Stihl Manscaper Kit: From Landscaping To Manscaping

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Have you tried and tested the Stihl Manscaper Kit yet?

It’s a state-of-the-art men’s grooming set like no other that will leave you feeling well and truly pruned.

The set includes a nose trimmer, beard trimmer, face groomer, and precision trimmer, all made with the same great innovative technology and machining as Stihl Chainsaws.

The only question you really need to answer is: do you have unwanted hair? If the answer is yes, you need this kit.

Stihl Shave Set

On their product release sheet, Stihl shared:

For years STIHL has been your most trusted ally when it comes to taking care of your land, and now we’re bringing that professional edge to your personal grooming too.

Tame the unruly, knock back the bushy, and obliterate undergrowth with ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades designed to cut through even the most resilient of man fuzz.

ErgoStart super silent motors make for tranquil trimming and integrated physical grips ensure perfect control for those hard-to-reach places.

When it comes to beating back the bush, or calling time on the 5 o’clock shadow, you’ll only need one.

The announcement was met with great excitement, such as had not been seen since the release of the Stihl CM 014 Gas-Powered Coffee Machine.

Comments on the Stihl socials included:

  • We need this with our beards for sure and since it’s Stihl it has to be tax deductible
  • Bet they play up like your 2 stroke 2nd hand whipper snipers…!
  • The chainsaw might be a bit over the top but the blower would get a workout on my man garden.
  • Omg, I just want that even though I’m a girl!!
  • Yes please! I could tame the renegades lol.
  • Let’s see Husky rip this one off now… aha!
  • I’d buy this for all the guys in my family. Granted they are under $80.

There are a bunch of other Stihl toys out there, but the Manscaper Kit beat them all, in my opinion.

What You Get

This is what’s included in the Manscaper Kit:

  1. Stihl NT220E Nose Trimmer – Blast through aggressive nostril hair.
  2. Stihl BT 580E Beard Trimmer – Keep the facial fur in check.
  3. Stihl FG160E Face Groomer – Get that freshly mown feeling.
  4. Stihl PT640E Precision Trimmer – Pacify overgrown eyebrows.

The nose trimmer is styled after a leaf blower, the beard trimmer after a chainsaw (and you thought the GTA 26 was Stihl’s smallest chainsaw), the face groomer after a string trimmer, and the precision trimmer after a hedge trimmer.

They’re perfect, really.

And here’s an example of them in action.

how to use the stihl manscaper kit

If you’re not familiar with upmarket men’s grooming devices, it will take a moment to get used to the sensations, but once you’re in the flow of things you’ll never want anything else.

As they say, STIHL will take you from landscaping to manscaping.

Stihl Manscaper Kit – You’ll Only Need One

If you like the look of this Stihl grooming set, I have another couple of Stihl products you’ll also enjoy.

The Stihl MS 991 XXL Chainsaw (a 599 cc saw) and the MSA 22 AF Dual Bar Chainsaw (the first ever saw with two bars)…

These products all have something in common – they were announced on April 1st!

Hopefully, you’re not too disappointed to learn that the Manscaper Kit is only an April Fools Day joke. Hence why the release sheet stated, “Not available before or after April 1.”

Many were disappointed:

This would have made you so much money Stihl. My boyfriend was devastated when he found out it was an April Fools joke. You NEED to make these.

Who knows?

Maybe one day they will be a reality in one form or another!


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