Best Electric Fireplace: Wall Hung, Recessed, Inset, Freestanding, Smart, Infrared

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An electric fireplace resembles a real gas or wood-burning fireplace, but it is actually just an electric heater that displays faux flames to create the ambiance of an authentic fire.

Buyers often elect for an indoor electric fireplace over a fireplace that burns coal, wood, or natural gas because electric fireplaces are both cheaper and more efficient at heating a home due to the fact that they run off of a 120-volt plug and do not require a chimney, which often allows heat to escape and slows the heating of a room.

For those who are looking to purchase an electric fireplace, the choices seem to be endless. The market is saturated with many different types of electric wall fireplaces, including wall-mounted, stone, TV stands, and even smart electric fireplaces.

Read on to see reviews for the 13 best electrical fireplaces based on the specific type, as well as logistics regarding cost, installation, and frequently asked questions.

Best Electric Fireplace

RW Flame Electric Fireplace

  • Recessed or wall mounted
  • Remote, timer, adjustable flame
  • 36", 50", and 68"
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Walker Edison Corner Fireplace

  • Freestanding corner electric fireplace
  • TV stand, heater, storage
  • Many colors, styles, sizes
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Modern Flames 3-Sided Fireplace

  • Large 3 sided electric fireplace
  • Wall recessed
  • Premium option
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1. R.W. FLAME Electric Fireplace – Best Wall-Mounted

best selling in built electric fireplace


  • 18.1 x 3.85 x 50 inches
  • 48.4 pounds

The R.W.FLAME electric fireplace is a modern electric fireplace with a practical design.

It is exceptionally easy to mount on the wall, even exceeding the expectations for a wall-mounted fireplace which are known for their easy installation.

The LED fireplace has touch screen capabilities, 5 flame brightness levels, 5 flame speed modes, as well as 12 flame and LED flame bed color modes.

The supplemental heating zone covers up to 400 square feet, and users are able to switch between 750W and 1500W, depending on their heating or energy-saving needs and preferences.

Users are very satisfied with the incredibly easy installation and high heat output, as well as how quickly the product works to heat a large room. However, some buyers are dissatisfied with the noise that the fireplace makes and an appearance that does not resemble a real fire.

These other wall mounted electric fireplaces are also worth considering.


  • Very easy to install
  • Quick to heat a room
  • Strong heat output


  • Flames are not realistic
  • Makes a loud noise

2. Walker Edison TV Stand Fireplace – Best Corner Electric

best corner tv stand with fireplace


  • 48 x 20 x 32 inches
  • 100 pounds

The Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace is a corner TV stand that can hold televisions up to 55 inches and a total of up to 100 pounds on its surface. It also includes 4 adjustable shelves behind glass cabinets that can support up to 20 pounds each. 

The fireplace plugs into a wall and comes with cord management ports to keep everything neat by avoiding messy and tangled cords.

Users are very satisfied with the product’s realistic flames and pleased with its appearance in the corner of their rooms. They have also praised the extra storage space in the glass cabinets.

However, some complain that the fireplace is slow to heat and difficult to assemble due to unclear instructions.

Here are some more corner electric fireplaces that may also suit your space.


  • Good heat output
  • Efficient storage capabilities
  • Realistic flames


  • Very difficult to assemble
  • Slow to heat a room

3. ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert – Best Insert

ClassicFlame budget friendly Electric Fireplace Insert


  • 27 x 8.86 x 17.7 inches
  • 25.52 pounds

This insert is a 5200 BTU (British Thermal Units) heater with a supplemental heating area of 1000 square feet.

The display uses patent-pending technology to create a 3D flame effect with different speed and brightness capabilities for the buyer to choose from.

The product uses infrared quartz to ensure that the room heats up while not drying out by maintaining humidity. 

The insert is oriented towards fire safety for the users’ peace of mind, with temperature monitors and notifications if the insert is obstructed by anything.

Users have noted their satisfaction with the fact that the heater is practically noiseless and that it heats up a room very well while looking great in their preexisting fireplaces. The fire safety measures are also a point of satisfaction.

