7 TOP White Electric Fireplaces: Freestanding, Recessed, Mantels, Modern, Realistic

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A white electric fireplace is a stylish option that works well for a living room, family room, or dining room.

One benefit of an electric fireplace is heating the home faster than you would find with a wood-burning fireplace.

There are various options to choose from that can work from your home, ranging from a freestanding white electric fireplace to a white fake fireplace! 

When browsing white electric fireplaces, consumers need to find one that works for their space, style, and price range.

Let’s check out some of the top options online for white fireplaces and why they stand out among the competition.

White Electric Fireplace Reviews

Ameriwood White Electric Fireplace

  • A large electric fireplace with plenty of storage
  • Fire display and remote
  • 4600 BTUs
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Maxhonor Wall Mounted Fireplace

  • Insert, wall mounted, or freestanding
  • 30 - 60 inch options
  • 1500 watt
View On AmazonView On Home Depot

PuraFlame White Fireplace

  • A stylish recessed electric fireplace
  • Range of different sizes from 40 - 68"
  • 1500 watt
View On AmazonView On Modern Blaze

Browse the various options, such as wall-mounted fireplaces, recessed fireplaces, and media fireplaces, you can choose the perfect option for your space.

We give power output in either BTUs or Kilowatts but see our BTU to kW conversion calculators to compare metrics.

1. Amazon WE Furniture Simple Fireplace Console

white electric fireplace tv stand


  • 58, 65, or 70-inch models
  • Wood with white finish
  • 4600 BTUs

This Walker Edison modern wood and metal fireplace TV stand is perfect for adding a bit of style and sophistication to your living room or family room.

Featuring enough space for up to a 64” flat screen living room TV, this fireplace console comes in either white, birch, black, Dark walnut, gray wash, or rustic oak. 

This Amazon option includes a small white electric fireplace that can provide heat in your living room up to 400 square feet — meaning you won’t’ be cold as you play family board games or watch TV at night!

At an affordable price, this fireplace console can be the addition you need for your apartment or home.

There is a huge range of popular Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stands, so make sure you consider all of them before deciding.

2. Della Faux Electric Fireplace TV Stand

fireplace Entertainment Center with Built-In Bookshelves and Cabinets


  • Remote control
  • Good storage
  • 1400 watt

This white faux fireplace is the perfect option for those who want to combine an entertainment center with cabinets, storage space, and a white mantel electric fireplace.

Featuring faux logs to make it feel like you are cozying up next to a fire, this white electric fireplace can provide ample warmth to any room in your house.

Not to mention, this option contains six built-in shelves for storage space for your books, magazines, candles, and picture frames. 

Users rank this product as 4.3 out of 5 stars in 595 global reviews. Users love that this fireplace is affordable, beautiful, compatible with large TVs, and easy to assemble.

Check out these corner electric fireplaces if that would better suit your space.

3. Belleze Small Electric Fireplace

small white electric fireplace


  • Freestanding
  • 53 lbs
  • 4777 BTUs

This white freestanding fireplace is a compact option that is portable, convenient, and beautiful.

Featuring the versatility to move the fireplace between various rooms in your house or apartment, you can heat any room up to 400 square feet with ease.

This modern white electric fireplace is cost-effective at just $209 and contains faux logs for a realistic fire aesthetic. 

Users ranked this realistic LED flame heater 4.3 out of 5 stars in 379 global rankings. Consumers say this portable heater looks great in any room in the house.

You might also consider one of these small wood stoves if you are limited in space but want that kind of heat.

4. PuraFlame Alice 50” Recessed Electric Fireplace

premium recessed white electric fireplace heater


  • White tempered glass/metal
  • 50, 50, 68″ options
  • 1500 and 750-watt settings

For a fireplace that blends in seamlessly with your apartment walls, check out this recessed and flush-mounted white electric fireplace.

Unlike a white portable fireplace, this recessed option seamlessly integrates with your walls, provides a realistic flame effect, and contains two different heat settings to keep you warm. 

Users gave this 1500-watt heater a 4.7 out of 5 stars for 1,614 rankings.

Consumes state the installation is very easy, the colors are changeable, and the fireplace is adjustable to work with different rooms and wall shapes.

