WATCH: Arborists Almost Get Destroyed By Falling Log

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Jason Miles shared this harrowing video of arborists removing a tree in his front yard.

There were no injuries, but to say it was close is an understatement.

Prepare to wince, and watch the video!


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It’s almost as bad as what happens when trees barberchair (👈 these videos are INSANE)!

Jason wrote:

My front yard tree removal Friday – I have much respect for arborists and the seriously dangerous work they do!

The whole job was done very professionally and they used a friction break on everything else but this chunk.

When even a relatively small chunk gains inertia like that it’ll toss two grown men like nothing.

I was there to catch it on film and to give the guy in the yellow viz a cold topo Chico afterwards. Glad he didn’t get hurt too bad!

The video went viral on various social media platforms throughout the week – it’s not hard to see why.

The first guy almost has his head removed by the initial drop of the log.

The other man is almost skewered on the sharp metal fence pickets while simultaneously being shunted by the 500-pound swinging piece of wood.

It’s not hard to guess that it’s not supposed to go down like this.

Yes, working as an arborist is dangerous and difficult, but as many of those who commented on the video said, “That’s not how you remove a tree…”.

There were many enlightening comments.

Chris Hastings said:

As an arborist: for that last piece they should have used a port-a-wrap to slow the piece down and not rely on sheer brute strength (that failed).

The second guys is lucky he didn’t get hurt.

A port-a-wrap is a device that uses friction to allow someone to lower heavy items, like tree branches and logs, in a controlled manner.

Robert Anthony said:

The fact that they chunked off an 8-foot piece and didn’t have it wrapped 4 times through a porter wrap at the bottom of the tree is alarming.

This is wicked dangerous and could of been much worse.

That is too true – tree working accidents can be extremely horrific.

When things go wrong, it’s not uncommon for individuals to be maimed for life or even killed on the job.

Some of the more comical comments were:

  • “Almost went Vlad The Impaler with that one 😂”
  • “Did you hire the cheapest crew you could find?”
  • “That’s one way to get the adrenal gland secreting!”

Someone also asked what company it was that did the job. 

Jason, the OP, said:

I won’t say. Last thing I’d want is to make waves for someone. Everyone makes mistakes. The rest of the job was super professional and well done.

So that’s good.

At least they had their safety helmets on, though not even the best arborist helmet would have helped them here.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Arborists Almost Get Destroyed By Falling Log”

  1. been an arborist for 30 Y now and my ? is why did the man up in the bucket chose to do a large piece like that ? it could have been 2 or 3 smaller pieces that IMHO would have been the SAFE & CONTROLLED way to go , yes friction is a tool that HAS to be UNDERSTOOD & USED .I hope someone learned that day ,Cheers


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