The seller has also proven to excel at customer service, as several customers have mentioned in their reviews.

However, some users expressed that they were dissatisfied with the reflective glass, as it can make it difficult to see the flame well in some lighting.


  • Heats up a room very well
  • Noiseless
  • Prioritizes fire safety
  • Great customer service


  • Reflective glass that obstructs view of the 3D flame technology

4. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Wood Stove – Best Infrared

testing trying duraflame infrared heater


  • 13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches
  • 28.6 pounds

This infrared fireplace utilizes infrared quart technology to ensure that the air in the room does not dry out while it heats up by maintaining humidity.

The product gives off 5200 BTU of heat with a supplemental heating area of 1000 feet. The 3D flame technology comes with five different settings for speed and brightness.

This fake fireplace comes with a digital thermostat to allow users to choose the exact temperature to heat the room. It is equipped with overheat prevention technology.

Users have expressed that they are very satisfied with the heating capabilities and the flame effects. The product has proven to be useful in the wintertime by heating up cold rooms while making sure that the air does not dry out, which can lead to health issues and discomfort.

However, some users have expressed that the product completely stopped functioning after a few months for no apparent reason. This was not the case for all customers, as some touted its ability to carry them through the whole winter.

Check out our complete Duraflame fireplace review for more info.


  • Heats up a room very well
  • Great flame effects


  • May not be durable for an extended period of time

5. Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stand – Best TV Stand

walker edison tv stand with electric fireplace


  • 70 x 16 x 24 inches
  • 100 lbs

The Walker Edison Wren Classic fireplace TV stand can support up to 150 pounds. It comes with two adjustable shelves that can support up to thirty pounds of weight each. 

This cheap electric fireplace gives off 4600 BTU of heat that will warm up a room up to 400 square feet in size. The item is a plug-in, so a gas hook-up is not required.

Users have been impressed with how high the quality of the product is for such a decent price. The wood is exceptionally sturdy and the item looks great in any room. 

The TV stand functions extremely well for televisions up to 80 inches, and it is easy to put together. 

Some users have complained that the company does not provide enough wood glue to complete the item’s assembly. Others have noted that the remote control does not function properly.

Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stands are super popular and come in a huge range of styles.


  • Sturdy enough to hold large televisions
  • Visually appealing
  • Easy to put together


  • Does not come with enough wood glue
  • The remote control does not properly function

6. Dimplex Linear Electric Fireplace – Best Linear Electric

inbuilt electric fireplace inserts


  • 5 x 48 x 19.5 inches
  • 41 pounds

This DIMPLEX linear electric fireplace functions at 1400 watts, and it can be mounted to a wall, built into a wall, or placed on a stand.

The product uses touchscreen technology and has an automatic room temperature control system. The visual base can be changed between logs, pebbles, and crystals. There are eight different options for flame colors.

Some users have said that the flames look very nice and that it does not take too long to heat up a room. 

However, some viewers have complained that parts were missing when delivered, and others noted the specific complaint of the glass abruptly shattering after a few months of use.


  • Heats up a room quickly
  • Visually appealing
  • Touch-screen capabilities
  • Versatile in its installation


  • Has sometimes arrived with missing parts
  • Reports of glass shattering

7. Touchstone 80004 – Best Recessed Fireplace

in Wall Recessed-30 Realistic Ember Color/Flame


  • 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 inches
  • 59 pounds

The Touchstone 80004 is meant for use as a recessed fireplace that is built into the wall of a room. 

It comes conveniently prepared for its recessed design with the necessary hard-wire to be installed in the wall. Users have said the fireplace looks great in their wall. There is no thermostat, but the remote control functions well.

However, some buyers have complained that the heater does not emit heat as strong as it is advertised and that the heater makes a loud and bothersome noise. 


  • Visually appealing 
  • Comes prepared to install
  • Functioning remote control


  • Low heat output 
  • Produces a loud noise

8. Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace – Best Mantel



  • 12.6 x 69.3 x 44.7 inches
  • 107.8 pounds

The Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace is a sleek and elegant centerpiece for any room.

