ASJMREYE Mini Chainsaw Review: Small Battery Powered Hand Held Chainsaws

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I was sent a 6-inch ASJMREYE Mini Chainsaw to test out, and test it out I did!

I’ve been using it to prune trees and bushes, cut lumber, and even tried it out on some thicker wood for the fireplace.

Check out the video below that I made to demonstrate how it works and what it’s like – if you like the look of it you can buy it here on Walmart or on the ASJMREYE website.

ASJMREYE Hand Held Chainsaw

The ASJMREYE is one of many cheap mini handheld chainsaws, and like the others, it’s really good when used on the things it was designed to cut.

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that when I first go to use the saw it gets caught on the branch.

As stated, you really need to have it going before you apply it to a branch or other piece of wood.

Also, when I was cutting the lumber the saw wouldn’t cut initially. I worked out afterward that I wasn’t pressing the safety button correctly in order for it to cut properly.

Creating the video was my first time using this ASJMREYE chainsaw, and as with everything, it takes a few minutes to get comfortable with a new power tool.

ASJMREYE Chainsaw Uses

one hand chainsaw review

Mini chainsaws aren’t by any means firewood chainsaws (unless perhaps you have a Cubic Mini or Dwarf Wood Stove) but are small single-handed pruning saws.

The saw that I was sent (for free in exchange for this review) came with 2 x 24v batteries and a 6″ bar.

It also came with a charger (or course) and a tool for tightening the chain and/or removing the top safety cover.

The types of tasks they’re great for:

  • Pruning small branches
  • Cutting up branches to fit on a trailer or on the compost
  • Rough cutting timber/lumber
  • Pruning suckering trees
  • Pruning fruit trees

Basically, every time I’m out in the garden I’ll end up using my mini chainsaw for something. They’re just so quick and easy to pick up and use.

They are so much better than using manual pruners and it beats starting up the gas chainsaw for light tasks.

ASJMREYE One Hand Chainsaw

handheld mini chainsaw

So far, I’ve found the ASJMREYE Mini Saw to be very reliable, durable, and effective at what it claims to be able to do.

It’s fast and effective at cutting branches or lumber and it really easy to use.

It’s lightweight, hardy, and the chain has stayed sharp for a decent length of time so far.

The batteries last for a good duration as well, and they charge back up very quickly.

It comes with everything you need to get started, including a spare chain and two charged batteries, so you can get to work as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.


  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Very simple to use
  • Some good safety features
  • Can be bought with a 4, 6, or 8″ bar
  • Good battery length


  • As with all chainsaws, you have to sharpen the chain more regularly than you would need to sharpen manual pruners

However, when compared to the price of the premium options, like the Stihl GTA 26 Mini Chainsaw, the ASJMREYE models are A LOT cheaper and better for people not willing to pay top dollar.

Handheld Mini Chainsaw

asmjreye chainsaw

So that the ASJMREYE mini electric chainsaw – or at least one of their models.

They have a range of buying options with some being cheaper than others, and some sold with extra bars and chains.

Usually, these mini chainsaws will come with a chainsaw case as well – I don’t think mine did because I live outside the US and so the product was packaged to be as small as possible to get here easier and cheaper.

If you are looking for a new mini chainsaw, one of the ASJMREYE models will likely be a great option for you.

Always remember that they are designed for light use around the home and you won’t be disappointed – use them for fast and effective pruning and you’ll be saving tons of time in the garden as I have been.

If you think a small electric saw would be better, check out the DEWALT electric chainsaws – they have 12″+ bars on them so you can do larger tasks for longer.


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3 thoughts on “ASJMREYE Mini Chainsaw Review: Small Battery Powered Hand Held Chainsaws”

  1. This company is horrible! After 30 battery charges their saw stopped working and they will not take it back! They provide no replacement parts! Do not buy their products!!

    • Hey Glenn, that’s no good. Have you tried going through the retailer you got it from, or was it bought through their site? 30 charges isn’t a whole lot – I’d say mine has done that without any issues. It looks like you can get replacement batteries for under $20 – though double check it matches the ones that came with your saw.

  2. I bought my Asjmreye chain saw on May 2nd. It worked great when it was brand new, after a little over 10 weeks the batteries seemed to last not as long as when they were new and today I was sutting a 4 inch branch and the motor burnt up. The company has no policy for replacement or repair. So it’s done. DEAD


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