The STIHL Chopper Competition: MS 441 Street Boss Promotion

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This is the STIHL Chopper, also known as the “STIHL MS 441 Street Boss.”

In 2006, STIHL teamed up with Cimorose’s Custom Cycles to produce this custom chopper.

stihl chopper story

It was a promotion for the release of the STIHL MS 441.

The bike went on tour for a year before one lucky entrant actually won it. We share the winner below.

stihl chopper competition

The model in these pictures is STIHL team member Erin LaVoie.

About her, STIHL said:

Erin LaVoie is a skilled lumberjill who has been on the lumberjack sports circuit since 2001. As a member of Team STIHL, Erin’s uncanny athleticism enables her to be an extraordinary STIHL athlete and her down-to-earth charm makes her an innate STIHL spokesperson.

Erin is an Endurance athlete, a competition where eight women compete in head-to-head format. In each bracket, competitors will compete in three different exercises in succession. The competitor to complete all three exercises in the fastest overall time wins the bracket.

When asked why she loves the sport she said, “It’s not like any other sport, people are nice about helping you out, if they see something wrong with your technique they will tell you about it, even if it means beating them.”

custom stihl chopper

About the Chopper competition:

The MS 441 STIHL Magnum™ chain saw boasts a new, highly efficient prefiltration system that extends cleaning intervals, doubling the filter life of former systems. Compared to the legendary MS 440, this machine boasts a 15% fuel efficiency increase, and vibration has been reduced by 60% for an improved “ride.”

And speaking of rides, check out our awesome one-of-a-kind custom chopper inspired by the impressive MS 441 STIHL Magnum™ professional chain saw. The STIHL Street Boss® is a virtual MS 441 on wheels, with a chain saw starter handle, a custom-shaped gas tank, eye-catching guide bars mounted on each side and a trademark STIHL orange and gray paint scheme. There really is no other chopper like it on the road.

And the best news is that you could actually win the STIHL Street Boss®. There is no purchase required to enter the sweepstakes and every time you purchase and register a STIHL chain saw between May 19, 2006 and May 31, 2007, you are automatically entered to win the STIHL MS 441 Street Boss®.

how to win stihl chopper

POWER110 hp
ENGINEPolished 100 in. 4X4, Speed: 6500 rpm
TRANSMISSIONPolished 6-speed, Torque 115 ft. lbs

stihl bike

Custom Details

The side covers and “saw handle” were fabricated from solid chunks of aluminum, though some may think they are plastic covers.

The rear saw blades are STIHL blades cut down to fit the bike. The gas tank is a one-of-a-kind fabrication specifically made for this bike.


250 rear / 21 in. front. One of a kind; made especially for this bike alone.

Chains used on the wheels are, of course, STIHL.

custom wheels bike


The seat was specially made for this bike by Pro-One.

Unique Start

Being a chain saw bike, it is only fitting that the bike be started by pulling the handle.

stihl fb street boss process

So, who won the bike…?

Here is the winner with Erin 👇

copper winner

  • Top left: STIHL Street Boss® spokes model, Erin LaVoie, poses with the lucky new motorcycle owner, Kirk VanMeter.
  • Top right: STIHL Inc. President Fred J. Whyte and Erin LaVoie present the Street Boss® to Kirk VanMeter of Murrysville, Pa.
  • Bottom: Per the winner’s request, Erin LaVoie autographed the Street Boss®.

STIHL Custom Chopper

700,000 entries, one winner of STIHL MS 441 “Street Boss®”

STIHL Inc. presented its STIHL MS 441 Street Boss® custom-built chopper Thursday October 25th at the Green Industry and Equipment EXPO (GIE+EXPO) in Louisville, Ky.

World Champion lumberjill Erin LaVoie joined STIHL Inc. President Fred J. Whyte to present the Street Boss® to the lucky new motorcycle owner, Kirk VanMeter of Murrysville, Pa. VanMeter was randomly selected from over 700,000 entries submitted in this year-long promotion.

stihl chainsaw chopper

“I’m sad to see [the competition] end. I met so many STIHL dealers and have a better understanding of the pride they having in carrying the world’s best selling brand of chain saws,” said LaVoie. “I met thousands of customers who all had a STIHL chain saw story to tell.”

Stihl motorbike

For those of us who missed out on this one of a kind custom STIHL Chopper, Stihl does have other bikes for sale…

stihl kids bike

Alternatively, there is STIHL Street Boss merch for sale on eBay.

This includes hats, caps, t-shirts, posters, collectors die-cast trucks, and more.

While the MS 441 is now considered one of the worst STIHL Chainsaws, the MS 441 Street Boss is pretty awesome!


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