The fireplace insert includes an adjustable temperature as well as adjustable flame settings. Viewers have the option of controlling these settings either via the touchpad or the remote control.

Buyers have noted that while the fireplace is not necessarily difficult to assemble, it can be rather tedious and time-consuming, often requiring more than one person.

Some have even mentioned receiving the product with some missing parts. However, the general consensus is that it is a high-quality product for a good price for this large electric fireplace with a mantel.

It comes in black and white – if you like white, check out these other white electric fireplaces as well.


  • High-quality product
  • Easy-to-use fireplace insert 
  • Great centerpiece
  • Good price


  • Time-consuming assembly

9. Touchstone Smart Electric Fireplace – Best Smart

Sideline electric fireplace is designed for recessed in-wall mounting


  • Comes 42″, 50″, 60″, 72″, and 100″ wide

The Touchstone Sideline Elite is a smart recessed electric fireplace that comes hard-wire ready for installation.

This WiFi-enabled smart fireplace can be controlled via Alexa or Google voice assistants, making for an easy and user-friendly smart appliance experience. 

The thermostat allows the user to set the temperature between 68 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit which will heat a room that is 400 square feet in size while displaying realistic multicolored flames.

From installation instructions to actual function, buyers have only had great things to say about the Touchstone Sideline Elite. 


  • Quick delivery
  • Easy installation
  • Beautiful piece
  • Easily adjustable heat settings
  • Connects to WiFi to function with voice controls


  • Reviewers have listed no cons for the Touchstone Sideline Elite.

10. Pembroke Freestanding Faux Stone – Best Stone Electric Fireplace

stone electric fireplace review


  • 40 x 12 x 39 inches

This product is a freestanding stone electric fireplace that heats up to 1000 square feet with a 5200 BTU heater.

The thermostat, flame colors, and flame brightness are all adjustable on this fireplace. These settings can be managed using the remote control.

The beautiful stone design of the mantel comes in either a grey or tan color finish.

Viewers praise its beauty and authentic appearance, as well as its ability to heat a room well. However, some were bothered by the fact that the stone chips easily without extreme care. Others noted that the heater is a bit loud.

And if you like stone, check out these stone fire pits for outside the home!


  • Beautiful piece
  • Heats a room well
  • Adjustable settings


  • Stone chips easily
  • Slightly loud heater

11. Modern Flames Electric Fireplace – Best 2 Or 3 Sided

Premium electric fireplace for three-sided wall mount or built-in applications


  • 56 x 11.5 x 24.875 inches
  • 220 pounds

This 3-sided decorative electric fireplace is meant to be mounted or built-in single-sided, left/right corner or 3-sided.

The thermostat is wireless with an included remote control, and the heater produces up to 10,000 BTU per hour for high heat output and very efficient room warming. 

Buyers have reviewed this product at four out of five stars but have not specified their reasoning.

Here are some other excellent see-through fireplaces (electric, gas, and wood burning).


  • High heat output
  • Versatile installation capabilities



  • No cons have been listed for this electric fireplace.

12. TURBRO Electric Fireplace Logs – Best Logs

Realistic Pinewood Logs, Adjustable Flame Colors


  • 23 x 9 x 13 inches

These electric fireplace logs are both a realistic and cost-effective option for buyers looking for an insert.

The thermostat and the levels of flames are both adjustable to suit the buyer’s preferences. 

The products are equipped with overheating protection for fire safety measures.

Users have been enthusiastic about the beautiful piece, praising its cozy and its ability to efficiently heat a room. Some have complained of it emitting a blowdryer-like noise, but most have found it to be tolerable.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Beautiful piece
  • Safe to use due to overheating protection


  • Some may be bothered by the slight noise

Types Of Electrical Fireplaces

best electric fireplaces
Lighting and display settings can make or break an electric fireplace

There are a few different core types of electric fireplaces that buyers can choose according to their needs.

