7 BEST Blue Rooster Cast Iron And Cast Aluminum Chimineas

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Blue Rooster Chimineas are uniquely designed outdoor fireplaces that double as art pieces.

Blue Rooster designs, manufactures, and sells quality cast iron and cast aluminum chimineas that are tough and durable. Traditional clay chimineas are prone to cracking from heat or decay from moisture, so many folk prefer metal.

As a family, we love sitting out beside our chiminea on cool nights, and we regularly use it for cooking sausages and steak. There’s nothing like the smell and taste of food cooked on a wood fire.

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The Blue Rooster Chiminea Reviews

is the blue rooster chiminea company legit

Where are Blue Roster chimineas made?

The Blue Rooster Co. has been around since 1997 and the company is located in Northern Minnesota. 

Blue Rooster’s sand-cast chimineas are all designed by the company, and then parts manufacture is contracted out to China.

After Blue Rooster receives the parts from the manufacturer, they are all inspected to make sure they meet their quality standards. Next, they’re put together to ensure a tidy fit, then broken down, packaged, and shipped from Minnesota.

Their mission has been to design and engineer high-quality, long-lasting chimineas for families and friends to enjoy their time together outdoors. They are so confident in the quality of their products that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Without a doubt, they are among the best chimineas on the market.

1. Prairie Fire Chiminea

best selling blue rooster chiminea review


The Prairie Chiminea is one of their best sellers, and it’s also one of the cheapest to buy.

It doesn’t have the same decorative designs, but it still has all the great features that you need.

This includes a rain lid and spark insert, cast iron grilling grate, cast iron fire grates, and a screen and wood tool.

The opening is a hefty 12.5″ x 11.5″ meaning there’s plenty of room for adding new wood, cooking, and for multiple people to sit around it.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Efficiently radiates heat


  • Limited wood size compatibility
  • Smaller than expected for some users
  • Surface prone to oxidation and discoloration

2. Gatsby Chiminea

blue rooster gatsby review


The Gatsby Chiminea is one of Blue Rooster’s most popular outdoor fireplaces.

It is constructed of cast aluminum (which will not rust) and usually comes with a cast iron cooking grate. The door safety screen, hinge, latch, and other hardware are made from stainless steel. It is charcoal colored. It comes with a lifetime warranty, a screen, a wood tool, and some touch-up paint. 

This is considered a medium-sized chiminea, weighing in at 65 pounds with a 12.5-inch fire bowl, but it will put out a decent amount of heat with the right wood.

Overall, the Gatsby Chiminea is a very good option and will fit into most settings to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere.


  • Easy to assemble and solid weight
  • Effectively burns logs with minimal escaping embers
  • High-quality construction and durable materials


  • Assembly instructions can be unclear or “weak”
  • Some models are smaller than expected, affecting wood size and placement
  • Potential for manufacturing defects or damage during shipping

3. Sun Stack Chiminea

sun stack chiminea user test


The Sun Stack Chiminea is so-called because of the sun designs – otherwise, it’s very similar to the Prairie.

It also has fire grates and cooking grills, wood tools, and a rain lid. Being made of aluminum, it’s not going to rust, and should last through many happy cold seasons.

You may be able to choose a gold or charcoal accent on the sun design.

The Sun Fire is another different model with fewer decorative designs and which is usually a little bit cheaper.


  • Thick aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Includes bottom grates and cooking grate
  • Perfect size for decks, safe placement near railings


  • Ventilation issues, with smoke escaping the front
  • Flimsy and loose front door
  • Some units arrive with rust or damage

4. Venetian Grill Chiminea

Blue rooster venetian grill review


The Venetian Chiminea from Blue Rooster is another wonderful cast aluminum outdoor fire.

This model is a slightly larger option that could be more imposing on small areas, and therefore better for those with extra space. It weighs about 92 lbs, so it’s a third heavier than the Gatsby model.

This fireplace has a very large mouth, offering an almost 180-degree view of the fire, and making it all the easier to cook in. This means you can cook larger items like pizza as well!

It’s another excellent choice for those who want a large chiminea and like the Venetian design.


  • Excellent heat distribution around the unit
  • Larger cooking grille and deeper ash pit
  • Durable, smooth casting with intricate patterns


  • Cast in China, might concern some buyers
  • Requires proper initial use to avoid paint discoloration
  • Some wish for slightly larger dimensions for longer logs

5. Dragonfly Chiminea

blue rooster dragon fly review


The Blue Rooster Dragonfly Chiminea is a beautiful little fireplace that will complement any area.

This stunning design comes in Charcoal, Gold, or Antique Green (here on Amazon). But the Blue Rooster recommends the Charcoal color because it will look better longer. The Antique Green coloring may darken during the ordinary use of the fireplace.

