137 TOP Amazon Prime Day Deals: Chainsaws, Fire Pits, Tools, Wood Stoves…

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Amazon Prime Day has begun and there are some fantastic deals straight off the bat!

Excellent deals on chainsaws, axes, line trimmers, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture, fire pits, electric fireplaces, home and garden tools, and everything else we focus on here. Those are the types of deals we’re searching out and sharing here.

See all the deals here or scroll down to see our top picks for the home and garden this fall.

Prime Day Deal Round-Up

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

We’re scouring Amazon for all the best outdoor living deals and uncovering the top deals we know you’ll love.

Big deals on now:

  • Fiskars Gardening And Wood Splitting products – so many deals
  • Husqvarna 135 Mark II – 20% OFF
  • Greenworks 48v 16″ Chainsaw – battery powered
  • Greenworks tools and batteries – mowers, trimmers, drills/drivers
  • Wood Stove Fans – push hot air through your home
  • Wood stove accessories – ash pans, brushes, firewood racks
  • Champion Dual Fuel Portable Generator – with Electric Start and 46% OFF
  • Oregon Bar And Chain Oil – 27% OFF 1 gallon 
  • Oregon Bench Grinder Chain Sharpener – 15% OFF
  • DEWALT tools and equipment – from safety gloves to replacement batteries, drills and drivers
  • Adirondack Chairs – big discounts
  • Solo Stove Fire Pits – portable, durable, and so much fun
  • Small cheap top-handle chainsaw – good for climbing with
  • Husqvarna chainsaw gear – chains, tools, bars, chainsaws
  • Throwing axes – become a pro axe thrower
  • Get 20% OFF the Husqvarna Auto Mower – a massive deal
  • Sun Joe Pressure Washers and Ash Vacuum – also battery-powered pole saws
  • Outdoor furniture deals – for patios, decks, lawns
  • Oregon Chainsaw Bars – Oregon chains are also on sale
  • Mini Chainsaw Deals (great for pruning) – up to 45% OFF
  • EGO battery powered chainsaw – rarely on sale and at a great price
  • Litheli Cordless Pole Saw – 20% OFF
  • Electric Fireplace Deals – big discounts for Winter
  • Wood Moisture Meters/Detectors – test if your wood is OK to burn
  • Chainsaw Sharpening tools – Oregon brand and cheaper alternatives
  • RW Flame best selling electric fireplace – 24% OFF
  • Anti vibration chainsaw gloves – big deals on many brands
  • Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers – 40% OFF
  • Cast Iron Fire Pits and Tables – 28% OFF
  • STIHL Chainsaw parts – everything you can think of
  • Chainsaw chaps – chainsaw safety is heavily reduced in price
  • Chainsaw carry cases – good for transport and storage

As well as the Fiskars axes mentioned above, many other axe brands are also on sale here this Prime Day, including the Kracken WATL Throwing Axe!

Amazon Prime Day Chainsaw Deals

dewalt pole saw user reviews

These Greenworks chainsaws, mowers, and other yard tools are heavily discounted.

One example is the 40v battery-powered model that comes with a 16-inch bar and includes the battery (4Ah) and charger.

Battery saws are quieter, less-smelly, and usually cheaper than their gas counterparts.

This is a really cheap 62 cc chainsaw. It’s not going to be the best chainsaw ever, but for this price, it’s hard to go wrong.

Buy it and keep it as a spare or back-up chainsaw. Or save it for those awful jobs you do not want to use with your good chainsaw!

The Saw Haul Tractor Scabbard is a surprise Prime Day Deal this year.

It’s $30 OFF and is used for safely transporting chainsaws on tractors – too many saws are lost under tractors each year and this device is seeking to bring those numbers down!

There are propane gas fire pits is 20%+ OFF for Amazon Prime Day.

It’s a 50,000 BTU fire pit that comes with a windshield and a cover that allows it to be used as a table when not being used as a fire pit.

This EGO Lawnmower is a big deal this Prime Day. 

These products do not always go on sale for Prime and rarely have discounts this big on them. Other EGO power tool deals include their multi tools, blowers, batteries, chainsaws, trimmers, and more.

A number of premium chainsaw chains are on sale.

This one pictured is the X-CUT chain for 16″ bar. It’s a commercial-grade chain that has been pre-stretched and is sharp straight out of the box.

There are a TON of shop and ash vacs on sale here.

Great for cleaning out the fireplace or woodstove, the car or garage, and all those other really dirty areas you don’t want to use your ordinary house vacuum for.

The very popular Black & Decker battery tools are one of the many big deals.

Their pole trimmers and weed eaters are on sale, along with reciprocating saws, lawnmowers, chainsaws, tillers, and many other tools. You can even get extra battery packs on sale right now!

There are MANY mini chainsaw deals this Prime Sale Day!

I have four different mini-pruning saws and they are excellent. I use them all the time for a range of tasks around the garden. If you haven’t tried one out, I can highly recommend them.

And right now, they’re so cheap!

Many Oregon Chainsaw products are now on sale for Amazon’s Fall sale.

They are greatly reduced in price. They have both corded electric and battery-operated chainsaws, chains, bars, sharpeners, chainsaw chaps, and more.

Oregon electric chainsaw sharpeners can be used with most types and sizes of chains, and they are one of the deals right now.

This makes sharpening your chainsaw chains so much easier and faster – especially if you need to do so often or if you have many to get through. A good opportunity to grab some Oregon chains as well.

A massive range of DEWALT tools are on sale.

There are drills and drivers, reciprocating saws, battery saws, miter saws, scroll saws, and basically any other saw you can imagine – listed at dramatically reduced prices.

