Halloween And Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas, Inspiration, And Tips

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Needing inspiration for decorating your fireplace and mantel for Halloween?

We’ve got ideas; from the classic spooky motifs of skeletons, bats, and spider webs, to elegant gothic themes with black lace, ravens, and candles. Or for more kid-friendly fall decor, consider whimsical pumpkin characters, friendly ghosts, and colorful garlands.

Harvest themes incorporate autumn leaves, pumpkins, and gourds, while a witch’s lair might feature cauldrons, brooms, and potion bottles. Whether you’re aiming for a modern minimalist look or embracing DIY crafts, there’s a wealth of Halloween fireplace and mantel decor to inspire your space.

Here are 15 different fireplaces that have been decorated for Halloween or for the entirety of the fall season.

Halloween Fireplace Ideas

fall mantel decor for halloween
Image: @suziebfashion

This see-through fireplace mantel has been simply decorated with Halloween-themed ornaments and candles. They’ve stuck with black and white which gives the whole a cohesive look.

electric fireplace halloween mantel decorations
Image: @stephaniehannablog

This wonderful electric fireplace has been brilliantly decorated for Halloween. The raven is perfect!

While butterflies and moths are not commonly associated with October 31st, being cut out in black makes them well-suited to the theme. Anyone can make these designs using a Cricut cutting machine or similar.

You can find a lot of heat transfer vinyl or adhesive vinyl with spooky designs that can also be used for making stickers or custom Halloween pillows.

modern halloween fireplace ideas
Image: @spooky.manor

This realistic-looking electric fireplace has been completely taken over by Halloween decorations.

@spooky.manor shared:

Tis time. Our spooky manor is starting to look extra cooky ooky and creepy! We have some Halloween decor up all year long but September and October, we go hard.

Someone in the comments asked where the ghosts came from, and got the reply, “All over TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, At Home.”

pumpkin decor fireplace decor
Image: @ohmykitsch

This is one of the best ideas for an empty fireplace that we’ve seen!

@ohmykitsch shared

Little by little I am turning my living room into my Halloween shrine.

Anyone else have a horrible habit of starting one project, to abandon it for another and another AND another?! Currently I am trying to work on my Halloween wreath, but I also started making felt witch hats l—plus now I’m thinking of making little witch brooms too. So much to craft, so little focus. Not to mention the thrift stores are literally screaming my name!

They know how to celebrate the day!

black and white halloween decor
Image: @homespookyhome

Here is another black and white themed Halloween fireplace. With the walls being done, we can assume this is not a temporary Halloween display. The account @homespookyhome has the tagline “Every day is Halloween.” So that explains the walls!

fireplace decor ideas halloween
Image: @heysarahdarling

This is a modern and minimalist Halloween fireplace idea. It’s an electric fireplace insert, which goes to show that you can decorate any type of fireplace in a home.

  • Monochrome: Use a single color, like black or white, for all the decorations.
  • A few shapes: Look for decorations like pumpkins or bats in modern, simplified shapes.
  • Spiders & Webs: Drape faux spider webs and add plastic or rubber spiders.
halloween mantel decor ideas
Image: @giggleliving

These decorations can serve as mantel decor all Fall long. It’s definitely Halloweeny with the spiders, but pumpkins make for good Fall fireplace decor all season. Carved pumpkins are good too!

More harvest theme ideas include:

  • Pumpkins & Gourds: Display an array of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes.
  • Corn Husks & Wheat: Incorporate bundles of dried corn husks or wheat sheaves.
  • Autumn Leaves: Scatter faux or real colorful fall leaves.
fireplace decor for halloween
Image: @demi.wallace

We’re loving the skeleton sitting on the black chair in this one, not to mention the Halloween ghost garland.

Halloween screens on TVs above the fireplace are a great idea as well. Search for virtual fireplace screensavers or digital fireplace decor!

spooky fireplace halloween ideas
Image: @dearknot

Spiders, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and stars… all things Halloween can be used as fall fireplace mantel decor.

fall mantel decor 2023
Image: @bloom_jennybrooks

Here is another idea you can use all Fall long. Pumpkins, fall leaves, and dried wheat sheaves. The candle holders are amazing!

simple halloween decor
Image: @love.always_alyssa

This account shares another really simple Fall or Halloween decor idea for fireplaces. A TV display coupled with a few decorations can go a long way. And, as Halloween is only for a night, not everyone wants to spend hours decorating for it!

