses being recognized for great products. Hopefully, this partnership pays off for all involved.

Let us know if you have any more questions about these products, or head on over to read the SawHaul reviews here on Amazon. Check out this post on how to best store chainsaws (especially over the winter). SawHaul can even be used to mount chainsaws to the wall now!

Once you’ve added a Saw Haul scabbard to your collection of chainsaw accessories, you’re also going to want to check out these chainsaw winch reviews. They are a great way to shift heavy objects while you are out and about with your chainsaw.


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