This STIHL Tim Timber Beaver Toy Is Amazing… But Expensive!

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We’ve seen and shared memes about beavers with STIHL bars for teeth, but had no idea STIHL actually made this thing!

We visited our local STIHL dealer, and there they were on display alongside other STIHL kids’ toys and accessories

tim timber made by STEIFF
Close-up of Tim Timber

These toys are made by STEIFF, who in the words of STIHL, are:

A world renowned plush toy manufacture from Germany, [that has] been manufacturing soft toys since its inception in 1880 and have built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Favoured by collectors universally, STEIFF soft toys will appreciate over time giving the owner not only something they will love and cherish now, but also long into the future.

But the price is hideous. Probably because there haven’t been too many of them made.

Here it is.

tim timber price NZD
“Tim Timber” von Steiff

As you can see on the box, the Tim Timber Beaver soft toy costs NZ $144.

This converts to:

  • USD $89
  • CAD $121
  • GBP £70
  • AUD $134

Or to put it another way, for a soft toy, it costs a fortune. But it is a “handmade collectible.”

tim timber toy specs
He’s cool, but not $144 cool

So no, we didn’t buy one.

Here are his features and technical specs 😂:

Features STIHL “TIM TIMBER” beaver stuffed animal – made by Steiff

This product is the result of a collaboration between STIHL and STEIFF.

STEIFF is an international manufacturer of toys, founded in 1880.

“STEIFF” is credited with inventing the teddy bear. Older products are therefore very popular with collectors.

Technical Specifications

  • Original stuffed animal
  • Handmade
  • Teeth with saw blade contour and STIHL logo
  • Size – 22 cm

collectible stihl tim timber toy

It doesn’t look like the toy is sold in the US or Canada, but Stihl has it listed on its sites in New Zealand, Australia, and some European countries.

At the time of writing, there are none for sale on eBay.

stihl toys

Those in the US will just have to stick to other great STIHL Toys, such as their toy chainsaws.

We have a video review of the STIHL kids’ chainsaw on the Amazon listing here. Just scroll down to the review section, and you should spot it with the above thumbnail.


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