The Rare STIHL 500i Launch Edition Chainsaw (Only 500 Made)

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When the STIHL MS 500i was first released in 2019, Stihl also produced 500 special first-edition chainsaws.

They’re called the STIHL MS500i LAUNCH EDITION and each was marked with its own number from 1 to 500.

rare stihl 500i chainsaw valuable
Image: Stihl Shop Swan Hill

A few dealers around the world were given 2 each.

Seeing as there are over 55,000 Stihl Dealers worldwide, and only 500 Launch Edition chainsaws made, not many dealers received them.

Even fewer of these rare Stihl saws were actually sold to the public, with many being kept by the dealers themselves, sold quickly to friends, or scooped up by collectors.

They rarely come up for sale on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and, overall, they’re quite hard to find.

While the 500i LE is not as rare as the one-off Stihl Jetsaw or Carbon Concept Saw, they’re right up there!

There are no differences between the Launch Edition 500i and any other “regular” 500i, it’s just the tag. But, we’ve got to admit… it’s a pretty cool tag. 

rare stihl launch edition chainsaw
Image: Stihl Chainsaw Fans on Facebook

We’ve seen these limited edition saws pop up in the US, Canada, and Australia, so they weren’t only sent to dealers in the US as is sometimes claimed.

In October 2019, Edwards Mowers in NSW, Australia shared the following video of “Shane giving the new Stihl MS500i Launch Edition model a run.”


They also shared:

These 2 Limited Edition Launch Models are already SOLD.

The MS 500i Stihl Fuel injected Chainsaw will be available later this year so get your orders in!!

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One guy in the comments asked “Can you get any more Launch Editions?”

In another thread responding to a 500i Launch Edition picture, someone else said, “Launch edition even. I’d throw that in the living room on the shelf and go buy a second one lmao.”

The 500i is already considered to be one of the best Stihl saws ever, so a Launch Edition version is even better, right?

And because it’s a rare, collectible saw, you can expect to see scams like this one…

rare chainsaw scam

It’s not clear from the screenshot that this is a scam listing, but dig a little deeper and it’s quite obvious.

Check out our tips for buying used chainsaws on how to avoid the less obvious chainsaw scams out there.

Do you know anything else about the 500i Launch Edition Chainsaw? Do you have one?

Let us know what you know in the comments below!


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1 thought on “The Rare STIHL 500i Launch Edition Chainsaw (Only 500 Made)”

  1. I heard about the launch edition early on fortunately and managed to purchase 2 for collecting #157 and #160. Both saws are in the box brand new never been used condition.
    I also own a standard one for a work horse amongst my other saws and it is by far my favourite standard saw to have ever used.

    Best saw ever. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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