25 Biggest Mistakes People Make Felling Trees (and some great tree felling fail memes)

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There’s nothing more engaging than a good tree-felling disaster meme, but the consequences are real for those being named!

If you want to avoid becoming a meme, here are the 25 biggest mistakes dudes make when felling trees.

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firewood disaster meme
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In no particular order, here are the mistakes!

1. Not wearing proper safety gear

Many accidents that happen while felling trees could have been prevented by wearing a good pair of chainsaw chaps or other safety gear.

2. Not assessing the tree’s health and stability

Some folk who attempt to fell a tree have no idea how to assess a tree beforehand. For example, a rotting tree can easily barber chair mid-cut.

3. Not checking weather conditions beforehand

You do not want to drop trees in windy or rainy conditions – especially if you’re not a pro. Plan your drop with the weather.

4. Failing to plan the tree’s fall direction

Some guys seem to attack a tree with their saws without considering which direction they want it to go. Always have a plan.

5. Using a blunt chainsaw

When felling trees always make sure you’ve got a sharp chain. Accidents happen when trying to finish off a back cut with a blunt saw.

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6. Not identifying and avoiding nearby hazards

Consider everything in the drop zone – fences, dwellings, utilities, vehicles, people, animals, etc.

7. Overestimating personal strength and ability

 We all do it—we overestimate our abilities. However, when it comes to cutting down trees, this can have terrible consequences.

8. Working with an unsuitable chainsaw

Many homeowners seem to think a tiny electric or battery chainsaw is suitable for felling trees. It’s not.

9. Working off ladders

Using chainsaws on ladders is dangerous. Often, falling branches take out the ladder, or the sudden release of a heavy branch causes ladders to move.

10. Working alone

When using a chainsaw – for felling trees or bucking firewood – always try to work with a partner or have someone checking in on you.

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11. Not communicating clearly with others involved

When cutting down trees, let everyone involved know the plan. Communication is key.

12. Not having a clear escape route

It’s important to have a clear route away from the tree when it starts to drop. Tripping or being blocked when you need to get out is not ideal.

13. Being untrained for the situation

It’s best not to cut down trees without proper training. Dropping trees takes training from experienced teachers and plenty of practice.

14. Thinking that watching a YouTube video is sufficient training

YouTube is great, but it’s insufficient training for using a chainsaw to cut down trees.

15. Inappropriate footwear

When working with a chainsaw, it’s important to have quality boots. Branches and logs fall on feet frequently, and sneakers can cause slips.

Using ladder with chainsaw
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16. Overloading equipment

Mistakes happen when equipment is overloaded. When cutting trees, this is especially the case with ropes!

17. Incorrect cutting techniques

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when falling trees is using inappropriate cutting techniques. Sometimes, it looks more like a beaver brought it down!

18. Not having a designated spotter

A spotter serves as an observer and communicator while felling trees. Always have someone watching for hazards.

19. Check for wildlife before felling

While working, arborists find a lot of wildlife in trees. Some animals and insects are less desirable than others, so check first, then cut.

20. Don’t work under the influence

It’s obvious, but it’s still a mistake plenty of guys make. Don’t drink and saw!

chainsaw for cutting around corners
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21. Not having the right gear

When falling trees, things like wedges can mean the difference between a successful drop and a fail.

22. Using saws while exhausted

As with driving or using any other dangerous equipment, don’t do it if you’re not up to it.

23. Not considering the weight of the tree

Wood is very heavy. When trees (or portions of trees) fall, they can cause a lot of damage to lawns, landscaping features, concrete, or structures.

24. Working with unreliable or inexperienced people

You’re only as good as the guy you’re working with. Make sure your partner knows what he’s doing.

25. Forgetting about tension

Trees and branches – in the ground or on the ground – hold tons of tension. You need to know where to cut correctly.

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Those are the most common tree-felling mistakes we’ve seen.

What are some others?

Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Even pros make mistakes (these arborists, for example), but being aware of what can go wrong and being properly prepared is best way to avoid accidents to property and persons.


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