Chainsaw Storage Ideas: How To Store And Winterize A Chainsaw Correctly

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Correct chainsaw storage is important for keeping your machine in tip-top shape.

I have to admit that my chainsaws are not stored all that well because I’m running out of room in the workshop and garage. You can see some of them in the picture above on shelves in my chainsaw shed!

As my chainsaw collection grows, I even have a small Stihl MS180c set up as an ornament in the living room – pic on Instagram here. My wife appreciates it, as you can imagine.

The table below has some products that can help with better chainsaw storage, but we’ve got plenty of other great DIY ideas that don’t involve spending money down below.

How To Store A Chainsaw

Chainsaw Wall Mounts

  • Black low profile chainsaw wall hanger/mount
  • Can hold up to 100 lbs
  • Made in the USA
View On AmazonView On Home Depot

Husqvarna Chainsaw Storage

  • Case and scabbard
  • Protects powerhead, bar, and chain
  • Suitable for a range of saws
View On AmazonView On Tractor Supply

Jonsered Universal Chainsaw Case

  • Larger case with room for accessories
  • Stackable for many cases
  • Fits 18" - 20" bar
View On AmazonView On Acme Tools

Cheap Chainsaw Bag

  • Soft case for storage or transport
  • Made of thickened fabric
  • Offers mild saw protection
View On AmazonView On Northern Tool

SawHaul Chainsaw Scabbard

  • Storage/transport for chainsaws
  • For use on tractors and vehicles
  • For up to 20" bars
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Wall mounts are among the best ways to store a chainsaw.

A lot of people choose to hang their chainsaws from hooks and mounts like this, but other options include shelves, cases, bags, boxes, scabbards, hangers, and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your chainsaws on the floor, but if you want to free up some space, consider the options we’re sharing today. They can prevent your chainsaws from being accidentally damaged or leaving oil on the floor.

Here is what happened when I left my Dewalt 20v Battery Saw on the floor…

ideas for storing chainsaws
Leaking chainsaw on the garage floor

It leaks bar oil like nothing else!

Nowadays I store this saw without any bar oil in it. I’ll only top it up as much as I need, and drain whatever’s left in there. It doesn’t matter which way I store it – hanging or on its side – it still leaks.

And before we consider some more chainsaw storage ideas, here is one example of how NOT to store chainsaws… ?.

how to store chainsaw
How not to store chainsaws

Looks like somebody was a Husqvarna fan!

The story behind this picture is that the guy picked all these saws up from an estate sale and then didn’t have anywhere to store them. They ended up living in the boot of the car for a while!

It’s an extreme example of storing chainsaws poorly, though, let’s be honest, these saw don’t look like they are in the best condition anyway…

Chainsaw Storage Ideas

best way to store chainsaws
Chainsaws on shelves in my shed

Chainsaws can be stored for both the long and short term in various positions.

They don’t have to be standing on end with the bar pointing to the ground, nor do they need to be lying flat on a shelf.

They can be stored:

  • On an angle as they are often displayed in the stores
  • Sitting on the ground as most of mine are in the garage right now
  • Upright which can be a much better use of space

I personally store my chainsaws flat on the garage floor or on shelves in a shed, but this is mostly because I haven’t set up an alternative at the moment.

The shelves are alright, but it would be nice to at least get more saws on a shelf or hanging when I get the time.

Here are other DIY or pro chainsaw storage ideas.

1. Chainsaw Hangers And Hooks


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A post shared by Rissers Milling and Tree Works (@rissers_custom_milling)

Can you store a chainsaw vertically?


These saws are simply hung from heavy-duty hooks.

This option is a very easy, quick, and cheap option for storing chainsaws. You’ll want to ensure the hooks can hold the weight over time as the worst thing would be having a chainsaw drop from a height.

Rissers Milling shared about their post:

Dollar store flower pot hooks will hold a chainsaw

#shedthings #husqvarna #stihl #chainsawstorage

The hooks don’t look ultra tough, but they seem to be doing the job. I’m not sure I’d trust these ones to hold things too high just in case they failed.

Make sure you hang them from a stud to avoid dropping the chainsaw, especially when you’ve got plasterboard lining the walls.

This brave person has chainsaws hanging from the ceiling…


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A post shared by Wild Caught Firewood (@wildcaughtfirewood)

That’s one way to get chainsaws off the garage floor!

Try to store chainsaws without any fuel or chain oil to avoid drips. Or, at least make sure you’re chainsaws are not prone to this before hanging them up.

I also like this DIY chainsaw storage idea…


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A post shared by Westwood Lumberco (@westwoodlumberco)

The hanging hooks used here look very strong, and they are holding some large heavy saws. 

It’s so neat, tidy, and organized. Loving that long bar in the corner!

2. Chainsaw Shelving


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A post shared by Joel Hansen (@hansen.joel)

This is a great example of Stihl Chainsaw storage – some lovely vintage examples there as well (I think I can see a rare 015 hedge trimmer up the top).

I assume Joel has milled some logs himself and fashioned together this fantastic log shelving unit. He’s done a good job building these sturdy, strong shelves for his chainsaw collection.

