Best Tiny House Wood Burning Stove: Mini Heating & Cooking Stoves For Tiny Homes

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What’s the best tiny house wood stove?

There are a number of really good contenders when it comes to choosing a new mini wood stove for your tiny house. The best one for you will depend on a number of factors that we’ll look into below.

A wood stove for your tiny house is a great way to keep warm throughout the year and has some definite advantages over other heating methods (along with some disadvantages as well, of course)!

After spending weeks studying the options, these are our top picks for the best tiny house wood stove.

*If you’re not only looking for tiny wood stoves, check out our round-up of the best small wood stoves for more options.

Best Small Wood Stove For Tiny House

Dwarf Tiny Wood Stove

  • 4 sizes for tiny homes - 5kw, 4kw, 3kw, 3kw lite
  • Output: 75,00 - 20,000 BTU (across all sizes) for heating 300 sq. ft. - 500 sq. ft.
  • The largest 5kw model is 22” H x 11” D x 14” W (5kw)
View 5kw Dwarf StoveView All Dwarf Stoves

Cubic Mini Wood Stove

  • Two sizes for tiny houses - The Grizzly and CUB
  • Grizzly Output: 8,000-18,000 BTU; Area: up to 400 sq. ft.
  • CUB Output: 6,000-14,000 BTU; Area: up to 200 sq. ft.
View Grizzly Mini Wood StoveView CUB Mini Wood Stove

Pipsqueak Wood Stove

  • A basic tiny wood stove from the UK
  • Output: 10,000 BTUs; Area: under 300 sq. ft.; Size: 17″ t x 12″ w x 15″ d
  • Fewer bells and whistles
View On Amazon (UK)View On Ebay (US)

Tiny Home Diesel Heater

  • A diesel alternative to a wood stove
  • 2kw, 4kw, and 5 kw with working temperature of -40f - 68f
  • Cheap to buy, set up, and run
View On AmazonView On Ebay

Tiny House Propane Heater

  • A propane alternative to a wood stove
  • 4000 - 9000 BTU heater
  • Radiant heating suitable for tiny houses
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*Check out the links through this next section for complete reviews (with specs and features) of these tiny house wood-burning stoves.

After extensive research of tiny house wood stoves, we came to the conclusion that the Dwarf Tiny Wood Stoves are the best option out there (at least, in the USA).

The Dwarf range is much hardier and has superior features and capabilities when compared with the Cubic Mini Grizzy or the Cubic Mini CUB.

For example, the Dwarf stoves are twice the steel thickness of the Cubic Mini stoves meaning they can withstand higher burning temperatures and be used as full-time heaters.

The downside of this, of course, is that they weigh a lot more. This shouldn’t matter too much in a tiny house that isn’t shifted all that often, but it’s more of a factor when buying a camper or RV wood stove.

If you are doing a lot of driving, weight can be an important factor when choosing the right heating, but if your tiny home is mostly stationary then it shouldn’t be the focus.


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There are many other differences between these two brands which you can consider in our Cubic Mini VS Dwarf Tiny Wood Stove comparison

This includes things like the fact that the Dwarf Stove has an ash pan and air wash feature, whereas the Cubic Mini does not.

The last thing I’ll say on these two wood burners for tiny homes is that at the end of the day it comes down to budget. They are both excellent stoves for the price: the Cubic is cheaper and the Dwarf is more expensive, but they both offer good value for money.

Our last wood-burning pick in the table above is the Pipsqueak wood stove. This is a basic and affordable model for anyone based in the UK.

Cost is prohibitive in the US unless you can find a second-hand model. It must come from the UK so shipping is pricey to the US.

Tiny House Wood Stove Reviews

best wood stove for tiny home

As mentioned above, if you click through the links to our complete articles on these mini woodstoves you’ll find more extensive reviews.

Here are just a few videos full of real-life feedback that we think summarizes the prevailing perspective on these products.

Review of the Dwarf Tiny Wood Stove

Review of the Cubic Mini Grizzly tiny house fireplace

Cubic Mini CUB tiny house wood stove review

Review of the Pipsqueak wood stove for tiny homes

None of these tiny house wood-burning stoves are best for everyone – you can see that all of these people are very happy with their purchases. 

It’s all about determining the best model for you after comparing the specs and features of each. Also, it will depend on the square footage of your tiny home, and, as already stated, your budget.

