What Does Super Mean On Stihl Chainsaws?

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What does Super mean on Stihl Chainsaws?

For example, there is a Stihl 056 and a Stihl 056 Super.

What’s the difference?

The answer is that the Super version has slightly more engine displacement and power.

The chainsaws gain that extra power by having a wider bore or longer stroke, as we’ll see next. 

Stihl Super Examples

Super on Stihl saws means that saw has more power than the standard or base model – it’s a designation that’s a lot easier to understand than what the C means on modern stihl saws!

Here are the specs of a few different Stihl models that have a Super version.

1. The differences between the 056 and 056 Super.

Stihl 056 056 S
CCs 81 ccs  87 ccs
Bore 52 mm 54 mm
Stroke 38 mm 38 mm
Weight 18.1 lbs 18.1 lbs

The stroke is the same on both versions, but the 056 S has a wider bore giving it 6 ccs more displacement.

There is also a 056 Magnum which has a 56 mm bore (and is 94 ccs).

Complete Stihl 056 review here.

2. Compare that with the differences between the 024 and 024 Super.

Stihl 024 024 S
CCs 42 ccs  44.3 ccs
Bore 42 mm 42 mm
Stroke 30 mm 32 mm
Weight 10.5 lbs 10.5 lbs

The Super has the same bore width but a longer stroke on this model, giving it 2.3 ccs more displacement.

The pistons are the same size in the base 024 and 024 Super. The 024 Super has the same crank as the 026.

The Super has a magnesium case, which Stihl considered a “PRO” line saw at the time (production years here).

3. And the differences between the 034 and 034 Super.

Stihl 034 034 S
CCs 56.5 ccs 61.5 ccs
Bore 46 mm 48 mm
Stroke 34 mm  34 mm
Weight 11.7 lbs 12 lbs

Again, the bore is larger on the Super model.

In this case, the 034 Super version also weighs a bit more than the base model.

Stihl Super Saws

stihl 028 av specs

Many old Stihl saws have a super version on top of the standard version.

These include:

If we’ve missed any off this list, let us know in the comments below and I’ll add it in.

Stihl no longer uses the Super designation. Instead, it gives the more powerful versions their own model number.

For more Stihl designations, find out what E and Q mean or what C-B means on Stihl saws!


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