Echo CS-310 Chainsaw Review, Specs, Features, Benefits, And Alternatives

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What is ECHO CS-310 Chainsaw like?

ECHO is a well-established company that is personally among my favorite chainsaw brands.

They are popular among homeowners and more professional users alike – though the CS310 is a lower-powered gas chainsaw that is best for light work.

The CS 310 chainsaw is a compact chainsaw, but it delivers significant power.

It’s a 30.5cc chainsaw that is usually sold with a 14 or 16-inch bar. It’s a small, lightweight, and durable chainsaw with decent fuel efficiency and good maneuverability.

The Echo CS-310 Chainsaw

best ECHO CS310 chainsaw

The Echo CS 310 is a great chainsaw for small tasks around the home or farm.

It’s also a pretty nice option for taking climbing up trees – though if you’re going to be regularly doing that type of thing, consider a proper climbing chainsaw.

If you have a property that needs a bit of clearing work done, this would be suitable – as long as you’re not wanting to drop large trees.

Or, if you have a smoker, fire pit, or fireplace, and you want to process some thinner logs, the CS 310 chainsaw could be just what you need.

Now, how you use the chainsaw determines what power chainsaw and bar length you need.

The CS-310 is suitable for:

  • Landscaping
  • Shrubs
  • Small trees
  • Pruning

The ECHO CS400 is a more powerful chainsaw with a longer bar for those needing more flexibility on the tasks you want to complete.


Here are some of the important ECHO 310 Specs:

  • 30.5 cc
  • 1.86 horsepower
  • Weighs 8.8 lbs
  • 50:1 fuel oil mix
  • Felt air filter
  • Low kickback bar and chain

When you purchase this chainsaw it comes fully assembled.

However, you’ll need to ensure the bar and chain have not come loose before starting it up.

Features And Benefits

ECHO CS-310 features

And a few of the features:

  • Purge bulb for easy starting
  • Low vibration system
  • There’s a two-piece flocked air filter that’s easily cleaned
  • You get better durability with the dual-post chain brake
  • The Inertia-type chain brake is a useful safety feature
  • Fast and simple, starting with an integrated choke and fast idle trigger release
  • The Echo has side access chain tensioning to make quick adjustments

Great features for an all-around homeowner saw for light work.

ECHO CS310 Review

Overall, we like the ECHO CS 310 when it’s used for what it was designed for – light tasks!

When it’s not stretched beyond its limits, it’s very capable of getting the job done.

It’s not going to fall apart on you or die (like some other cheap chainsaw brands).

Here’s a quick, overview of the Echo 310 Chainsaw.


  • Very affordable
  • Good Performance
  • Easy to start
  • Cuts through softwood with ease.
  • Good oil and chain tension systems
  • Lightweight


  • Recoil or loosening chains are a pair of problems
  • The device can have trouble starting in cold weather
  • Take care as it can leak oil when left idle for long periods
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks

CS-310 Alternatives

You’ve got a good idea of what the Echo can do, but here are some alternatives for comparison.

1. CRAFTSMAN 42cc Gas Chainsaw

If you need more power than the Echo offers, take a look at this CRAFTSMAN 42cc Chainsaw.

It has a durable, lightweight poly build and can be used with a longer bar than the CS310.

2. Husqvarna 435 Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna saw is great for firewood cutting, tree pruning, and yard cleanups.

It has a side-mounted system for tensioning for adjustments while working.

Check out our Husky 435 review for more info.

3. Greenworks Battery Chainsaw

The Greenworks cordless saw comes with a 2.0Ah battery that promises fade-free power.

The wrap-around handle offers a range of cutting positions while being easy to use for the same types of tasks as the CS310.

Check out the complete range of Greenworks chainsaws for more info.

Echo CS 310 FAQs

is the ECHO CS310 chainsaw good?

And here are some of the commonly asked questions we get about this chainsaw.

How much does an ECHO CS 310 weigh?

The Echo 310 powerhead comes in at a lightweight 8.8 pounds, without fuel and oil.

Fully fueled with bar and chain it will weigh almost 11 pounds. That’s relatively lightweight compared to the higher-powered chainsaws.

How many CCs is an Echo 310 chainsaw?

The Echo 310 is a 30.5cc chainsaw with 1.86 horsepower engine.

For a more powerful saw, check out the ECHO Timberwolf – a 59cc saw.

What chain does an ECHO CS 310 take?

Every Echo chain matches its model to get the most power from your saw.

They’re sorted by model number to ensure you get the appropriate bar and chain length along with a solid link count, pitch, gauge, and file size.

Here is a chain you can use for the CS310.

Are there any ECHO 310 problems?

The biggest complaint I’ve come across is the 310 will get stuck as you bare down on wood.

The issue is often attributed to glitches with the adjustment screws. Remember not to tackle logs too big for the saw.

What’s the longest bar you can have?

The longest bar you can have is 16 inches, but it’s best run with a 14-inch or even 12-inch bar.

16 inches is really too much for it and you’ll lose a lot of power.

ECHO CS310 Chainsaw

ECHO CS-310 chainsaw reviews

The ECHO CS-310 is a good chainsaw for the right person.

The ECHO company is known for manufacturing quality, durable chainsaws.

Keep in mind that it’s not designed to be used for processing large volumes of firewood or clearing thick trees. Nor is it made to be run all day every day.

The 310 is made for light, infrequent work around the home. It’s good for limbing, pruning, or cutting up tree branches for composting or burning.

Not everyone needs one of the very best chainsaws – sometimes a product like the ECHO 310 is all you need. It’ll be perfect for many!


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  1. You are so very right. It’s a residential with a bit of pro feeling to it. Reliable, lightweight, enough power to ease through tree stumps 4 to 6″ thick. I ran the 16″ bar for a while, but liked the speed and power the 14″ constantly maintained. Starts right up, first pull after several years of ownership. Non ethanol fuel mix only. When done, drain out remaining fuel, run til it dies, put it away, and will work very well for you next time around. Love everything about this little mighty mouse. Btw, I have three different models of Echo chainsaws. I bet you can guess which is my go to saw every time. Unless it’s a huge banyan, the CS310 is normally the first and only saw I ever need. No regrets what-so-ever!


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