It doesn’t matter what chainsaw brand you are using, Stihl, Husqvarna, or anything else. They can all be stored in the same ways.

Each manufacturer will have its own chainsaw storage best practices that you should consider. How you store them may factor into warranty concerns, so always have a quick read of your manual.

Stihl recommends:

  • Storing the chainsaw out of the sun
  • Cleaning the saw and putting it away free from dust
  • Making sure it can’t be accessed by children and pets
  • Storing it in a dry location with no chance of getting wet

All good advice.

When storing a chainsaw long-term, there are other things you might like to do like draining the fuel. We’ll cover that down below in how to winterize a chainsaw.

Here are some more chainsaw shelving ideas from Kain Kustom Garage


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A post shared by Dan Kain (@kainkustomgarage)

Though it’s looking like he needs more shelves – the collection is piling up at the bottom!

Again, they look like a good example of homemade shelving strong enough for a lot of chainsaws.

You can also build shelves to display and showcase your chainsaw collection like this example…


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A post shared by SteeleHollowVintage (@steelehollowvintage)

The account shared:

Why not start a chainsaw collection?


My husband did – which is okay with me since he keeps them at the tree farm where he works.

It’s nice to have that antique chainsaw signage in the back too.

3. Chainsaw Log Stands


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A post shared by Trevor Morey (@_dustbag_)

This is a unique idea for storing chainsaws – stuck in a log of wood!

However, while it looks great, it may not actually be the best idea.

Unless the wood was absolutely and totally dry, sap and moisture could damage your bar and chain when left like this.

There are other variations of this idea…


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A post shared by Brendin Swanson (

But it would pay just to keep an eye on how your chains and bars weather in this type of set up.

4. Chainsaw Wall Racks


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A post shared by Kooy Brothers (@kooybros)

How can you store a chainsaw in a garage to make the most of limited space?

Putting them on the wall like this helps. Create a strong, durable stand that they can easily slip in and out of without being damaged.

If you click through the images, you’ll see they even have options for storing Stihl brush cutters and weed whackers.

5. Chainsaw Cases


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A post shared by Bekki Kimball (@simplycribbage)

Chainsaw cases and bags are a final good option for organizing and storing your saw.

You can make your own, as in the example above, or buy a chainsaw case suitable for your saw. Some are universal, while other may only fit a specific brand or model of saw.

For storing or carrying your chainsaw on a tractor or other vehicle, check out the SawHaul chainsaw carrier.

Winterize Chainsaw

There are different ways to store your chainsaw over winter.

Depending on who you’re talking to or what you’re reading, they will have a different opinion on what to do.

Steve from Steve’s Small Engine Saloon recommends running your saw once a month through winter in order to exercise the carburetor.

He also recommends using a fuel stabilizer with fresh fuel during this period.

The Toolsman also recommends using Seafoam or Stabil fuel stabilizers.

Stabil (or STA-BIL) is the brand that pops up most frequently when asking others how they winterize chainsaws. It’s guaranteed to keep fuel fresh for up to 2 years in storage.

Using a product like this means you won’t need to drain your fuel tank before storing, and allows your machine to start quickly again next season.

It’s suitable for all gas engines, including small 2-cycle chainsaw engines.

And finally, in this official Stihl video, we learn how to drain a chainsaw of fuel and oil.

Regular fuel from the gas station breaks down quickly which is why it’s not good to leave it in your tank. The chemical composition changes, and running or keeping old fuel in your chainsaw can damage it.

If you know you won’t be using your saw for longer than 2 months it’s important to put it into storage mode.

After draining the tank, add a product like Stihl MotoMix. It’s a high-grade, ethanol-free, fuel mix that will remain stable for up to 2 years. The product will need to then be run through the system for storage.

Of course, this won’t be an issue if you have a battery-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

Long-Term Storage Tips

how to hang chainsaw
I stored this saw in the living room for a bit

Don’t store your chainsaw in the living room for long.

Especially if it’s leaking oil like this one was… ?

The wife was not happy.

Here are a few other long-term storage tips for chainsaws:

  • Top up the bar and chain oil (if it doesn’t leak) so that it doesn’t dry out
  • Remove the bar and chain so that it’s safer around pets and children
  • Make sure all dust and chips are removed
  • Keep chainsaws off the floor in case of an unexpected water leak

Should you run a chainsaw dry before storing it long-term?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not this is good for a small engine. Those who are mechanics think this is the worst thing possible, though there are plenty of people who do it.

Here’s the advice of one man on Facebook:

how to store a chainsaw

I don’t know how hard woodpecker lips are, but I’m thinking pretty hard to get into some of those trees!

Best Way To Store Chainsaws

Some chainsaws, such as Stihl’s biggest chainsaws, take up more room but can be stored all the same.

When hanging saws, make sure to over-engineer your set-up. You want hooks to hold much more than you’re going to put on them. Whether they’re in the garage, shed, or workshop, the last thing you want is a saw dropping to the floor.

Let us know how you store your chainsaws and feel free to offer any further advice in the comments below.


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