10 COOLEST Stihl Baby Clothes, Hats, And Toys: Official Merch For Toddlers

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Yep, Stihl baby clothes are a thing.

If you’re a Stihl Chainsaw fan OR you need a baby gift for someone else who loves Stihl saws, there have some really cool products.

This isn’t a complete list of all the different Stihl baby clothes and toys, but these are the coolest items (in my opinion)!

Stihl Baby Toys And Clothes

baby sucking on a Stihl pacifier
Image: Stihl Facebook “QuickStop isn’t just for chainsaws.”

These items can usually be purchased at your local dealers but are difficult (or sometimes impossible) to buy online.

You can check on Amazon or on Nothern Tool’s website – they usually have a few items that can be shipped. But, without further ado, here are 10 of the cutest and coolest Stihl baby clothes. 

1. Stihl Baby Body Suit

stihl baby onesie

This Stihl Baby Body Suit is a must-have baby item for any Stihl fan.

It seems to only be available in this single color but comes in x-small, small, and medium.

It’s made of 100% cotton with three snap-close buttons for getting the baby into it.

2. Stihl Balance Bike

There’s a Stihl balance bike for toddlers!

This awesome piece is designed for kids aged 3 and up. It’s made of birchwood and has an adjustable seat height so it can grow with your child.

3. Stihl Baby Socks

These Stihl baby socks, made for kids aged 12 – 18 months, are peak cute.

They are made of 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex. They have those great rubber grips on the bottom that keep your toddler from slipping over on wood floors or tiles.

4. Stihl Toy Helmet, Visor, And Ear Protection

This looks a lot like a real chainsaw helmet, but it is a small toy!

It’s for kids aged 3 and up and even has a visor and ear muffs. It is a great replica!

5. Stihl Baby T-Shirt

There are many different Stihl baby t-shirts out there and they are all fantastic.

This is a cotton shirt with the Stihl logo on the front. You can sometimes find knock-off Stihl clothing online, but this is a piece of official Stihl merch.

6. Stihl Toy 500i Chainsaw

Toy chainsaws are one of the most popular pieces of Stihl kid’s merch.

This saw is a replica of the Stihl MS500i, one of Stihl’s newer chainsaw models. The toy 500i is battery-operated and has a moving (child-safe) chain and sound effects.

7. Stihl Baby Romper

This Stihl Baby Romper is great for babies in cold climates.

It’s a red and black checkered lumberjack-style baby onesie with clickable domes running down the front and legs. It comes in 3 sizes.

8. Stihl Football

Stihl even has a football – or soccer ball, depending on where you live.

It’s a size 5 ball made of hand-stitched synthetic leather. The Stihl logo is prominently displayed on the ball.

9. Stihl Chainsaw Pillow

For those who really get into Stihl baby merch, this pillow or cushion is another fun item.

It’s probably not for sleeping with but it makes for an interesting piece of baby-room decor. The pillow is said to be soft and plush!

10. Stihl Toy Trimmer

If your toddler is more into weed whacking, this toy brushcutter, which is much like the FS55, might be better than the toy chainsaw.

It’s also battery-operated and can be adjusted for height. The brush cutter blade lights up, making it extra awesome.

Stihl Baby Merch

Those are our top 10 bits of Stihl baby clothes.

What are your favorites?

Let us all know in the comments below! Also, check out the Stihl Manscaper Kit and Stihl Coffee Machine for big kids.

And if you get your baby, toddler, or child a toy chainsaw, you could even get started with kid’s chainsaw safety training!


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