STIHL JK3 Smart Glasses For Arborists, Tree Care Workers, And Loggers

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STIHL is well known for its innovative and practical tools for arborists and other tree care specialists.

The STIHL Bonsai Chainsaw is one example, along with the CM 014 Gas-Powered Coffee Machine, but the NEW JK3 Smart Glasses take things to a new, more precise, level.

Watch this video and be blown away by what STIHL has accomplished…

STIHL Smart Glasses


These Smart Glasses are well built with 100% UV protection and a scratch-resistant exterior and interior. They need to be tough enough to withstand the day-to-day grind, and they do.

But that’s not the best part, of course. The STIHL JK3s keep the user up to date with satellite radar weather data, the time and temperature, and precipitation levels displayed on the screen inside the glasses.

Stihl smart glasses features

But still, that’s not all. They have a digital laser level to help with accurate hedge pruning and topiary shape templates that can perfect any trim. Select your shape – anything from a teddy bear or cone to the more standard cube or sphere.

trim topiarys with stihl trimmers

In a Facebook post announcing the new product Sthil shared:

The new STIHL JK3 Smart Glasses will automatically detect your topiaries and display a template to help you trim.

Dean commented, “Are these for real ❤️❤️ how much $$$ eye for detail only goes so far but this is taking professionalism to a new standard.”

Steve tagged a friend and said, “For your grass, you need the help.”

And most picked up on the fact that this was actually yet another STIHL April Fool’s Day prank, just like the MS 991 XXL chainsaw and the STIHL Sawdust Infused Gin.

STIHL Joke Smart Glasses

stihl joke glasses

On the FB post, Dave said “Pity this is an April Fool’s Day joke, they look pretty cool!” To which we agree!

Would you like to see something like the JK3 Smart Glasses produced? What about the STIHL dual-bar chainsaw or their Manscaper Shave Set?

The JK3 Smart Glasses campaign was produced by London-based videographer Ben Tivnen.


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