7 Best 36-Inch Chainsaw Bars For Falling, Milling, And Stumping

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What is the best 36-inch chainsaw bar that can be bought online?

For the price, the Tsumura 36″ Solid Sprocket Tip Bar or the Oregon 36″ Power Match Bar are the best options (in my opinion). They’re not too expensive and they’re not bad either.

They can be run on saws like the 880/881 without any issues, though you will need to double-check the specs and requirements of your saw before purchasing.

While these 2 brands aren’t the best 36″ bars ever (we’ll share some better brands below), they are very good options that can and should be considered, especially for non-commercial work.

36-Inch Chainsaw Bar Reviews

36 inch chainsaw bar ideas

This list of 36″ chainsaw bars is in order from “best for the price”.

They’re all good bars for the right person, but the ones up the top of the list are a lot cheaper and can easily be bought online. 

The bars towards the bottom of the list cost a lot more, are a lot better, and may be more difficult to get ahold of as well.

The best bar for you will depend on how much you want to spend coupled with what you want to use it for… Some bars, like light bars, are better for falling trees, while others are better for milling. 

1. TsuMura 36″ Bars

tsumura 36" chainsaw bar


The best 36″ bar for the price is this one from Tsumura (in my opinion).

These are respected Japan-made bars that are strong, reliable, and compatible with most pro chainsaws. They also have the same bar in many different lengths and gauges.

Specs for this 36″ bar include:

  • 36″ E031 Mount
  • .404″ Pitch and .063 Gauge
  • 108 Drive Links for Stihl Chainsaws

Fits Stihl models: 050, 051, 075, 076, 07S, 080SEQ, 084, 088, 08SEQ, 090G, E30, and MS 880. Guys who have used this saw say it’s nice and stiff (the TsuMura light bar is more floppy).

Comments from users:

  • I’ve had great luck with the Tsumura light bars.
  • I absolutely love them.
  • When I picked up my 28” Oregon for my mill I could have got a 36″ Tsumura for the same price and shipping was longer (eBay). Still kicking myself.
  • Stihl is the lightest. Tsumura is the best bang for the buck. Sugihara is the heaviest.

2. Oregon 36″ Chainsaw Bar

oregon 36 inch chainsaw bar


Oregon is another good choice for a 36″ bar, and it’s a much better seller (on Amazon at least).

As with Tsumura, it’s said to be light but stiff, and of decent quality. Again, it’s not on the same level as Cannon, but for the price, it’s a good deal.

The right one for you really depends on the application.

36″ bars really start to get heavy so lightweight is a good option for falling but they can be kinda floppy compared to regular weight bars. It’s not recommended to mill with a lightweight bar either.

Comments from users:

  • Buy the cheapest [36″ bar]! Because if you buy the most expensive, for some reason, within the first hour it will be pinched or get a broken sprocket. But whenever you buy the cheapest nothing ever happens, but honestly, it’s hard to beat Oregon for an all round in my opinion.
  • Oregon, Husqvarna, or Cannon are fine by me. But stay away from the lightweight Oregon 36”. It has too much flex in it and likes to throw the chain.
  • I have an Oregon 36″ – the basic grey one and it does the job. Is it my 1st choice? Nope. But it was cheaper.
  • I like Oregon bars. Power match and prolite. I have also recently tried an Archer bar off of eBay which was a pretty decent bar.

3. Forester 36″ Bar

tsumara 36 inch chainsaw bar


Forester Bars aren’t thought of as well as the previous two brands, but there are still plenty of those who like them.

User comments:

  • Forrester bar is great quality.
  • I have a firewood business and have used Forester bars extensively. I have nothing bad to say about it. Very affordable and extremely long-lasting.
  • I have both Forester and Oregon and have no complaints about either. They are both excellent bang for your buck.
  • I ran Forester bars when I cut for the power company. I liked them and never had a problem.
  • Oregon is followed closely by Forester and Archer whichever are phenomenal value bars.

4. Holzfforma 36″ Bars

holzfforma 36 inch chainsaw bar review


Holzfforma is best known for its Stihl and Husqvarna clone saws, but they also have their bars and chains.

They are a lot cheaper than most of the other choices and aren’t all bad. There are cheaper ones out there as well! 

