U-MAX Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Review, Pros And Cons

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The U-MAX Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is our best-selling model in this category.

I think it’s because it has all of the right features and inclusions at just the right price. For example, you can hide the propane tank inside the table, the flame level is adjustable, it comes with a windscreen/shield, and even includes a cover!

And, most importantly, it looks great and performs well.

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a U Max Fire Pit, here are a few things to keep in mind.

U-Max Propane Fire Pit Table

U-MAX Fire Pit Table

  • 50,000 BTU
  • 44 x 28 x 25 inches
  • Includes wind shield
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EROMMY Fire Pit Table

  • 50,000 BTU
  • 32, 44, or 50 inch options
  • No wind shield
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Premium Fire Pit Tables

  • Huge range of stunning fire pits
  • Fire bowls and tables
  • Propane and natural gas or wood-burning
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*See how to set up the U-MAX Fire Pit Table on Amazon here.

When I say it’s our best seller in this category, I mean in the ‘propane fire pit table’ range.

We have these other round-ups:

And in all of these round-ups, the U Max Fire Table that we’re featuring in this post is the best seller.

It’s not because it’s absolutely the best one out there – many of these premium fire pits from Fire Plus Surplus are objectively better, for example.

However, the U-Max Glass Fire Pit Table is in that sweet spot of being the most popular given what the majority of people want and are willing to spend.

Like I said at the start, that’s because:

  • It has some great features
  • It looks really good/stylish
  • And it’s the right price

Many people want to spend somewhere between $300 – $500 on their propane fire table. In my opinion, the U-Max model is the best in that price range.

U-Max Fire Pit Features And Specs

umax outdoor propane fire pit with glass rocksVIEW ON AMAZON →

The U-Max Fire Table is a propane gas fire table that is ignited with the push of a button.

Your propane gas tank is hidden away inside the table on a shelf that pulls out of one end. With many fire pits, you have to think about how to hide the propane tank, but not so with this one. No covers necessary!

It also comes with a glass windshield that prevents the fire from being blown out. It’s a very good inclusion and one that many other fire pit tables don’t include.

This U Max fire pit also comes with fire glass beads for placing around the flame outlets – the dancing flames create a really neat effect with this in place.

It comes with a good waterproof cover as well, which means you don’t necessarily have to store it under cover between uses. 

The entire weight of the thing is around 80 lbs (not 11 lbs as the listing states) so it will take a couple of people to shift it if necessary.

Specs and features:

  • 44″ long x 28″ tall x 25″ wide (height includes glass shield)
  • Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, rattan
  • Powder coated with paint for extra protection
  • CSA approved (a fire safety rating)
  • Quality control panel
  • Rust and heat resistant

The tabletop is made from 5mm thick tempered glass, the frame is aluminum, and the sides are hand-woven wicker synthetic that is waterproof.

The flames are adjustable to be bigger or smaller, and at top capacity, it burns at 50,000 BTU. See our BTU to kW converter if you are more familiar with those metrics.

U-MAX Fire Pit Review

umax fire pit furniture set


Overall, for the price, the U-MAX Fire Pit is a really good buy.

The fact that it comes with a cover, a windshield, and fire glass is a bit special. But on top of that, it’s a good unit all around.

It’s a best seller that is very highly rated and reviewed, and the complaints are not so much about the unit itself.

The biggest problem that people have when ordering this fire pit is that it doesn’t arrive with all the right pieces.

It doesn’t happen very often, but you can imagine how annoying it is to be constructing this fire table and then finding out something is missing or not quite right.

Those who have had this problem have said their dealings with the seller are really positive, and that they always get the parts they need eventually.

One way around this is to buy the fire table with ‘expert assembly’ – that’s one of the options as you are going through the listing.


  • Great features, price, and style
  • Fantastic inclusions (fire glass, etc.)
  • Puts out a decent amount of heat
  • Easy to start and maintain
  • Easy to hide away the gas bottle


  • Some might find assembly a bit tricky
  • Reports of missing parts (not common)
  • Not a super unique design

U-MAX 7 Piece Patio Furniture And Fire Pit

umax furniture fire pit set

Lastly, the other buying option is to get the U-MAX Patio Furniture set.

This comes with the exact same fire pit, you’re just getting a matching sectional sofa set with it as well. For the extra money, it’s actually quite a good deal!

Compared to alternative fire pit furniture sets, for the price and what you get, it’s well worth considering.

Similar to the fire pit, this fire table also has rattan sides and an aluminum frame that is rust-resistant. It also comes with some very comfortable cushions as well!

The sectional set is made up of:

  • 4 armless chairs
  • 2 corner chairs
  • Gas fire pit table
  • Tools, fire glass, windshield, etc.

But if you aren’t into the look and feel of this fire pit furniture, check out these great chairs for around the fire pit instead.

Hopefully, this helps you to determine whether or not the U-MAX Fire Pit Table is right for you.

Read the gas fire pit reviews on the listing and you’ll discover that most users are exceptionally happy with their purchase.


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