At a reasonable price, this recessed electric fireplace is a cost-effective option for those who want style and versatility. You can even choose the size you want, with this electric fireplace coming in 40”, 50”, 60”, and 68”!

5. Ameriwood Large White Electric Fireplace

budget friendly white electric fireplace


  • Brilliant white finish
  • Engineered wood
  • 4600 BTUs

If you are looking for a white electric fireplace with a mantel, this large option might be perfect for you.

This 3-tier mantel with a 26” electric fireplace is great for those who need to take up space in a living room or cold family room — this large white electric fireplace brings a sense of style and sophistication to your home. 

This is one of the most widely purchased fireplaces on Amazon, with users giving this mantel fireplace 4.2 out of 5 stars in 4,090 global rankings.

Consumers loved the aesthetic of the fireplace, the size and quality of the material, and the low price. It’s a bit more expensive, but this white mantel fireplace provides plenty of space, storage, and style in your living room or dining room.

Also, compared to something like the Pioneer Princess Cook Stove, this electric fireplace takes up no room at all!

6. Canyon Heights Faux Stone Electric Fireplace

white stone electric fireplace


  • White faux stone
  • Engineered Wood, Resin, Glass, Poplar, Metal
  • 60.25″ W x 15.5″ D x 35.25″ H

Do you love white faux fireplaces?

If so, this could be the best option for you!

When shopping for white, fake fireplaces, you need to find an option that looks elegant, works with various housing styles, contains anti-tipping hardware, and provides ample heat.

This Canyon Heights white modern electric fireplace can do it all. 

Users gave this stone electric white fireplace a 4.6 out of 5 stars in 96 global rankings. Consumers loved the easy installation, the large size of the fireplace, and the modern design.

This faux stone electric fireplace with mantel is at the higher end of the price spectrum. However, this sophisticated option is well worth the cost for the high-quality material, lifelike flames, and brick interior style.

7. Wall-Mounted Freestanding Insert Electric Fireplace

white recessed electric fireplace


  • Glass and metal construction
  • 40 x 6 x 13 inches
  • Range of sizes

This white electric fireplace heater is a high-tech option compatible with other electronics.

For homeowners who want a white media fireplace, check out this recessed-mounted electric fireplace that works well with modern home decor, offering nine color options and five brightness levels. 

Users ranked this freestanding heater as 4.6 out of 5 stars in a whopping 1,179 reviews!

Users love how this white fireplace heater is aesthetically pleasing, contains different lighting colors, features a realistic flame, and has easy installation.

If your fireplace is on an outside wall and you’re looking for an insert, check out these see-through fireplaces that can be viewed from both sides.

Best Homes For White Fireplaces

faux white fireplaces
White fireplaces suit modern decor

Although you may want a white fireplace for your home, sometimes the style of your house can dictate what will and will not look good in a specific space.

However, by looking at some interior white fireplace ideas, you can find the perfect style for your home or apartment. 

If you are interested in purchasing a tall white brick electric fireplace, this can bring a sense of sophistication to your living room.

For those who want a do-it-all furniture piece, consider purchasing a white electric media fireplace that is compatible with a modern living room.

Lastly, if you have a smaller apartment living room with less space, a functional white electric fireplace can easily heat your room while providing storage, media compatibility, and functionality.  

Pros And Cons Of White Electric Fireplaces 

Before you can be confident in choosing a white electric fireplace for your home, you need to know the pros and cons of this type of heating source vs. other methods on the market today.

Fortunately, the pros of white electric fireplaces outweigh the cons! 


  • The design is versatile – You can choose either brick electric fireplaces, modern fireplaces, or sophisticated fireplaces to go with almost any type of interior design.
  • Space saver – If you need a piece of furniture that can hold excess storage and a TV, electric fireplaces can do it all.
  • Flexible installation – Installing white electric fireplaces does not have to be complicated. In many cases, it is simple, fast, and easy for beginners to do by themselves.
  • Add ambiance – If you live in a small apartment, adding a white electric fireplace can not only save space but add an aura of sophistication to your living area.
  • Longer lifespan – Electric fireplaces have a longer lifespan than other fireplaces, such as wood-burning options, helping you save money. 
  • Portable – You can bring your electric fireplace with you if you move houses or apartments. 
  • Cost-effective – White electric fireplaces cost less money than wood fireplaces.  


