Rare Vintage STIHL BLK For Sale… What Do You Think It’s Worth?

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The model BLK is an early STIHL chainsaw produced from 1954 to 1973. It was their second one-man saw, after the BL (1950).

The version pictured here is a STIHL BLK 58, made between 1956 and 1965, a 105 cc, 24-pound saw now highly prized by collectors.

EBay seller bgorham_saws has this BLK for sale on eBay at the time of writing.

We have no relationship with the seller. If you consider buying this saw, do your due diligence. We note that the seller has 100% positive feedback from 1,100+ items sold.

stihl blk 58 1950s chainsaw
Image: bgorham_saws, eBay

When this saw was first released in the USA, it was marketed with the unusual name “The STIHL Blitz.”

The saw has many different versions, including a green German military version (Bund 57) and a forestry combination version. The latter has attachments for brush cutting and other applications.

The BLK also had an additional handle attachment that converted it into a two-man saw.

stihl BLK handle
Image: bgorham_saws, eBay

The eBay listing for this saw states:

I am going to offer up a few of my vintage saws. This is a very hard to find Stihl BLK 58 vintage chainsaw vintage chainsaw.

In my opinion the BLK 58 is the harder of the BLK saws to find as it had a shorter production run and is larger at 105cc opposed to the BLK 57 at 98cc. It is a saw from Germany and not many are over here in North America.

It is a good clean example of the model and will make someone a nice saw. It has sat in collection for quite a bit and needs to find a new home. It turns over good but the recoil takes a bit to engage so that will need some attention. I can get cylinder pics if needed.

It is sold as non-running and will need some work to make it run. I have well over 800 saws plus parts. I need to re-home many of them. I have a Stihl 026, Jonsered XB, Jonsered XD, Rexo LS listed also.

I have tons of vintage chainsaw saws and parts. Just ask. I will gladly ship it worldwide…

What do you think this early STIHL chainsaw is listed for?

STIHL BLK 58 rare version
Image: bgorham_saws, eBay

This non-running STIHL BLK is listed for US $1,050.00.

It’s an antique collectible saw that can be difficult to find in many areas. While it’s not as rare as a Comet B, it’s still highly sought after, and not many of them are offered up for sale.

Do you think $1000+ is a fair price for this saw?

Let us know in the comments below.


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