The STIHL 020 AV Chainsaw Has Some Unique Rare Versions

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The STIHL 020 is a completely different chainsaw from the more widely known 020T.

The 020 is a Series 1114 chainsaw that entered production in the early 70s. The 020T is a Series 1129 saw that didn’t come out until 1996.

We’re looking at the earlier, older 020 here, but see our STIHL 020T review for more on that saw.

Series 1114 STIHL 020 Versions

back handle 020av
Image: @lumberjackbjorland STIHL 020 AV (rear handle)

As with the STIHL 015, the 020 has many versions and went through many changes throughout its lifecycle.

For one, it came in both a rear or top-handle version.

versions of the 020av
Image: @_quinrr_ STIHL 020 AV Super Electronic Quickstop (top handle)

Other versions included:

  • Stihl 020 | 1971 – 1979
  • Stihl 020 AVP | 1972 – 1979
  • Stihl 020 Super | 1979 – 1994

Many people wonder what the P means on 020 saws…

We think it stands for Professional. ‘Professional’ was often written on the rear handle of the saw (as above).

special edition stihl 020av
Image: STIHL 020 AVPS electronic

This saw also has an ‘AVPS electronic’ version.

The P stands for Professional, while the S stands for Super. This saw has the electronic ignition feature without the Quickstop chain brake feature.

These two features, designated ‘electronic quickstop’ or EQ, were usually on the saws together.

stihl chainsaw 1970 020av
Image: @hennerdergaertner

The standard and most common version of the saw is the 020 AV.

While we’ve seen a non-AV version of the 020 listed in official Stihl documents, we’ve not seen any pictures of a saw without AV. There may not be many out there, if they ever existed.

rare stihl 020 saws
Image: STIHL 020 AVP Super quickstop

The SUPER version of the saw was more powerful.

Compare specs.

Displacement 32 cc / 1.96 cu in 35.2 cc / 2.15 cu in
Power 2.0 hp / 1.5 kW 2.3 hp / 1.7 kW
Bore 38 mm / 1.49″ 40 mm / 1.58″
Stroke 28 mm / 1.1″ 28 mm / 1.1″
Weight 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs 5 kg / 11 lbs
Bar 12 – 16″ / 30 – 40 cm 12 – 16″ / 30 – 40 cm
STIHL 020 AVH saw
Image: STIHL 020 AVH electronic

The 020 AVH was able to be used with hedge-trimming attachments.

Wayne Sutton wrote in the Chainsaw Collectors’ Chainsaw Library:

This 020 was built with a heavy duty air filter system to use with some after market hedge trimmer attachment.

Shortly after this was introduced, STIHL came out with their own HS attachment and made this unit obsolete.

stihl hedge trimmer hs202
Image: STIHL HS 202

This is the HS 202, which replaced the 020 AVH.

rarest stihl chainsaws
Image: STIHL 020 BIG

And this is perhaps the most unusual 020 version…

The 020 BIG.

It’s not clear what this means, but here are guesses from the groups and forums:

  • “Seems like they only called it the big because of the long rear handle.”
  • “It’s the Swedish 020AVPQ Super special.”
  • “The collectors seem to have a hedge trimmer and accessory package maybe big had something to do with that.”

We think it was the designation/label for the Super in Sweden and/or Norway.

rare stihl 020 versions
STIHL 020 Big brochure

Either way, the 020 is another one of those Stihl Chainsaw models with many versions. Like the 015 and 038, it only makes the 020 more special.

STIHL 020 AV Reviews

stihl best chainsaws

These are reviews from 020 AV owners.

Dan said:

Worth at least $600 to the right person. They were the last year of fully adjustable jets and have the super cylinder, the cylinder from an 046.

Don’t sell it. Keep it forever. It’s a collector saw now. These things are highly sought after by chainsaw race enthusiasts.

Another Dan said:

Those are great saws. I have the super type and it screams. Fully adjustable fuel air mix too. I would think in good condition they’re worth at least 250$.

Jason said:

Heavier saw compared to 200T, but a powerful little saw.

The Super variants like that are especially sought after. 80s chainsaw, since it’s a Super.

Easily worth $300 on Ebay. Maybe more.

I have a whole pile of them.

You can also get a hedge trimmer and a concrete saw attachment for them, though they are both difficult to find these days.

Thomas said:

Back in the 80s we used to use them. Always two in the shop and two in the truck. They get air bound when it gets hot. Drives me nuts.

I have a couple brand new ones on the shelf, they look nice in the office.

Larry said:

I think the 200T is all around a better saw, but unless you’re climbing every day, the 020av is perfect.

It’s like a 1978 Chevy c/k1500 vs a 2004 Chevy 1500. They do pretty much the same thing. Ones just older, little more cumbersome.

STIHL 020 Chainsaw

historic stihl photo 020 chainsaw
Image: @stihl 020 AV

This image was shared on Stihl’s Insta with the caption:

A historic moment: In 1971, the German Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Hans-Otto Schwarz, lifts the 1,500,000th saw (a STIHL 020 AV) off the production line.

An interesting milestone!

The 020 AV is a cool little saw that can sell for a decent price.

On eBay, at the time of writing, there are only a couple of 020s for sale for parts. There aren’t any saws in good condition.

They can usually be picked up for between US$200 – $400, though rare or extremely tidy examples can go for more.

Do you have an 020AV? 

Let us know what you think of it in the comments 👇


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