Stihl MS440 Magnum Chainsaw: Specs, Features, Price, Bar Sizes, Parts Diagram

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The Stihl MS440 Magnum is a professional 70.7 cc chainsaw.

The Magnum label is applied to all 440s – there’s no non-Magnum 440 – they’re all the same saw (however, Magnum means different things for other saws).

My friend Tim, who has owned and used his 440 for 15 years (and is pictured down below), told me the saw is primarily used in foresty as a thinning saw, rather than as a logging saw.

He also mentioned that after 15 years with plenty of use, mostly for ringing up logs for firewood, it’s only just been broken in. It’s a saw that he obviously likes a lot, along with basically everyone else who’s got or had one.

Stihl MS440 Magnum

stihl 440 chainsaw review
The MS440

The MS440 is one of the popular Stihl chainsaws in the community.

It entered production in 2001, replacing the 044, and was discontinued in 2012 after being phased out with the introduction of the Stihl 441.

I’ve seen it described as ‘a hog’, ‘a beast’, ‘a beauty’, ‘a bomb of a saw’, and ‘the best saw ever’ – terms of endearment that are only reserved for the good saws.

This past weekend Tim (who owns the 440) and I were down in the gully cutting wood, and I must say, the saw rips!

stihl 440 magnum pictures

We were working on an extremely dense variety of gum trees that was dropped over 8 years ago and was extra hard.

As you can imagine, it was nothing for the 440.

I didn’t get any shots of the larger width logs we were ringing up, but they were twice as thick as what’s shown above, and again, no problem for the saw.

As Tim told me, after 15 years of use she’s just getting started, so there’s no use thinking a saw like this is ‘old’ – so long as it’s been looked after to a certain extent.

Stihl MS440 Specs

Stihl MS 440 Magnum Specs
Click to expand and zoom

The MS440 was one of the world’s best-selling professional saw.

It is a powerful all-around model for felling, bucking, and limbing. And, as mentioned above, it is (or was) great for thinning trees in forestry blocks.

Stihl MS440 Magnum specifications:

  • 70.7 cc
  • 5.4 hp
  • 13.9 lbs
  • 1.97″/50mm bore
  • 1.42″/36mm stroke

It’s recommended for use with 16″ to 32″ bars, but I’ve seen plenty of guys with ported 440s who go up to a 36″ – it’s just not recommended by Stihl.

Stihl MS440 Features

Stihl ms440 logging chainsaw
She’s seen some use

Standard features of the MS440:

  • IntelliCarb compensating carburetor
  • Toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers
  • Magnesium casing
  • Decompression valve
  • ElastoStart starter handle
  • Automatic oiler (adjustable)
  • Side access chain tensioner
  • Heavy-duty air filter

And all the other usual features you’d expect to see on a saw produced at this time – anti-vibration system, chain catcher, bumper spikes, handguard, easy-access air filter, and so on.

The Stihl MS440 Artic version you might have noticed in the specs chart above (which weighs a bit more) is for use in much colder climates. This feature was designated with a VW. 

The Artic designated saws are built with an automatic, electrically heated carburetor to help prevent icing in severe weather. They also feature electrically heated handles that you can turn on and off for comfort.

There was also a wrap handle version of the 440 with an extended chip deflector on the sprocket cover (designated with an R).

Price And Parts

stihl ms440 in action
Would have my chaps on if I was using the saw rather than just modeling it

While you can no longer buy this saw new, if you’ve got your eye on one that’s been listed on Facebook, eBay, or another online marketplace, it’s worth picking up for the right price.

There are still plenty of used MS 440 chainsaws for sale out there.

As with all used goods, the price will depend on condition, location, and demand.

For example, on eBay at the time of writing, there’s an entire 440 for parts listed for $147.50 or a 440 powerhead in good working condition going for $580.

Compare saws and parts prices:

Sometimes just asking in local chainsaw groups on Facebook can yield good results, whether you’re after an entire working saw or a specific part.

Stihl MS440 Parts Diagram

stihl ms440 parts diagram
Click to expand and zoom

This MS440 Magnum parts diagram comes from the manual which you can download here.

You will also find a lot of other information pertaining to maintenance and repairs, parts and controls, ordering spare parts, adjusting the carb, checking the spark plug, the air filter system, and all the rest.