Comparing Wood Stoves For Tiny Homes

Check out this table that breaks down the specs of the Cub, Grizzly, and Dwarf.

  Dwarf Stove CUB Mini Stove GRIZZLY Mini Stove
Output  7,500 – 20,000 BTU 6,000 – 14,000 8,000 – 18,000
Weight 55 – 150 lbs 25 lbs 39 lbs
Fuel Wood and coal Wood Wood
Air Wash Yes No No
Riddling Grate Yes No No
Rear Vent Yes No No
Ash Pan Yes No No

And if you wanted to know about the different sizes of Dwarf stoves, here you go!

  Dwarf 3kw Dwarf 4kw Dwarf 5kw
Measurements 17” H x 10.25” W x 8.5” D 19.5” x 12” W x 9” D 22” H x 11” D x 14” W
Fuel Wood and coal Wood and coal Wood and coal
Output 7500 – 11500 BTU 11000-15000 BTU 14500 – 20000 BTU
Heat Capacity Less than 300 sq. ft. Less than 500 sq. ft. Less than 500 sq. ft.
Weight 75lbs 100lbs 150lbs
Material Cast iron and steel Cast iron and steel Cast iron and steel
Ideal for Small tiny houses Mid-sized tiny homes in warmer climates Mid to large tiny houses in very cold climates

Most tiny houses are between 100 and 500 square feet, so all of these wood stoves should generate enough heat for your home.

The big difference is that the Dwarf is considered to be a full-time heater, while the Cubic Mini Stoves can’t really be run quite as hard.

Again, all the pros and cons of each of these wood stoves can be found in our Tiny Stove Reviews.

Tiny Home Wood Stove FAQs

best wood stove for tiny house

Can I put a wood stove in a tiny house?

Yes, most tiny houses are suitable for wood stove heating.

However, every country and state has different regulations and requirements around them. Insurance companies can also have stipulations around the installation and use of a wood stove in a tiny house.

Do your homework before buying and talk to your local governing body to determine whether or not a wood stove is the best idea for your home.

Remember, that along with the stove itself, you’ll need to buy a flue kit to vent the appliance, and also buy or arrange heat shields around the fire and flue.

What’s the smallest tiny home wood-burning stove?

The Cubic Mini CUB is definitely one of the smallest wood stoves. Its dimensions are 11″ w x 12″ h x 10.5″ d. However, the tiniest wood stove ever is called the Q-T Micro. It’s fully functional but cannot actually heat a space – it’s best for roasting marshmallows! 

How much wood does it take to heat a tiny house?

Compared to a regular size wood stove, a tiny home stove requires very little wood to heat up a small space.

The downside with these stoves, however, is that they require wood more frequently. They burn through the smaller pieces of wood quickly and need to be fed every hour or so.

How much space do you need for a tiny woodstove?

If you do not use heat shields around your stove, you will need to have 20 – 25 inches of clearance around it. If you use heat shields, this can be brought down to as little as 2-inches (check specific stoves for exact recommendations).

Many people install their mini wood stove on top of storage shelves or that sort of thing. That way it’s easier to load up with wood, it gives you extra storage under the stove (wood storage, for example), and it will cost you less when buying your flue.

The other thing to consider is venting. While the Dwarf stove can be vented from the back or top, the Cubic Mini’s only vents out the top. Back venting requires more space but gives a greater cook surface on top of the stove.

How are tiny houses heated and cooled?

Many people choose wood stoves because of their duel purpose. You can cook on them and use them to heat your space.

Other options include propane heaters, diesel heaters, infrared heaters, and more ordinary electric heaters.

How do you heat off the grid in a tiny house?

Unless you’ve got solar panels, a wood-burning stove is the best option.

Also, solar isn’t always that reliable during the winter months in very cold climates.

Best Tiny House Wood Stove

In my opinion, the Dwarf wood stoves are the best option because of their extra features, stronger build, and the option to vent out the back. However, there is a higher up-front cost involved.

The Cubic Mini wood stoves are also very good, they just have fewer bells and whistles, and are not as heavy-duty. They are likely a better wood stove for a tiny house on wheels that moves around a lot.

Whatever you decide, they’re both good options and will keep your tiny home heated.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below, and if not, check out the Pioneer Princess Cook Stove – it’s NOT for a tiny home, but if you ever upgrade to a larger dwelling, keep it in mind!


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