It is a large, heavy-cast aluminum chiminea with a unique and functional outdoor fireplace design. It can handle larger logs than many of the alternatives and has a large mouth opening for a good view of the fire.

As with all of Blue Roosters’ chimineas, the hinged safety door provides easy access for adding wood, roasting marshmallows, or cooking.

The quality of the Cast Aluminum construction combined with Stainless Steel hardware is excellent.

It requires very little maintenance and will last for many years of use -though keeping it covered when not in use is a good idea.


  • Comes with touch-up paint for maintenance
  • Produces significant heat even from a distance
  • Solid aluminum construction for longevity


  • Some units have issues with smoke leakage at connections
  • The initial cost may be high for some buyers
  • May require re-seating or adjustments for optimal smoke control

6. Casita Grill

blue rooster casita chiminea review


This is the Blue Rooster’s largest chiminea fireplace – the Casita Grill.

Weighing in at 285 lbs, it’s designed to last a lifetime and more. This outdoor fire can take full-sized logs and be built up to a roaring fire.

It has a specially designed cooking platform that is perfect for cooking pizza, smoking fish, or grilling a steak. It is easy to set up, easy to light, easy to clean, and easy to love! And, as long as you’re burning well-seasoned wood, it will also be smoke-free.

One of the major differences between this Blue Rooster chiminea and the others (besides the size and design), is that is made of cast iron. However, the hardware and safety cover are stainless steel.

While the Casita Grill is less like a chiminea, and more like the Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplaces, it’s made with a lot of care and attention.


  • Oven and fireplace combination enhances outdoor cooking
  • Solid and attractive design adds to outdoor aesthetics
  • Suitable for a variety of baked goods, including pizza


  • Lacks built-in thermometer for baking precision
  • Requires additional setup for optimal placement and use
  • Initial investment may be higher due to quality and functionality

7. Pine Chimenea

blue rooster pine chiminea review


And last on our list of featured chimineas from the Blue Rooster is the Pine chiminea.

This has a similar shape to the Dragonfly Chimenia but will have slightly different design features. It’s a small cast aluminum outdoor fireplace that weighs approximately 65 pounds – the same as the Gatsby.


  • Easy to use and clean, enhancing patio convenience
  • Cast aluminum material prevents rust, ensuring durability
  • High chimney design minimizes smoke discomfort


  • Smaller than expected for some users, affecting wood size
  • The initial strong paint smell can be overwhelming
  • May not generate as much heat as anticipated for its size


roasting marshmallows in a chiminea
Roasting marshmallows in our clay chiminea

You can generally cook on most wood fire chimineas, though some are easier to use for this purpose than others.

Many models in the Blue Rooster range are perfect for cooking because they have a wider mouth for inserting a grill and manoeuvering food around. Many of their chimineas will come with grills as well, or you can pick them up separately.

This is what they state in their manual about cooking with a Blue Rooster chimenea.

The chiminea may be used for cooking (grill grate not included in some models).

Remove the chiminea neck to insert the grill grate at top of body opening on all large and medium sized chimineas.

  • Be sure to remove the grill grate after cooking and replace neck.
  • The chiminea will be HOT. Be careful when removing food from the grill.
  • Fatty foods, like hamburgers, can have excess grease that can cause flare ups. Use caution to avoid being burned.
  • Never use glass, plastic or ceramic cookware on the chiminea.
  • If using the chiminea with the gas conversion, do not use for cooking.

The Blue Rooster Company

are blue rooster chimineas good

The Blue Rooster Company is a seasoned outdoor fireplace manufacturer specializing in chimineas, with an emphasis on delivering superior design and functionality over common fire pits.

With over a decade of industry experience, they’re known for their durable, high-quality chimineas constructed from cast iron or cast aluminum.

Their products are crafted to be long-lasting, challenging the disposable culture. The company asserts that with proper use and maintenance, these chimineas will endure over time.

They sell chimineas with a traditional design which are easier to light, especially in windy conditions, compared to fire pits. Their products come with added safety features, such as efficient drafting to reduce smoke and smoldering.

Furthermore, they offer fire pit mats and recommend their usage for safe operation on decks or patios. The company is also involved in providing maintenance services and accessories to ensure their chimineas remain in top condition.

Blue Rooster Chimineas

Our favorite Blue Rooster chiminea is the Dragonfly, which you can see in action in this video.

We like the design, functionality, ease of use, and size. It’s the perfect chiminea for us – but is it right for you?

Find out more about it and read the Blue Rooster reviews in the product listing here on Amazon.

We also prefer wood-burning chiminea as opposed to gas, but as with some of these options, you can change between the two. It’s not as difficult as converting a wood-burning fireplace to gas.

Lastly, we are unaware of any The Blue Rooster coupon codes or discount offers, but let us know in the comments if you find any.


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