Destroying A Brand New Stihl MS661c: It Had Only Made One Awkward Cut!

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It’s enough to make a grown man cry – destroying a brand new Stihl MS 661c Chainsaw!

Why would you do it?

Apparently to ‘destroy the thing that destroys trees.’

Also because that seems to be the theme of their channel ‘What’s Inside‘ – with over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

Here’s their video titled ‘What’s inside a chainsaw?’ where they crush an MS 661 with an excavator.

What’s Inside A Chainsaw

So the video was a bit of a fail.

Yes, they managed to find out what’s inside the chainsaw, tick that off. But they weren’t able to cut various items of furniture in half because the chain was ruined on the first cut and they did not bring any spares.

Check out what Jesse James Dupree did to Tom Green’s $10,000 desk if you want to see more of that.

Instead, they just threw this beautiful $1500 saw at the furniture and then crushed it with the excavator bucket.

The presenter states that he bought ‘the biggest chainsaw I could find’, and indeed, the Stihl MS661 is one of the top 5 most powerful Stihl chainsaws ever made (the 090 is the largest).

It’s likely he’s never touched a chainsaw before, so it was a good thing he passed the saw onto his mate.

For any chainsaw guy, it’s a sad sight to see a very good and very expensive chainsaw being needlessly destroyed and wasted, but I guess anything goes in the name of creating content.

Also, the video was for #TeamTrees, an initiative to plant 20 million trees by 2020 (yep, the video was made in 2019).

Destroying A Stihl Chainsaw

I think there are better ways to destroy a Stihl Chainsaw.

Accidentally running it over with a tractor in the line of duty after many years of faithful service would be far better. That’s something that happens quite often (and can be avoided with the Saw Haul tractor scabbard).

Or accidentally dropping it out of a tree is another better way for a saw to finish its time. Though its unlikely a 661 would be up a tree – more likely a 200T, and no doubt many of those have come to an end this way.

Let us know your thoughts on this chainsaw destruction video below!


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