Custom Nitrous Oxide Powered STIHL Chainsaws… Just For Fun!

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In the chainsaw world, ‘NOS’ usually stands for New Old Stock – an old chainsaw model that’s out of production but which is unused.

But ‘NOS’ can also mean Nitrous Oxide powered chainsaw, which we’re looking at here!

Which is cooler?

I don’t know. They’re both pretty amazing!

nitrous oxide chainsaw backfire

John, from the ‘John’s Custom Saws‘ YouTube channel, makes this custom nitrous STIHL chainsaw.

He seems to use the STIHL MS 460 and MS 461, and these modified saws cut far faster than even the famous STIHL Jetsaw.

This first video titled “Stihl MS460 NITROUS saw “The Hulk” is done!!!” doesn’t show the saw running, but the following video does.

The description states:


This video was to show the finishing touches to the NOS saw… I put this video up when my channel was really small and didn’t ever think it would blow up like it did… so please check it out before you leave the “Lets see it cut bro” comments…

I get it tho trust me… there was several videos of the saw cutting when I put this video up so I didn’t include it but obviously knowing what I know now I would have 🤦‍♂️

She looks awesome, right?

And this is the video showing it running.

The description on this one:

I do NOT recommend that anyone build or operate a nitrous chainsaw!

I am a certified Stihl service tech with decades of experience with 2 strokes and small engines. Even with that I have blown up saws, almost lost a finger, had backfires burn off my arm hair… and thrown chains that resulted in me super gluing my knee back together.

But because of all the trial and error I have developed a method that allows these saws to run nitrous relatively safely. But if you throw NOS on a chainsaw without the proper modifications you can and will have a very bad day! So don’t do it!

Also they are seriously impractical! I basically make a few cuts… shut it off… then make sure I don’t have pieces rattling around in my crankcase. Then I have to refill the bottle because it doesn’t last long.

The NOS dry shot kits on these saws are for 1000cc motorcycles and are not jetted down… so it goes fast.

This is just for FUN and DEMONSTRATION purposes only! Sometimes showing what is possible is the most rewarding aspect of these custom saws. I know the next guy will come along and make saws that are way crazier and way more ridiculous.. and that is how it should be!!!

It cuts fast, alright!

using a nitrous oxide powered chainsaw

@chrisseger6870 said, “What a ripper. You build monsters. Love every minute of it. Stay warm.”

Someone else asked how long it would last running nitrous, to which John replied:

Its so hard to say man… the 460 ran 17lbs of nos thru it and it is still going strong… admittedly a lot of that was testing and fine tuning so I can’t say I ran over 10lbs… the debris ingestion is actually harder on the cylinder than the nitrous… so hopefully I can figure out how to run it with a filter if even just a screen mesh would help a lot.

These N2O-powered chainsaws join the ranks of awesome one-off builds along with the Jetsaw and the STIHL Carbon Concept Saw.

Follow John on his YouTube channel for more chainsaw modification videos!


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