TITAN Great Outdoors Fire Pit Reviews: Solid Steel Fire Pits And Fire Pit Rings

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A Titan Fire Pit could make a great addition to your backyard, porch, or deck.

They have quite a range of options to choose from, including the very popular Titan copper fire pit or their steel fire pit rings for use with a DIY concrete fire pit.

Titan fire pits are for sale everywhere – you can pick them up on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or even on their own site. Makes it great for comparing prices and getting the best deal!

Here’s what you need to know about the Titan Outdoors Fire Pits.

The Best Titan Great Outdoors Fire Pit

Titan Copper Fire Pit

  • Titan's most popular fire pit can be used as is OR as an insert into bricks
  • 40" diameter, 14" high
  • Copper and steel construction

Titan Hemisphere Fire Bowl

  • A large standalone fire bowl
  • 32" diameter, 17" high
  • Steel and cast iron construction

Titan Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Efficient airflow design for cleaner burning
  • 26" diameter, 16" high
  • Corton steel construction

Those Titan Great Outdoors fire pits and fire pit accessories are the brand’s most popular models.

Not only do they have standalone fire pits, like the hemisphere fire pit, but they also sell a good number of fire pit rings and inserts. They’re all very solid and sturdy and will stand up to the elements – both weather and fire – for many years.

Their fire pit grill combo is a great choice for those who want to also cook over their fire pit. It’s made to be surrounded by a DIY concrete brick arrangement.

All their fire pits are wood-burning rather than propane fire pits or electric fire pits.

Here is a bit more about the best-selling Titan fire pits.

1. Ash & Ember 40″ Copper Outdoor Fire Pit

titan outdoors fire pit problems


  • 40″ across, 14″ tall
  • Made of copper and steel
  • Weighs 94 lbs

This is one of Titan’s top-selling fire pits.

It’s made from copper that won’t rust like some metals and can withstand high temperatures. The fire bowl is the copper part, while the base is black powder-coated steel. Copper fire pits do change color over time, and won’t stay looking brand new forever.

It comes with a steel fire iron to help with taming the fire and a grill insert for better airflow and wood burning. It also helps to keep the embers higher up which leads to more heat output, and it will help protect your grass from the fire pit if it’s on your lawn.

If you look at the images of this fire pit on the listing you will see that it can be used as an insert for a concrete fire pit, or you can use it just as it is. It does look better as an insert though!


  • Quality construction
  • Great look
  • Durable


  • Works best as an insert
  • Quite pricey

2. Titan Corten Steel Fire Pit

titan corton steel fire pit user reviews tests


  • 26″ across, 16″ tall
  • Made of corten steel
  • Weighs 100 lbs

The Titan Corton Steel Fire Pit is another popular choice.

It’s considered a good smokeless fire pit that is great for outdoor events or simply a quiet evening at home. It has a special airflow design that helps the fire to burn hot and efficiently.

Corten steel is also known as weathering steel. It will very quickly develop a rusted appearance  (but it’s not actually rust) that is actually quite durable and helps protect the fire pit. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t look bad at all!


  • Looks good
  • Produces less smoke when burning
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • A smaller 18″ opening for loading firewood

3. Titan Fire Pit Ring

testing the titan steel fire ring and grill


  • 36″ across, 7″ high
  • Made of steel and cast iron
  • Weighs 60 lbs

This Titan fire pit ring is a bit unique because it has a grill as well.

It’s also reasonably light and can be taken to the beach, camping, or over to a friend’s house for a fire pit night. It has a no-frills design, and it’s not much to look at, but it’s more functional than anything else (if you want something beautiful, check out the Blue Rooster fire pits).

It’s made of 10″ rolled steel that is coated with high-temperature paint. The grate swivels around and is great for cooking sausages, steaks, and veggies.

You can see the smaller 32″ Titan Great Outdoors Fire Ring here on Amazon.


  • Simply to use
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with a cooking grill


  • Despite the simplicity, still quite pricey
  • Not the best-looking fire pit

Titan Fire Pits

are titan fire pits good worth it
This Titan Fire Bowl is good for large backyard gatherings

The Titan range of fire pits is well worth considering.

They are well made and come with some fantastic additional features that are not all that common on other fire pits. For example, the grate in their copper fire pit or the grill on their fire pit ring.

The Titan Cauldron fire pit is also another unique style that would look amazing in many backyards.

The main downside is that they do seem to be more expensive than comparable models from other brands. However, perhaps these additional add-ons are worth it?

You can check out these cast-iron fire pits for more ideas, or our fire pit guide to see the full range of options out there.


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