Stihl MS200T Chainsaw: Is It Really One Of The Best Top Handle Saws?

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The Stihl MS 200 T is an excellent pro arborist chainsaw that was released in 2002 at the same time as the MS 191 T.

The MS 200 T is a 35 cc, 2.1 horsepower, 7.9 pound top handle saw that replaced the Stihl 020 T. The 200T was in production from 2002 until 2012, at which time it was replaced by the Stihl MS 201 T.

However, the 200 T is an extremely good saw that has remained very popular and still commands high prices. It’s not uncommon to see it called the best topping or climbing saw ever made – here’s why.

Stihl MS 200 T Chainsaw

Stihl MS 200 T

  • Best Stihl top handle saw
  • 35.2 cc, 2.2 hp, 12 - 16" bar
  • 7.9 lbs
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Stihl MS 201 T

  • New Stihl top handle saw
  • 35.2 cc, 2.4 hp, 12 - 16" bar
  • 8 lbs
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  • A good ECHO alternative
  • 35.8 cc, 2.1 hp, 12 - 16" bar
  • 8 lbs
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The years of production for the Stihl MS 200T were between 2002 and 2012.

On the Stihl site at the time of release, they called it the ‘Ultimate Arborist Saw.’

The MS 200T is extremely well balanced with the same durability and a narrower profile than the legendary 020S and 24% lighter.

Other performance features include a side access chain tensioner, Master Control Lever™, adjustable oiler, STIHL Quickstop® chain brake and retractable carrying ring.

And its popularity quickly grew.

The 200T description on the site just before it was discontinued acknowledged its place in the community.

No introduction needed. For professional in-tree use only, the MS 200 T is lightweight and has more power than the MS 192 T C-E – so it does the job day in, day out.

Well balanced and easy to use in confined conditions, it’s no surprise this chain saw is our top of the line, “ultimate arborist saw.”

And while there were tons of units produced, they can be slightly tricky to get your hands on because everyone that has one wants to keep it!

Everyone needs a good top handle saw in their collection, and the 200T is among the best.

It’s also so good there are a number of clones of it out there that you need to watch out for. Farmertec Holzfforma has one called the G111, for example.

Stihl MS 200T Specs

stihl ms200t years of production

The MS 200T specifications remained basically the same throughout the decade or so of production, but there can be some differences depending on where and when it was made.

MS 200 T specs:

  • 35 cc
  • 2.1 hp
  • 1.6 kW
  • 7.9 lbs
  • 12 – 16″ bar (14″ is the sweet spot)
  • 14,000 max RPM
  • 2,800 idle RPM
  • NGK BPMR7A spark plug
  • 1.6″/40mm cylinder bore
  • 1.1″/28mm piston stroke
  • 8.1 fl oz chain oil tank capacity
  • 12.5 fl oz fuel tank capacity

It is really the perfect power for a professional climbing chainsaw with an excellent power to weight ratio.

Features included:

  • IntelliCarb compensating carburetor
  • Toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers
  • Side-access chain tensioner
  • ElastoStart starter handle
  • Adjustable automatic bar and chain oiler
  • Built-in retractable carry ring
  • Carburetor preheat shutter for summer/winter operation
  • Top handle

Along with all the other standard Stihl chainsaw features on a pro saw of that era.

MS 200 T Price And Parts

stihl 200t for sale

You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $1000 for a Stihl MS 200T in working condition.

A brand new Stihl MS 201 T will only cost you $699 (here on Northern Tool), so it’s a bit unusual that you can end up paying more for a second-hand older model, but that’s the way it is.

The 200 T has made a great name for itself, so it holds a lot of value and there are always plenty of people looking for them.

On eBay at the time of writing, there is an extremely tidy model listed for $800, and other non-working models sold as is where is for $200.

Parts can be sometimes tricky to find, especially OEM, but there are plenty of aftermarket and clone parts out there.

For MS200T parts, check:

And remember, many parts from the base model 020T are interchangeable with the MS200T.

Stihl MS 200 T Review

Check out Corey’s review (Human YouTube Channel) of the MS 200 T and comparison with the MS 201 TC (both with muffler mods).

He explains why the 200T has a faster cutting speed while it has less horsepower than the 201 TC.