More ideas:

  • Cauldron: Place a witch’s cauldron, possibly with a fog machine or dry ice for effect.
  • Brooms: Lean witch brooms against or hang them over the mantel.
  • Spell Books & Potions: Set up faux spell books, potion bottles, and jars filled with mysterious ingredients.
wood burning stove halloween decor
Image: @tinywoodstove

This is the Dwarf Tiny Wood Burning Stove.

In this home, there is a permanent bat etched into the hearth – very Halloween – and a broom brush. The ash bucket with lid is really nice as well!

antique rustic halloween ideas
Image: @corbelcottage and @decorsteals

Another wood-burning fireplace that has been decorated for the Fall season.

If you are crafty, try these ideas:

  • Handmade Garlands: Create paper or fabric garlands with Halloween motifs.
  • Custom Art: Showcase your artistic talents by painting or crafting your decorations.
  • Repurposed Items: Take everyday items and transform them with paint, fabric, or other craft supplies.
  • Vintage Portraits: Use creepy altered portraits or paintings that seem to “watch” you.
  • Dusty Books: Stack old, worn-out books and perhaps a crystal ball.
  • Mystical Artifacts: Add items like old keys, hourglasses, and antique lanterns.
halloween heater ideas
Image: @aghostofoctober

Yes, you can even decorate a Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stand for Halloween. In fact, this one looks awesome!

spooky halloween decor
Image: @thequeenofhalloween365

Lastly, this fireplace has been well decorated for Halloween.

Personally, I’d be a little concerned about the garland hanging so close to the heat, and recommend giving it some distance when in use.

Other Halloween mantel ideas include:

  • Minimal Items: Choose only a few standout pieces instead of overcrowding the space.
  • Candles: Use a series of pillar candles or a row of votives for ambiance.
  • Mirrors: A single large mirror or a few smaller ones to reflect light and make the space feel larger.
  • Greenery: A simple vase with fresh or faux branches or a single long garland.
  • Clocks: An elegant mantel clock as a central focal point.
  • Artwork: One larger piece or a couple of smaller framed artworks.

Fireplace Halloween Decor

halloween fireplace decor
DIY fireplace mantel decorations can be the best!

Your room with a fireplace can serve as the central hub for creating a chilling Halloween atmosphere.

If you need pumpkins for your fireplace display there’s more than one way to go about getting them… Search ‘fall family activities near me‘ and there could be local pumpkin patches you can visit to pick your own!

Here are some more ideas to enhance that spooky ambiance:

  1. Digital Fireplace: Play a looping video of crackling flames with spooky elements such as ghostly figures or floating eyes. Several platforms, including YouTube, offer such themed fireplace videos.
  2. Ambient Sound: Use Bluetooth speakers or the TV to play eerie background noises like distant howls, whispers, or the creaking of an old house. You can find hours-long ambient spooky soundtracks online.
  3. Projection: If you have a projector, project ghostly apparitions or silhouettes onto sheer curtains or screens, making it look as if phantoms are wandering around.
  4. Lighting: Replace regular bulbs with colored ones (e.g., purple, green, or orange) or use smart bulbs to create dynamic, shifting spooky scenes. Flickering candle-effect bulbs can also heighten the ambiance.
  5. Interactive Devices: If you have smart home devices, program them for Halloween effects. For instance, Alexa or Google Home can be set to tell ghost stories or play eerie sounds on command.
  6. Spooky Reads: Place a collection of classic ghost stories or horror tales on the coffee table. Edgar Allan Poe’s tales or other gothic literature can set the right mood.
  7. Themed Decor: Beyond the mantel, think about the hearth and surrounding area. Add spider web drapes, strategically placed rubber rats or spiders, or old, tattered, and possibly blood-stained rugs.
  8. Fog Machine: A low-lying fog machine can create an ethereal mist around the floor of the fireplace room, giving a haunted feel.
  9. Shadow Play: Use cut-out shapes like bats, witches, or cats and place them in front of light sources to cast spooky shadows around the room.
  10. Costumed Seating: Drape chairs with white sheets and add eye cut-outs or other features to make them look like seated ghosts.

Combining a few of these elements will make your fireplace room the perfect spot for a chilling Halloween gathering. Just ensure that any decor items are safely away from open flames if you plan to use the fireplace or wood-burning stove.


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