  • Not real fire – The biggest con of a white electric fireplace is that it does not use actual flames, so those who want a realistic ambiance may be disappointed.
  • May not heat the entire home – The white electric fireplace doesn’t have enough capacity to heat an entire home, generally only being able to heat one room (400 square feet). 
  • Not usable when the power is out – If the power goes out in your home, you can’t light a fire for extra heat.

Also, compared to a wood-burning stove, you don’t need to collect firewood and deal with mess – an issue many are happy to avoid.

On the other hand, a wood burner will keep on heating your home in a power cut, unlike these electric fireplaces.

Types Of Electric Fireplaces

There are three or four main types of electric fireplaces:

  • Freestanding
  • Recessed
  • Wall-mounted
  • Inserts

A freestanding fireplace can sit on the floor without having to be wall-mounted or installed in a specific area. This type of electric fireplace typically comes with a mantel that can be used to hold small items for additional storage. 

A recessed fireplace sits flush with the fall and requires installation. This type of fireplace doesn’t have a mantel to store additional items but can look sleek and sophisticated.

A wall-mounted fireplace is mounted directly on the wall and generally has the easiest installation of all three types of electric fireplaces. All you have to do is hang the fireplace on the wall as you would with a picture or decorative item.

Electric fireplace inserts are installed into existing fireplaces that have usually previously been wood-burning.

Fan Forced Vs Infrared

Fan-forced fireplaces can heat areas within a home up to 400 square feet, such as a living room or dining room space.

In this type of heater, the heat is produced by the movement of air over a heating element. 

The main benefit of using a fan-forced heater is that the addition of using the blower can help move the heat around the fireplace and cover the entire room, ensuring every corner of the space gets equal heat. 

An infrared electric fireplace uses infrared technology to provide instantaneous heat to larger areas than is possible using the fan mechanism. In this technology, the heat must be generated via a quartz tube heater and infrared light. 

The main benefit of using an infrared electric fireplace is that the infrared light and the quartz tube heater can generate more heat to larger areas than you would find with a fan-forced heater, making this a better option for bigger rooms and houses.

White Electric Fireplace FAQS

white mantel electric fireplace
Some electric fireplaces can be tacky, but others are tasteful

Who should get a white electric fireplace?

A white electric fireplace is a versatile option that can be used in any apartment or house.

Since there are different styles, such as:

  • Mantel fireplaces
  • Wall-mounted fireplaces
  • Flush fireplaces
  • Media fireplaces

You can choose one that works with your space budget and preferences.

Therefore, anyone who has a space of their own can purchase a white electric fireplace to enhance their space and heat their room!  

Can white electric heaters become discolored?

While electric heaters have the potential to become discolored over time, sometimes, there is ‘soot’ that gathers on the heating frill of a white electric heater.

To avoid this from happening, white electric fireplaces do not use any grills to produce the heat, reducing the likelihood of any discoloration after use. 

Are white electric fireplaces good?

White electric fireplaces are cost-effective options that typically last longer than you would find with wood alternatives.

Although the flames are not real, some options provide realistic flames, various light settings, and different heat settings to provide personalization and adjustability to the owner.

If you want a versatile option that can work in any home or apartment, white electric fireplaces are a good choice. 

White Fake Fireplaces

attractive electric white fireplaces
Electric fireplaces can make a room much more cozy

White electric fireplaces are some of the most cost-effective and stylish options to heat your home and provide additional storage.

Since they come in various styles and sizes, such as mantle fireplaces, flush fireplaces, and media fireplaces, you can choose which option works for you. 

If you’re short on space and need additional storage space for your books and picture frames, a mantel fireplace can be just that. For those who want media compatibility with their electronic devices, choose an electric media fireplace.

Finally, for homeowners who want a stylish option that will sit flush on the wall of their home, a recessed electric fireplace can be a perfect choice.

Once you have your inside heat sorted, check out these great outdoor fireplaces – gas, electric, and wood-burning – or consider a fire pit.


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