Who Manufactures Remington Chainsaws? Where Are They Made?

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Who makes Remington chainsaws?

Remington chainsaws are available at all the big box retailers and online stores. You will find them for sale on Amazon, at Home Depot, Walmart, and even Target.

Remington is not new to manufacturing chainsaws either. A quick eBay search will throw up both new, secondhand, and vintage Remington chainsaws for sale.

Who Makes Remington Chainsaws?

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Remington Power Tools is the company behind Remington Chainsaws. It’s an American chainsaw brand, founded in 1921 by Arthur Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company was originally called the Mall Tool Co. after its founder. The company was a successful manufacturer of gas and power tools, employing over 2000 people in its early days.

In 1951 the company was acquired by Remington Arms Corp. which is where it picked up the Remington brand name we see today. The Remington Tool Division has since gone through subsequent sales and acquisitions and is now part of MTD Products.

Arthur Mall began by building gas and electric-powered saws and drills and Remington continues to do so today. However, they have expanded the range and now manufacture and sell many other yard products.

Alongside chainsaws, the Remington range includes:

Important to note, Remington Power Tools is a different company from the Remington hair care and grooming brand.

Where Are Remington Chainsaws Made?

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Remington chainsaws were first manufactured in the USA, but are now made in China and Mexico. They are an extremely affordable chainsaw that would be far more expensive if made in America.

The Remington Outlaw, for example, is a 46cc, 2-cycle, gas-powered chainsaw with an 18-inch bar for under $200. There’s no way this could be manufactured in the US to be sold at this price.

Even though Remington Chainsaws are made in China, and some products assembled in Mexico, this should not automatically put you off making a purchase.

There are stringent quality control processes in place, and warranties and guarantees for when these fail. Other popular brands are made in Asia, EGO Chainsaws are made in China, for example.

These machines may not be as good as US-made Stihl chainsaws or Swedish-made Husqvarna chainsaws, but do you really need the highest-powered chainsaw?

For those working around the home or hobby farm, a Remington Chainsaw will likely be sufficient. If it is only for casual use every few months then there is no need to invest huge sums of money into a chainsaw.

Take a look at the video above which compares a Remington Vs Stihl chainsaw. There are times when a cheap chainsaw is perfect for certain jobs or even just to have a backup.

Consider what you will be using your saw for, and how often, and then decide if a Remington will be suitable.

Remington Chainsaw Warranty

Remington Chainsaws are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. However, you will need to check with the dealer you bought the saw from for complete details.

You can register your product purchase with Remington in order to receive faster service, safety info (including anything regarding product recalls), and proof of purchase.

Remington Chainsaw Dealers

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Remington Chainsaws are most often purchased on Amazon.

Amazon stock the full range of both gas and electric-powered Remington chainsaws and pole saws. There are hundreds of reviews on the different models and sizes, along with the answers to many questions asked by potential buyers.

It’s probably the best place to buy a Remington Chainsaw simply because it’s where you can find the most information. However, as already mentioned, Walmart, Tractor Supply Co., Target, True Value, Factory Direct, Northern Tool, and Menard’s are also Remington Chainsaw dealers.

Not all stores stock the full range of chainsaws, but Remington is working on getting more options out there.

Remington Saws

Remington Saws won’t be for everyone, but they will be perfect for some. If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable saw for occasional work, you won’t go wrong.

If you need a saw for processing a bit of firewood here and there, pruning branches, cutting down small trees, and that type of work, a Remington will probably be fine. It all depends on your chainsaw budget as to whether or not you want to go for something with a slightly better name, such as a Stihl or Husqvarna.

Other affordable chainsaw brands you can consider include EGO battery-powered chainsaws, Jon Cutter gas chainsaws, or entry-level Stihl chainsaws like the gas MS170 or battery MSA 140c.


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9 thoughts on “Who Manufactures Remington Chainsaws? Where Are They Made?”

  1. I had no idea the Remington brand had been around so long. That’s 100 years this year! I wonder if they’ll do anything to recognize that or if it will be overlooked since the company has been bought and sold multiple times since its inception…?

    • The best idea is to keep calling around businesses in your local area for Remington Chainsaw repairs and maintenance. I’m not sure where you’re based so I can help in that way, sorry! You could also post a message in your local town or city’s Facebook group asking if anyone has recommendations for small engine repairs. You could get referred to a nearby chainsaw enthusiast that can help you out.

  2. I have an old remington electric chain saw. Model: MOD 300,RM1630A. I would like to get a new chain. Will you give me info. to get the right chain?
    Sims Benson

    • Hi Simon, it will depend on what size bar you’re running. If you’re really unsure what type would be best for your chainsaw you can take it into any local chainsaw dealer – even if it’s a Stihl or Husky dealer – and they’ll be able to tell you. Even if you don’t buy a chain from them, most dealers are happy to help out.

  3. I’d never buy another Remington product. My parents gifted my a Remington lawn mower and it was missing 1/2 of the handle assembly right out of the box. We called Remington and they basically said we were lying. SERIOUSLY. (because there’s a huge market out there for half handle assemblies of lawnmowers, so, of course, that’s why I’d make it up. My parents were really upset. It doesn’t matter how cheap a oroduct is if the company doesn’t have the culture ir character to stand behind their name.

  4. Clayton so, Simon I whole heatedly agree so I shouldn’t even bother with trying to get them to fix an issue that I have with mine right out of the box because it just leaks the bar and chain oil out of it when it is just even sit in the box not running!?… Mine is more than likely a different model and right off hand I don’t know what one it is…

  5. I have a Remington polesaw & a 16” chainsaw. I can’t find a new blade for either. So called substitutes that Lowes and everyone sell, don’t fit. I’ll never buy a Remington again.


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