McCulloch 610 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Price, Parts, And First Thoughts

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I was just given an old 60cc McCulloch 610 Chainsaw that was found in the back of a garage.

First impressions upon picking it up – it’s heavy!

I showed a friend who I was visiting and it turned out his dad had owned one. My friend’s first words upon seeing the 610 were ‘that thing weighs a ton!’

And yes, at almost 20 lbs, it is a heavy beast!

McCulloch 610 Pro Mac Chainsaw

mcculloch 610 pro mac chainsaw

This saw had seen some use and hadn’t been running for well over 10-years.

It hadn’t been stored or winterized properly, but with a bit of a cleanout, some fresh fuel, and a new spark plug it was running and oiling as it should.

In the image above you can see the on/off switch and the manual oiler.

It does oil automatically, but it has a button in order to provide more oil to the bar and chain.

This one has a 20″ bar on it and it runs well now.

I just used it to take down an old horse chestnut tree – though I will probably use one of my lighter saws (like the Husqvarna 450) next time.

 mcculloch 610 chainsaw chain size

The air filter is under the top plastic cover, while the rest of the casing is heavy-duty magnesium.

A bit like the Stihl 011 AV that I’ve also been playing around with, this saw puts out the fumes!

Unlike modern chainsaws, the emissions are pretty intense and can really burn the nostrils.

But, like all chainsaws, it’s a lot of fun to put it to the test.

The 610 is a great saw to have a part in a collection because it’s still quite powerful and useful.

Also, there were a ton of units sold, and finding parts for them isn’t hard or expensive.

McCulloch 610 Specs

the mcculloch 610 is a real animal

This saw was produced between 1985 – 1994.

It’s a 60cc (3.7 cu in) chainsaw that weighs 18.3 lbs – not as heavy as the first Stihl chainsaws, but still heavy!

Other specs:

  • Series 600041
  • 1.85 in cylinder
  • 1.38 in stroke
  • Magnesium case
  • Zama C2 carb
  • Cellulose fiber element air filter
  • AC CS45T, Champion RDJ6 spark plug

And you can see some of the features in the old advertisement above.

Features include:

  • AV system
  • Electronic ignition
  • Auto oiler
  • Chain brake/hand guard
  • Fuel gauge window
  • Well balanced
  • Adjustable throttle latch
  • Anti-kickback features

And this saw has the privilege of being used in the 1989 film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation used by Leatherface – though, for better or worse, not (as far as we know).

McCulloch 610 Price

old mcculloch chainsaw

Price really varies depending on the condition of the saw and location.

I’ve seen them listed for as little as $25 or as high as $250.

While I’d never pay the latter, a 610 in excellent condition should be able to fetch $100 in most parts of the world.

Parts are reasonably easy to find on:

Or just ask around in local chainsaw groups on FB.

McCulloch 610 Review

mcculloch pro mac 610 chainsaw

Because of its weight, I won’t be using the 610 all that often.

It’ll just be pulled out for the odd job here and there.

I like that it’s got a decent amount of power and sounds amazing (it sounds like a real animal), but my other saws like the Husky 450 or even the battery-powered DEWALT are so much easier to use.

I wouldn’t have bought this chainsaw, but it was given to me, so I’ll make use of it where I can.

It starts well every time, even though it was neglected for a long time, and so that’s a win for the saw.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Powerful
  • Sounds awesome


  • Heavy
  • Fumey

McCulloch Chainsaws

The McCulloch chainsaw brand isn’t as well known as it once was, and nor are the chainsaws as good (in my opinion).

I bought a new one a couple of years ago and the pull-cord snapped the second time I started it. I believe these older models are a bit more reliable.

Let me know your experiences with the 610 and other old McCulloch chainsaws in the comments below!


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18 thoughts on “McCulloch 610 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Price, Parts, And First Thoughts”

  1. You are comparing a saw mfgd from late eighties to early nineties to a saw twenty some years newer. I have owned a 3.7 eager beaver since 1992 and can’t tell you how many trees this has removed. I just had a610 given to me that has sat for 25 years. I installed a new plug sprayed a little carb cleaner in the carb and 6 pulls later it fired up. Now it starts on the 2nd pull. The only issue I had with the eager beav beaver which is exactly the same as a 610 is I replaced the oil pump 3 times.

    • Might u have any info on a no oil problem on my McCulloch professional MS 4016PAVCC? Also, would u know where the pump is on this model—-is it buried and requires a lot of disassembly?

      • The hose that picks up the oil inside the oil tank has disintegrated. Common problem when these saws sit for a long time… all the gas lines and oil lines rot away and need a good servicing after so long of no use as they get brittle and fall apart.

  2. I want to know the tooth size to buy a file and how to re-assemble the chain brake the chain links need freeing up.
    Is it all worth it ?

  3. My name is Victor Chibueze Nwankwo a Nigerian. I have this type of machine, my problem is I can not see the parts in the market. Merely the Chain, Piston, Rings and Carburator. I need them. Thank you

    • I’m still on my request and I need the complete of the machine McCulloch Pro Mac 610 to buy it and for other people that needed to buy.

  4. I recently acquired a 610 and I was impressed to say the least,not only has this saw survived years of cutting and abuse but it looked like it had been in a sealed environment for years until now, immaculate is the word!So in one word,despite heavy, impressed!

  5. The McCulloch 610 series are great saws. My Dad and grandad both had them when I was growing up, so the 610 is what I picture first when someone says chainsaw. They are heavy and look like they’re made Lego but they are strong, reliable saws. There’s a YouTube video of a guy timing his against a 460 rancher. The 610 won by a wide margin. If you see one in good shape that is in the $100 range, you should buy it.

  6. I just bought one for $75 off a buddy. It had been sitting for a few years. Cleaned it up filled it up and pulled maybe a dozen times and it fired up and idles hood. Filed the chain and went to town. Cut down half a dozen 12” to 18” trees right away and it cuts great and does sound like a mean beast I will give it that. I have a new stihl ms 251 18” and this may not be my favorite to operate but it is a mean machine.

  7. I have the 610 bought it new 25 years ago. I quit using it because I moved and wasn’t burning anymore logs. I think I didn’t even have 20 hours on it. It is still in excellent condition still looks brand new. I have a smaller one I been using for quite some time. So this has been sitting on my shelf. I’m looking to sale it. If someone once to make me and offer.


    • You are right, I have run Stihl oil in mine for years at 50:1 does NOT smoke and the motor still pulls like a train with great compression!…..Buy one today!

  9. I was given a mcculloch timber bear chainsaw ten years ago, it had sat for maybe ten years so it sat another ten unti I needed a project about two months ago..I could not get it to start so I oulledd the carb and the fuel inlet was completely plugged..
    I looked everywhere for a carb kit and finally decided the Potomac 610 might be a close fit with only 5 more cc’s than the timber bear, and sure enuf it was a match..
    I have since need a clutch and a couple other things that I just could not find for my model.. so I’ve ordered the parts for the 610 and they all interchange..
    I’m lookin for an auto oiler for my saw and that’s how I ran across this article..


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