Husqvarna 40 Chainsaw Review, Specs, Versions, Alternatives

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The Husqvarna 40 is a small 40cc chainsaw that was made between 1978 and 1991.

It’s not a professional chainsaw but is designed for light homeowner duties. It shouldn’t be used with anything over an 18″ bar, and that length is also pushing it. It performs best with a 12 – 16″ bar.

So what is it good for then?

These old Husky 40s are great pruning saws and can be used for light firewood cutting. You don’t want to be doing any serious bucking with it, but it is fine for smaller logs.

Nor should you expect to perform well if it’s being used all day every day. It’s best used for a couple of hours here and there. But when the saw is used appropriately, it’s not a bad saw!

Husqvarna 40 Versions

husqvarna 40 chainsaw versions
Black top and orange top Husqvarna 40

You will notice that the Husqvarna 40 comes in either a black/grey top or orange top.

All this means is that they were made at different times. The black/grey top chainsaws are older, and the orange tops are newer. 

There are even white top Husqvarna chainsaws like this 50 Rancher. These are even older than the black/grey top saws.

Many Husky saws have these different versions with different color top covers. The Husqvarna 45 and Husqvarna 51 are two more examples. 

Most of the time there are no other differences between the saws whatever the cover color is, though sometimes there might be other cosmetic changes.

Husqvarna 40 Specs And Features

husqvarna 40 features and specs

The Husqvarna 40 has a chain brake, anti-vibration system, and automatic oiler.

It also has a magnesium body, something that is now reserved only for professional-level chainsaws. Nowadays, homeowner level chainsaws are made of plastic, but not the 40.

Husqvarna 40 Specs:

  • 40cc, 2.4 cu in
  • 2.5 hp, 1.8 kW
  • 10.3 lbs, 4.7 kgs dry weight
  • 12,500 max rpm, 2,500 idle
  • Champion RCJ 7Y spark plug
  • Zama C1Q carb

13, 15, 16, and 18-inch bars are recommended.

Some people want to know if they can use a 20″ bar with the Husqvarna 40, but it’s best not to. I have a 20″ bar on my Husqvarna 450, a 50cc saw, and it’s even a bit much for that saw really.

The guy in the video below has a 20″ on his 40, but it’s best not to. It’s too much bar for the saw and she’ll bog down a lot more. A 13″ bar is the ideal bar length for this chainsaw.

Husqvarna 40 Review

The Husky 40 is a good little chainsaw.

However, it’s nothing special or worth getting too excited about. It’s just a decent saw for pruning or cutting thin logs.

The main problem is that some parts are hard to find, given that it’s been out of production for over 30 years.

Also, the features are not as good as a new saw. For example, the anti-vibration system is much less effective compared to something like the Husqvarna 550.

If you see a Husqvarna 40 for sale and it’s in decent condition, they’re definitely worth up to $100. Mostly though, you’d expect to pay $50 – $80 for a well used but running model.

Here are a few comments from users:

  • I ran a 44 for a long time and it was a good saw after I got it running.
  • I have one with a 16-inch bar that runs good for firewood.
  • My Husky 40 hates anything over 8-10”.
  • I’d prefer to get a lot newer and more powerful saw than spend money on these old saws.

It mostly gets positive reviews when you take it for it is; it runs and does what it’s supposed to do, but it’s just not for tough work.


  • A good runner
  • Strong magnesium casing
  • Has a chain brake and other safety features
  • Plenty of support from the Husqvarna community 


  • An old chainsaw that won’t run as smoothly as new saws
  • Parts may be hard to get
  • Not a powerful saw

Husqvarna 40

is the husqvarna 40 chainsaw good

The Husky 40 is a decent little saw that is perfect for those who have the odd job here and there.

If you need to cut down a few small trees or shrubs, it’ll be fine. If you want to tidy up and break down branches and other wood debris, it’s great for that.

But if you want to buck up enough firewood for an entire winter, it would be better to get a bigger saw. The 460 is Husqvarna’s largest saw before getting into the pro range.

Let us know your experiences with the 40 in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Husqvarna 40 Chainsaw Review, Specs, Versions, Alternatives”

  1. Bought my husky 40 back in the early 80s , still starts on the third pull and I abuse that poor thing by overworking it. Would not trade it for anything. Great work Husqvarna .

  2. I have to say I love my little 40 have had it for over 30 years, just put a new bar + chain , spark plug and air filter on her and it runs like a banshee. Starts on second pull has never failed.

  3. I just finished fixing up a Husqvarna model 40 that I’ve had kicking around for about 25 years. It was missing the top cover and the clutch cover/chain brake. I found those parts on ebay and rebuilt the carburetor. I put a new 16″ bar and a full chisel Stihl chain on it. I use it for cutting up large Douglas Fir tree limbs that the wind breaks off the trees in my woods. It’s light and starts easy cold or warm every time. I have many saws but this one is my favorite for bucking up those 4 to 6 inch limbs. It the perfect saw for that job.


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