Three STIHL Logos Through History… Have They Got Boring?

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The STIHL logo has changed a lot over the almost 100 years the company has existed, but it’s always featured the Stihl name.

Here are the different versions of Stihl’s logo from 1928 until today.

1928 Stihl Logo

first stihl logo

The first STIHL logo was trademarked in 1928, not long after the release of their first chainsaw.

It featured the Stihl name on a stump.

Ironically, Stihl had yet to build a chainsaw that could fall trees. The “Tree Felling Machine” would be released in 1929.

Stihl said:

STIHL becomes a brand.

The name represents the ceaseless quest of the engineer and company founder Andreas Stihl to ease the heavy labour of forestry work with his inventions.

The logo is featured on the earliest Stihl chainsaws.

See it at both ends of this 1926 saw.

earliest stihl chainsaw 1926

Also, on the 1933 STIHL Liliput.

stihl liliput chainsaw

The first STIHL logo was used for less than ten years before it was changed.

1936 Stihl Logo

1936 stihl logo

The new logo came out in 1936.

Stihl said:

The new company logo reflects the close relationship of STIHL with the development of the chainsaw and the importance of its products in all areas of forestry and forest operations.

This is known among Stihl fans as the “sawtooth” logo.

It looks a lot better with color on a saw.

Here’s the STIHL 090.

Image: eBay seller goldilocks3791-0 STIHL 090 1968 – 1977

The early 070s also had the sawtooth logo.

stihl 070 review
STIHL 070 made 1959 – 1968

Or how about the Contra?

stihl contra lightening models versions differences
STIHL Contra made 1959 – 1968

The 1970s STIHL 015 had this logo for a time, making them so much cooler!

stihl 015 1970 logo
STIHL 015 made 1973 – 198

Stihl Tractors, made during the same period, had a logo more like the current Stihl logo.

stihl tractor in museum
STIHL Tractor made 1940 – 1964

A lot of guys prefer the sawtooth logo over the much simpler modern logo—we wouldn’t be surprised if they return to something similar one day!

1977 Stihl Logo

slant stihl logo 1977

The slant Stihl logo is the third and, thus far, final logo.

Stihl said:

The new company logo is introduced on 1 January 1977.

STIHL has continuously improved and expanded its broad product range ever since – timeless and recognisable around the world.

This logo has now been featured on millions of chainsaws.

Sometimes the logo tag also features where the saw was made, such as on this STIHL 023.

made in usa on 023 logo
 Stihl 023 made 1990 – 2002

Here it is on the STIHL MS 440 Magnum.

logo on stihl ms440
STIHL MS 440 made 2001 – 2012

And on the current STIHL MS 500i.

modern stihl chainsaw logo
STIHL MS 500i made 2019 – today

Sometimes, the current STIHL logo is coupled with modern fonts for special edition chainsaws, as with the 500i Launch Edition.

modern stihl logo
STIHL MS 5001 Launch Edition 2019

So, that’s some of the STIHL logo history.

What’s your favorite version?

Let us know in the comments below, along with any other info we can add into the article.

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