If you do need a new spark plug, it takes a Bosch WSR 6 F, NGK BPRM 7 A, or a Champion RCJ 6 Y.

Stihl MS440 Review

You can see Corey’s 440 review (from the Human YouTube Channel) in the video above which gives a great rundown of the entire saw.

Tim also loves his 440 that’s featured in the images throughout this post.

He bought it new 15+ years ago and has been very happy with it.

The MS440 is a great mid-range professional chainsaw for those in forestry or those just wanting a powerful saw for firewood.


  • Powerful
  • Well reviewed by those who have them
  • Plenty of parts out them for them


  • They stopped making them

And many will say it’s good because it’s not fuel injected like the MS500i.

The MS 440 Chainsaw

stihl 440 magnum specs

The 440 might not be Stihl’s most powerful chainsaw, but it’s right up there.

It’s a saw that can be regularly used on thick hardwoods and will continue to perform well year after year.

If you’re looking for a new mid-range professional chainsaw that you can buy today, the Stihl MS261 is a good option.

Let us know your thoughts, experiences, and any other comments on the 440 down below.


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9 thoughts on “Stihl MS440 Magnum Chainsaw: Specs, Features, Price, Bar Sizes, Parts Diagram”

  1. Originally I went to buy a 44 at the saw shop. All sold out and quit makin them. So I walked away with a 460. Then due to popular demand they reintroduced the 44 a few years later as the 440 magnum. Same saw, but a little more horsepower in stock form. When I walked in shop and discovered this I traded in the 460 and bought it.And never looked back. The 460 is a great saw but heavier and sucked down the gas. A fallers saw! The 440 is lighter, more nimble, has a lot better gas mileage and a firewood cutters dream as well as falling a tree when need arises. I run my 440 with a 28″ bar. I ran the 460 with a 32″. Cant tell any difference in power between the 2 but I can use that 440 all day and body feels great. And the saw is a fuel sipper!! Cut some big wood with it and never felt underpowered. If u ever have a chance to buy a good used 1 grab it , it will put a big smile on your face every time u use it. Dependable, efficient saw. It’s a cult favorite for a reason,ask anyone who owns one.

  2. The 44 is a great little saw , in fact the best I had ever used until picking up a 46.
    a 46 , 66 and a 200t is my perfect quiver of saws.
    Marginal difference in weight , with the 46 having whole heap more torque .
    44 is probably a good saw for travelling , throw it in the ute , strong light firewood saw.

  3. Mine got run over by a truck a month ago. I put it on a vice and twisted it back into shape. Mostly. It works better than it did before it got run over lol.

  4. Found a 044 in a brick outhouse for 9 years ,fired up 6 th pull. After that ,couldnt get a cough out itafter 30 pulls found that u have to give the choke lever a firm push which then closes choke flap in carb. It had been open about 2 mm. Probably from sitting that long things were a bit sticky. After sitting for 2 months fires up after 6 pulls every time. Am using super 97 octane (E5) from Gulf. And have no fueling issues with strimmers, blowers, saws. Incredibly well balanced saw ,no hesitating chain ,torque pulls it through everything. You dont need to high rev it, power is developed throughout the rev range . Therefore unbeleivably economical. Also extreemly durable.stihl parts r very reasonable from local dealer even cheaper than aftermarket and here in 36 hours. Took the barrel off to check piston ,the skirt was totally unmarked, WOW. Crown had a layer of soot ,ring grooves a layer of carbon ,all cleaned, piston rings hoizontalled in the bore using the piston ring gap was 22 thou so new rings ,checked their gap ,6 thou ,perfect for 2 inch bore ( ie 3-4thou per inch ) ,pulse pipe was quite hard so replaced along with carb diaghrams. Still fires 6th pull but well worth while maintenance. Everyone likes whatever saw (or car) they r using .I now have an MS440 also .these r large saws for light work ,if u r felling and logging hardwoods these saws install confidence ,make light work of the heaviest jobs. After the initial start they fire up with only half a pull .ie over only one compression all day. The older saw is a 1997. And it goes to work as if it was made last week.

  5. I have a 011, 025, 028, 290, 036 pro, 038 super, 460 mag, and a 660 mag
    I would have to say the 460 mag is just a beast the 038sup I have a bow on and is a league of it’s own in torque and the 036pro is possibly my favorite all around saw


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