In one post I saw asking for reviews on Holzfforma bars, Andrew said:

It’s very interesting to read through the post on groups like this one with other people’s real-world experiences.

I’ve used the Holzfforma bars in the past (don’t currently have any) and if you are expecting to get a Stihl quality bar you will be disappointed. If your expectations are what you would expect out of a $20 bar you’ll be impressed. For the price they are pretty good.

When my Oregon bar wears out on my stumping saw I will be replacing it with a Holtz bar because it always ends up in the dirt and, for the price, I’d rather beat it than a good one.

I do currently have several of their chains on some saws and again, if you’re expecting Stihl quality you’ll be disappointed. If you need a chain that cuts ok and sharpens ok it’s a good cheap option.

Other user comments:

  • I decided to try a cheap Holzfforma bar on one of my 090s for my small mills (28 ” & 18″) It has held up pretty well so far.
  • Pro, they’re cheap. Con, they’re built cheaply.
  • I use a 36″ on my G888 and it’s great for the price.

5. Stihl 36″ Chainsaw Bars

36 inch stihl chainsaw bar


36″ Stihl bars are well-made and of a similar quality to Cannon (which we’ll cover below), but you’ll be spending a bit more on them.

If you have a Stihl chainsaw it can be nice to couple it with a Stihl bar, which, along with the high quality and user experience, is why many people opt for one.

User comments:

  • Cannon, Oregon, or Stihl bars are the only ones I would recommend. You can get an adapter to run Stihl bars on a Husky.
  • I do love the Stihl Rollomatics on my 3 Stihl saws. Come to think of it, I’ve never had to replace one.
  • Hard to beat the Stihl bars for the money. Ditto whoever mentioned Stihl and the adapter.
  • I like the Sthil E-Light bars. Oregon light bars are not bad either.
  • Stihls light bars are great but I wouldn’t mill with one. A lot more bend than a solid core.

6. SugiHara 36″ Bars

sugihara 36 inch chainsaw bar


SugiHara Bars are another premium option that are worth considering.

You’ll be paying more than an Oregon or Tsumura, but the quality and longevity is there.

User comments:

  • Sugihara lightweight all the way, much stronger, and just barely heavier.
  • My main go-to bars are mainly Stihl, although I like to bring the Sugihara bar out for the bigger saws.
  • I have the Stihl light bar and a Sugihara for my MS660 with the wrap handle and I love them both. The Sugi is 28 inch which is perfect for me and my Stihl light bar is 36 inch.

7. Cannon 36″ Chainsaw Bars

cannon bar 36 inch
Image: @cannonbarworks


The BEST 36″ bars are those made by Cannon Bar Works in Canada.

The only problem is that these cost 3 or 4 times the price of the Tsumura or Oregon bar, without necessarily providing 3 or 4 times the value.

Cannon bars will likely last longer and perform better, and you might not have as many issues. They’re said to be the least floppy for the weight – some of “the stiffest 36″ bars out there.”

User comments:

  • Cannon is the best money can buy.
  • Cannon is expensive but they last the longest. It is the only one I’d recommend for anything over 36″.
  • There’s nothing better than a Cannon!!
  • Well, for quality you should buy a Sugihara. Great bars and they cool down and reheat 4 times the speed of a Stihl. However, a Stihl blade is very good and even lighter than a Sugihara. If you want balance and use bars longer than 36” I think you better get a Stihl blade.
  • My preference is Cannon, cost more but they last a lot longer and can take any abuse.

36-Inch Chainsaw Bar

The best bar for you will depend on:

  • How much do you want to spend
  • Your chainsaw brand and compatibility with the bar (adapters are available sometimes)
  • The type of work you want it for

As many of the comments mentioned, you don’t want to spend a lot on a bar that’s going to end up in the dirt from time to time. And a stiffer bar is better for milling than a floppy bar.

Let us know which 36″ chainsaw bars you recommend in the comments below!


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  1. As a skilled Barman, with nearly two decades of chainsaw bar manufacturing under my belt, and having repaired every brand under the sun, hands down the Cannon Superbar is the most durable, long lasting, highest quality bar in the market, the price is admittedly high but you get what you pay for, best bar bar none.


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