This SunJoe Pole Saw is another handy Prime Day deal.

It weighs 8.4 lbs and can be used and a convertible tool: both chainsaw and pole saw. It’s not the hardiest option out there, but at this price, it might be worth taking a risk on.

There is a ton of chainsaw safety gear on Prime Day sale.

Gear like this is a must-have when working with a chainsaw and can protect you from major injury or accident. Anyone can lose focus while working, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Helmets and visors, chainsaw chaps and trousers, chainsaw gloves, etc.

If you need to repair or rebuild a chainsaw, there are plenty of cheap aftermarket parts on sale.

There are cylinder kits, clutch parts, oil pumps, bucking spikes, and everything else.

This lower-powered model from Greenworks is another battery option.

It’s also 40v but is sold with a 12-inch bar, so it’s slightly smaller. It also has a battery that is 2Ah, as opposed to 4Ah, so you won’t get the same length of time out of it.

It can be purchased with or without the battery and charger.

Prime Day Fire Pit Sale

If you’ve always wanted a fire pit, the Prime Day Sale is the perfect time to get one.

Here are some different fire pits on sale now!

These high-quality fire pit tables are a good deal.

Modern gas fire pits that would look great on the deck, patio, or other outdoor areas. Keeps you warm on cool evenings and makes for a nice focal point.

Portable fire pits are a top deal now.

They are easy to set up and take down, plus they’re light and compact for transporting or storing.

For Prime Day, even the extremely popular Outland Living Portable Propane Fire Pits are discounted. 

Fire Pit Mats are good for putting under your fire pit to protect the surface underneath.

It stops the grass from dying and will protect wooden decks. I always use this exact mat with my fire pit and it really does the job.

These fire pits mats are on sale now!

In my opinion, there isn’t anything better than a good fire pit grill evening.

You can use them in the winter or the summer – it doesn’t matter. Any time is a good time to enjoy a fry-up on the fire pit. If you’ve always wanted one, make sure to get a deal on Prime Day.

There are plenty of fire pit grills discounted right now.

Chairs and other fire pit furniture like tables, lounges, and so on make a fire pit night so much better.

These big sale days are a great opportunity to save on these types of products.

We have a round-up of the best fire pit chairs here if you want to get a better idea of what’s out there.

Other Prime Day deals to grab quickly!

  • The Large Solo Stove – one of the most popular smokeless fire pits
  • Quality Propane Fire Pit Table – 55,000 BTU fire pit that you don’t have to buy wood for
  • Multifunctional Fire Pit – a simple backyard wood-burning fire pit

Wood Burning Stove Prime Day Sale

It may be summer (at least, in the US), but now is the time to prepare for winter.

A wood-burning stove is a great step toward becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on the grid. You can use most wood stoves for heating your house, your water, and for cooking.

The Ashley Hearth wood stove often goes on sale on Amazon Prime Day.

It’s a 68,000 BTU wood burner that is suitable for homes 1200 square feet and under. At this price, it’s very affordable and will help keep the home warm over winter.

Electric wood stove heaters are another way to stay warm this winter. It’s not as good as a real wood stove (in my opinion), but perfect for the right people.

There are many different brands on sale at a range of different power options.

This recessed electric fireplace is one of the best sellers, but there are many more on sale here as well.

The RW Flame version has both a 750w and 1000w setting, plus an adjustable flame color and size function.

Other Prime Day deals to look out for:

  • Camp Tent Stove – includes stainless wall chimney pipes
  • Wood moisture meter – test and see if your wood is ready to burn
  • Wood stove fan – useful for pushing warm air around your home

When Is Amazon’s Prime Day Sale?

when is amazon prime day 2023

Amazon’s Prime Day sale is being held on Tuesday, October 10, and Wednesday, October 11.

It begins in the USA, but it will also be held on the same dates in 14 other countries: Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the UK.

Here is a breakdown of what time Prime Day starts around the world in the countries we focus on.

1. USA Prime Day Start Times

What time does Prime Day start in the US in different time zones?

Prime Day Sale USA starts:

  • 12:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Pacific Time (PT)
  • 01:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Mountain Time (MT)
  • 02:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • 03:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
  • 04:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT)
  • 11:01 pm Monday, October 10 Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT)
  • 09:01 pm Monday, October 10 Hawaii Standard Time (HST)

2. Canada Prime Day Start Times

Amazon Prime Day in Canada is running on the same days as the USA.

This is great news as this hasn’t always been the case. It allows everyone to join in on the excitement at the same time!

View all the early deals for Prime Day in Canada here.

What time does Prime Day start in Canada?

Amazon Prime Day Canada starts:

  • 12:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Pacific Time (PT)
  • 01:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Central Standard Time (CST)
  • 01:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
  • 02:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • 03:01 am Tuesday, October 10 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

If they’re Prime members, Canadians can also take advantage of deals in the US if they don’t show up in the Canadian sale.

3. United Kingdom Prime Sale Start Times

Prime Day in the UK is being held on October 10 and 11.

It will start at 00:01 am on the 10th and run until 11:59 pm on the 11th.

4. Australia Prime Day Start Times

Prime Day in Australia will also be held on the same days as everywhere else in the world.

Start times in the different time zones are:

  • 12:00 am Tuesday, October 10 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • 11:30 pm Monday, October 10 Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
  • 10:00 pm Monday, October 10 Australian Western Central Time (AWST)

October Amazon Prime Day Sale

We’ll continue to update these deals and add to them as new ones are released.

Become a Prime Member today so that you can gain access to all the best deals as they are released. 

Prime Day is only for Prime Members – hence the name!

If you aren’t already a member (and haven’t been one before), get a free 30-day trial.


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