Greenworks Customer Service: Is It Really That Bad?

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What is the Greenworks customer service like?

The Greenworks company sells battery-powered pressure washers, lawnmowers, snow blowers, hedge trimmers, dethatchers, weed eaters, pole saws, and chainsaws

In the Greenworks Generation FB group, there are a lot of comments about their customer support, both good and bad. The negative ones stand out, as there are many who have had poor experiences. On the flip side, others have had really positive experiences.

This is what tool users are saying.

Greenworks Customer Support

is greenworks customer support good

The Greenworks brand is a mid-priced tool range. There are cheaper brands, like Worx, and more expensive brands, like STIHL. They are comparable to EGO in terms of range and price.

No matter where a line of tools are placed from budget to premium, there are going to be problems with some products. When things go wrong, you want to get support.

In the screenshot above, Stephanie asks:

Is there a trick to customer service at Greenworks? We ordered a lawnmower that came damaged and an edger that after two months still has not shown up. We cannot get them to refund us and every time we call, it’s a 4 hour hold. I’ve never seen customer service that was so bad.

Others in the group reply:

  • We have had the same problem with a blower. Use @Greenworks Generation on their FB page with your complaint.
  • They have no customer service
  • I can confirm, their customer service is pretty much non-existent.
  • Yeah unfortunately since COVID hit there is no customer service. At all. So, if you can, buy Greenworks in-store or at Lowe’s or something… that’s your best bet.
  • Run far away, while you still can

greenworks complaints

In another post, Jim shared:

I loved my 60V Pole Saw, my 60V String Trimmer, my 60v Mower, 60V Blower, my 60V Power Inverter, and my 24V Chainsaw. All relatively new. Then when my Pole Saw and String Trimmer broke down in May, I began to HATE Greenwooks.

I have been trying to get help from Greenworks “Customer Service” since MAY 26th. That 4 whole months today. I even called Lowes where I bought them and they couldn’t reach Greenworks either!

Paul replied, “I love my 60-volt Greenworks tools, but thankfully none has broken yet. I’ve read nothing but accounts of frustration and grief by people seeking to get their Greenworks tools repaired locally.”

greenworks problems

Vicky started a new post saying:

Do not purchased this product. Worked a few months and went out. Customer service is not good. I was on hold over an hour and had to go inside to charge my phone and when guy answered he was very annoyed I wasn’t at product. It only took 2 minutes to get back to it, but he didn’t want to help me, like I was a nuisance. If Home Depot will take back I’m returning, if not trash.

Those in the comments were mostly positive:

  • They went through some growing pains, but making great stuff now.
  • I have several of their products and they have all been great!
  • What product are you talking about..?

Sandra posted:

Do you not answer your phones for a problem with a new expensive mower? I’ve been on HOLD for 35 minutes and called the number listed for “if there’s a problem”.

There do seem to be a lot more complaints about Greenwork’s support compared to posts praising it. But there are actually a few posts sharing good experiences as well.

how to contact greenworks

In a good review of Greenworks customer support, Patrick said:

I recently had difficulty registering my Greenworks electric pressure washer and posted my issues on the GW Facebook page. Within a short time I was contacted by Greenworks Customer Support and within a few hours, my registration was completed. Thanks, Greenworks Customer Support. I love my GPW1804CK. Great value and did a great job cleaning my driveway today. I am NOW a very satisfied customer.

And in another post, Womack’s Affordable Lawn Care said:

I really like Greenworks customer service and they were able to do an instant warranty exchange for me today for the string trimmer.

The comments on this one were less enthusiastic, with John replying, “I’ve emailed them twice with no response whatsoever, so I do not share your enthusiasm for their customer service, just being honest!”

Of course, more people are going to post about bad service than they are about good service. The biggest frustration people have is simply not being able to get in touch with anyone at Greenworks, especially by phone. Contacting them online seems to be the most successful way to do it.

Greenworks Contact

greenworks contact details customer service

Greenworks can be contacted here:

The website has a chatbox in order to “Chat with an Expert.” Those who have been successful at contacting Greenworks have usually done so online.

If you can’t get through to them via their website, hit up their social media comments. Others have made contact this way.

The last option is to try calling them at 1-888-90-WORKS (1-888-90-96757).

  • Monday – Friday: 9 am – 7 pm EST
  • Saturday:  10am – 6pm EST
  • Sunday:  10am – 6pm EST

Judging by the comments, this is the least successful way to contact Greenworks customer service. As with all companies, sometimes they’re just busy and you’re calling at a bad time. Try again later if possible and things might be better!

If you’ve only had trouble with Greenworks, other affordable battery-powered tool ranges include Milwaukee (we like the M18 chainsaw and M12 mini chainsaw) or DEWALT (Dewalt chainsaws are good)!


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