Propane Tank Cover Ideas: Conceal Gas Tanks For Fire Pits, BBQs, And More

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These propane tank cover ideas are great!

They will help you to hide the propane tank on your BBQ, fire pit, hot tub, hot water system, or any other gas-burning appliance.

We have an article on how to hide fire pit propane tanks but I wanted to focus on covers here.

Propane tanks, whether small or large, aren’t the most appealing things to look at, but a good cover can change all that.

Let’s get into them!

Covers For Propane Tanks


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Brands like Outland Living sell covers made for gas tanks.

This one pictured is nothing too fancy or special, but it does help to conceal and cover the tank. This company sells a lot of propane fire pits so this product works in tandem with the other offerings.

It wouldn’t be too tough to make a DIY propane tank cover like this either.


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A post shared by Jen | HOME DECOR DIY THRIFT (@jenwidner)

Jen, who shared this image, repurposed this piece of furniture into a gas tank cover.

She said:

Did anyone else pick up anything last minute before the World Market coupon ended?

I did! I snagged one of their repro dolly wash tubs!

When @restorationhouse posted that @worldmarket had them, I knew instantly that it would make a great propane tank cover for our gas fire pit. Still need to add a vent but I love it!

I think it will work great!


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This cover was not designed to hide propane tanks but it works well nonetheless.

The account @sbonnin shared:

I found this table at @biglots and it’s perfect to cover the propane tank. The hose will fit through a hole and there is plenty of ventilation.

Serves double duty. Love that. And it was way cheaper than a big plastic box that is used for the same purpose

It certainly makes the tank look a lot nicer.


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A post shared by Betsy DiJulio (@blooming_palette)

After finding out plumbing their fire pit into their existing gas system would cost thousands, these folk had another fire pit cover idea.

@blooming_palette shared:

[We] went… to the garden center today, as I had decided to DIY it. We found a big beautiful fiber concrete pot and a terracotta saucer that matches our cedar siding, and made our own table cover for $80!

Bob did the mechanical part, but Sharon and I dug out the glass shards that covered the burner, dug out the stone in between the concrete pavers where he ran the hose inside protective conduit, and put it all back.

We are tickled to death with the aesthetics, the functionality, and the price.

It perfectly conceals the tank and lines.


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These handmade propane tank covers can be found on Etsy.

There are simple fabric covers like the one pictured, or there are furniture/table covers.

They all do a great job of covering gas tanks and making them a whole lot prettier.


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 Lastly, Shelly from 100 Things To Do shared this outdoor propane tank cover idea.

She said:

It’s a #propanetankcover – yes – but better still, it’s a usable surface to put drinks on while the eyesore is tucked away.

It is a very good idea to make a cover that’s a table for that dual-purpose effect.

DIY Propane Tank Cover

If you are handy with a hammer and nails or a sewing machine, you can make your own gas tank cover.

There are plenty of tutorials (like the one above) on YouTube, and you can find patterns online.

Whether your propane tank is for a portable gas fire pit, heating a tiny house, or something else altogether, get it covered up and looking pretty asap!


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