Other differences:

  • Longer run time with the 200T
  • 201 TC 20% more fuel-efficient
  • 200T has carb adjuster, 201T does not
  • 200T has no captive bar nuts, 201T does
  • 201T is not as stiff AV as 200T

They both have the same size bore and stroke.

The older 020T is basically the same as MS200t but the 020T AV S  is a completely different animal.

Almost all of the parts don’t interchange and it’s a lot heavier (020T 9.7 lbs vs 020 AV S 11 lbs).

The Stihl MS 200 T is considered by most to be better than the 020T and MS 201 T, but Corey (in the video review above) finds that they are really comparable and has no preference.

MS200T Pros:

  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Considered the best climbing saw
  • Reliable and durable

MS200T Cons:

  • Hard to find
  • Expensive

Stihl MS200T

200t stihl chainsaws for sale

We think the Stihl MS 200 T lives up to its name as one of the best arborist saws ever.

However, you don’t have to be an arborist to enjoy one – if you see it listed for the right price and in the right condition for you, grab it quick before someone else does.

ECHO chainsaws are a good alternative – we listed the CS-355 T above, and that’s a great saw with similar power.

The ECHO CS2511T is also awesome. It is the lightest top handle saw out there, but it’s slightly less powerful at 25cc.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below!


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7 thoughts on “Stihl MS200T Chainsaw: Is It Really One Of The Best Top Handle Saws?”

  1. I just found this site. I bought my 200t in 2007 and have climbed with it since. I love that thing. Your article is right on!!

  2. I’ve used the saw sense it came out and the others prior and all I can say is I will try to stay with the 200T I noticed the trigger on the 201T is a little different and it says it has more power but not sure until I have no choice I’ve really only ran a 201T for 5 minutes and as long as you mix the gas right the 200T is my only choice and started climbing in 1998!!!and Stihl they should put them back in and start selling them again!!!

  3. Wish I never sold mine! Was turning in my spikes but now I’m in a bucket and the 194t is sweet and all but not anywhere near my old 200t.

    If you’re selling yours, reconsider! Sold mine for more than I paid but looking back it’s sad! Old reliable, no module, and carb adjustment is essential for a climber to invest confidence in a saw…. It could mean the difference between a good day and a real bad day

  4. I’ve had mine for almost 20 years and it still runs awesome!
    Not an arborist, but a jack of all trades, farmer, outdoorsman kinda guy.
    I use mine for fencing, retaining walls, landscaping projects, ground pruning and felling smaller trees some larger ones! Cutting firewood, building wooden gates, fine trimming of boards or posts on landscaping or building projects. Take it camping, hunting, to work, everywhere! It’s o small it can be tucked away in the car anywhere without getting in the way. Clear away thay random tree accross the road in front of you? No problem with this wonderful powerful little saw! I love it and use it constantly for nearly everything you can think of when you need to cut timber. Almost never need a skill saw because this saw provides great control and dexterity you can do straight cuts and trimming, ripping, anything!
    I love my ms200T and it’s only need servicing, sparkplugs and only once in all the years it wouldn’t start because the ignition coil died and needed replacing.
    Amazing, grunty, light weight, ergonomic, user friendly, portable, fuel efficient.
    You little ripper! I’ll never sell mine and I reckon she’ll probably still be running sweet in another 20 years.

    Simon B.
    New Zealand.

  5. Worth it’s weight in gold…MS equates My Savior in my 45 yrs exp in tree maintenence I consider it a true Godsend insomuch as being the ULTIMATE tool for the trade.. but isn’t it so ironic that all good things must come to pass…Attention..Stihl…please resurrect…

  6. Hello everyone,

    Between the Stihl 020t and the ms200t I have close to 30 of these saws that I have completely reconditioned. If someone’s interested in obtaining the world’s best arborist saw( my opinion) then here’s your chance to pick one up. I live in southern Florida and you may contact me at [email protected].

  7. Hey Fireball, Ken here in Peoria, Illinois. I’d like to know what you’re charging for one of your reconditioned 200T’s. I have one, but I know a few people who’d love to have one also, but either don’t know how to rebuild them, or can’t afford a good working 200T. Much thanks!


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