SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier Review: Is This The Best Chainsaw Scabbard?

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The SawHaul chainsaw carrier range is a superb way to both protect your chainsaw while on the move and free up some extra space.

It looks like a simple scabbard for attaching your chainsaw to the tractor or off-road vehicle, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

SawHaul even attracted the attention of Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and they worked together on a project in 2020. Let’s take a closer look at this company and its great chainsaw carrier.

SawHaul Chainsaw Carrier

SawHaul Kit For Tractors

  • Protects saw from damage
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Easy install
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SawHaul Kit For UTVs and Manlifts

  • For Man Lifts, ATVs, UTVs, and anything with a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Easy chainsaw transport
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SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Base Kit

  • For Pickup Beds, Workshop Benches, Trailers, and anything with a flat surface with access to the back
  • Up to 20" bar
  • Great for storage
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SawHaul is well known as the best chainsaw carrier for a range of vehicles and machinery.

They have chainsaw scabbards for tractors, for Polaris Ranger and Generals, for UTVs and Manlifts, and more.

It’s a highly durable product that can protect your chainsaw from damage and takes up less room on your truck or tractor. It comes with all the mounting hardware that you need and is quick and simple to install.

SawHaul kits are the easiest way to safely carry your chainsaw on a tractor or range of other vehicles.

You can make your own chainsaw scabbard, but what is your time worth?

You might spend 4 – 5 hours putting something together that doesn’t look as nearly as polished or classy as the SawHaul (plus material cost).

Or, you could pick up a SawHaul chainsaw scabbard and have it delivered to your door within a couple of days and be good to go.

That’s really what it comes down to. SawHaul kits aren’t cheap, costing over $100, but in another way, they do save you a lot of time and energy, which is priceless.

I’ve seen a ton of pictures from people who have built their own chainsaw carrier for their tractor, digger, or Polaris, but I do wonder how long it took.

If you’ve got a lot of spare time to fuss about with such things, that’s cool! But if you are short on time and a little bit long on cash, simply order a SawHaul today.

Saw Haul Features

ran over chainsaw tractor

When your chainsaw is kept in the bucket of your tractor an accident can happen so quickly.

It only takes a second for your chainsaw to jump out and before your know it, it’s under the wheels and completely destroyed.

That’s the attraction to the SawHaul – prevent these chainsaw destroying accidents before they happen!

The SawHaul is a fantastic piece of US-made ingenuity.

Some of the features and specs include:

  • It is designed to protect your saw from damage
  • Buy the complete kit for mounting to the Lift Arm of your Front End Loader of Compact and Sub-Compact Tractors
  • Easy to access to your chainsaw – eliminates the need for bungee cords and jerry-rigging
  • Can be used for bars up to 20″ long, and can be modified to fit longer bars
  • Really EASY to install in minutes
  • The kits include SawHaul Mount, No-Drill Tractor Kit, Heavy Duty Scabbard, and Installation Hardware

The reason the founders of SawHaul created this product is to save you time and money.

You will save time by not having to design, build, and attach a chainsaw carrier yourself.

And you will ultimately save money by not needing to buy a new chainsaw after your current one has been run over by your vehicle!

SawHaul Review

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Personally, we thing that the SawHaul chainsaw carrier range is really good.

I’m not super handy, so anything that can save me time and effort I’m all for. It’s good to have a particular place for me to put my chainsaw when I’m riding out around my property.

When the saw is just sitting on the bed of my 4 wheeler, it can bounce about anywhere. But when it’s in the SawHaul it’s not going anywhere.

There is a little bit of an upfront cost when buying the SawHaul and hardware (all included with the kits), but time is money (as I continually tell myself). If I can save myself an hour here and there, paying a little bit more is worth it.

We can always make more money, but we don’t get any more time.

If you think the same way as me, pick yourself up a SawHaul kit today and get on with it!

There’s no time like the present. As my wife says to me, ‘stop fussing about it and just do it!’

SawHaul Shark Tank

That is the announcement from SawHaul’s Facebook page in 2020.

It’s always exciting to see or hear about small US businesses being recognized for a great product. Hopefully, this partnership pays off for all involved.

Let us know if you have any more questions about these products, or head on over to read the SawHaul reviews here on Amazon. And check out this post on how to best store chainsaws (especially over the winter).

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They are a great way to shift heavy objects while you are out and about with your chainsaw.


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