Build A Lego Chainsaw: STIHL MS 151 T And Beyond

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You can make a Lego STIHL Chainsaw – specifically, an MS 151 T C-E arborist chainsaw!

And, believe it or not, this is a full-scale working model of the 151 T. The master control lever, throttle trigger lockout, throttle trigger, chain brake, and rope ring work as in the original chainsaw.

It even has a working chain!

Lego STIHL Chainsaw

how to build lego stihl chainsaw

And compare it with the real thing…

compare lego chainsaw with real

It’s remarkably detailed and looks a lot like the real chainsaw!

amazing lego stihl chainsaw

And again…

build lego stihl chainsaw

The level of detail is amazing – it’s not a toy chainsaw for kids!

They’ve got the bar nut, the chain brake (which works), the air intakes, the fuel caps, and even the STIHL decals!

Here is a video showing the working parts…

It starts and runs just like a real Stihl chainsaw – amazing!

This Lego Chainsaw comes from the Lego Ideas Library where the designer and creator, brickstoration, says:

This project contains a motorized 1:1 scale model of the STIHL MS 151 T C-E chainsaw.

It’s an impressive in-tree professional chainsaw, the design is timeless and unique. We always wanted to build a chainsaw from LEGO bricks to show that Swabian engineering fits perfectly with LEGO bricks.

The model contains 2937 bricks and weights over 1.8 kg. Equipped with LEGO Power Functions, the model is in no way behind the original. The master control lever, throttle trigger lockout, throttle trigger, chain brake and rope ring work as in the original chainsaw.

And yes: the chain moves too!

Unfortunately, at this stage, there are no plans for this Lego chainsaw, but perhaps in the future!

Chainsaw Lego Sets

lego chainsaw sets official

There are two or three official Lego sets that contain chainsaws, lumberjacks, or have chainsaw-related themes.

Check out these ideas on Amazon:

But otherwise, there aren’t many others!


stihl marketing lego chainsaw ad

And lastly, on the topic of chainsaws and Lego, is this ad from STIHL Australia.

As you can see, it says “If its parts aren’t genuine, it’s not serious.”

The ad is effectively saying, “If it’s not a genuine Stihl, it’s as good as a Lego chainsaw.” Which is not too far from the truth. Check out our article comparing a fake and real STIHL 070.

Anyway, we bet they had fun building this Lego STIHL for the picture!


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