Wall Mount Fireplaces

Wall Mount fireplaces are true to their name.

They are notorious for their easy installation, which includes simply mounting them onto a wall. These are often linear fireplaces, being rectangular in shape.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

A built-in electric fireplace is built into the wall of the user’s home, making it more permanent than any other option.

These fireplaces are also referred to as being recessed. They are also often linear fireplaces.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

For electric fireplace buyers with homes that have an existing fireplace, fireplace inserts might be the route to take.

They are designed to fit into existing fireplace alcoves to deliver authenticity while remaining cost-effective.

It’s a good idea for an empty fireplace.

TV Stand/Mantel Fireplaces

These electric fireplaces are held in high esteem for being multipurpose.

Not only do they serve as electric heaters, but they can be used as a stand for televisions, as a normal mantel, and in some cases, the storage of various small to medium-sized items.

Not all TVs can be placed above fireplaces, so check with your manufacturer’s instructions before buying.

Electric Fireplace FAQs

attractive electric white fireplaces
Electric fireplaces can make a room much more cozy

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electric fireplaces do not use much more electricity than a standard space heater uses, drawing about 1500 watts.

Which Is the Most Realistic Electric Fireplace?

The Touchstone Sideline Elite is a recessed electric fireplace that is most often praised by its users for the flames’ realistic appearance.

Do the Electric Fireplaces Really Heat a Room?

Yes, electric fireplaces heat a room and are known to do so more efficiently than a standard gas or wood-burning fireplace due to the fact that they run off of a 120-volt plug.

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth the Money?

Electric fireplaces are worth the investment, as they end up being cheaper and more sustainable than the has and wood-burning alternatives. 

Is It OK to Leave the Electric Fireplace on Overnight?

An electric fireplace should not be left running overnight.

The heaters do not emit carbon monoxide and most come equipped with fire safety precautions, but on the chance that there is a power outage overnight, having the unit on could be a fire hazard.

What Should I Look for in an Electric Fireplace?

In terms of efficiency, you should look for an electric fireplace with a lower wattage and higher BTU measurement. Beyond that, style and the fireplace’s settings are up to your personal preferences.

How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last?

A well-made electric fireplace can last up to twenty years if it is properly taken care of.

How Much Does It Cost to Have an Electric Fireplace Installed?

In total, having an electric fireplace installed can cost anywhere from $630-$2,525, including both the purchase and installation.

The labor itself will cost approximately $65 per hour.

Do You Need a Mantel for an Electric Fireplace?

No, you do not necessarily need a mantel to purchase an electric fireplace.

There are several different types of fireplaces on the market, and several can be built into or mounted onto your wall, while others may simply be freestanding or sold as a part of a larger mantel or a TV stand.

How Much Space Do You Need Between TV and Electric Fireplace?

For safety reasons, your television should be eight inches or more from the top of the fireplace to the TV, assuming that the TV is mounted above the fireplace.

The fireplace should also be six inches from its bottom to the floor.

Best Electrical Fireplace

putting electric fireplaces to the test
See through fireplaces can make a real statement

When it comes to the question of which electric fireplace is the best on the market, that can vary according to what a buyer is looking for.

Cost, style, heat output, settings preferences, and installation all play a part in the personal preferences surrounding the purchase of an electric fireplace.

However, based on 5-star reviews with not a single negative comment about its functionality, there is a clear winner for what the best available electric fireplace is.

The Touchstone Sideline Elite is the most praised electric fireplace on the market.

Between its versatile functionality, beautiful appearance, realistic flames, easy installation, efficient heat output, and WiFi-enabled smart appliance capabilities, no other product seems to be a match for the Touchstone Sideline Elite– certainly not in customer satisfaction so far.

Before purchasing an electric fireplace yourself, be sure to consider which type would fit your home best in terms of functionality and appearance.

Additionally, be sure to do your research and read the reviews on any product that you are considering to ensure that it will meet your quality standards. Both of these measures will help to guide you to make the best buying decision.

If you’ve got a small space to heat, have you considered a mini wood stove?


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