Vermont Bun Baker Review (Also Known As Nectre Wood Fire Ovens)

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The Vermont Bun Baker is popular for a number of good reasons.

These unique wood-burning stoves are high quality and are multipurpose.  They can be used for heating your home and water, and they have both an oven and cooktop. Great for those wanting to be more self-sufficient.

When first looking at the Vermont Bun Baker line-up, it can be confusing to understand the differences between models.

To put it simply, there are 2 different models – the standard base model and the XL. After that, these two base models can be customized with different amounts of soapstone surrounds. The image and table below make it easy to see the differences between Bun Baker stoves.

*The Vermont Bun Baker is the same as the Nectre Wood Fire Ovens.

They are made by the same company in Australia, but are branded Nectre in Australia, and Vermont Bun Baker in the Us (and the US gets the soapstone options).

Vermont Bun Baker Versions Explained

vermont bun baker wood stove range
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On the far left, you have the base model Vermont Bun Baker and the Vermont Bun Baker XL.

It probably goes without saying that the XL is the larger wood stove. It has a larger stove and cooktop, and it puts out a lot more heat. We’ll cover more of the differences shortly. 

As you look at the listings from left to right, you’ll see they progressively have additional features. The second image has the basic 1 ¼” soapstone surround, the next one also has a base. The fourth and fifth buying options have a thicker 2 3/8″ soapstone veneer.

The final option on the far right has the complete 2 3/8″ soapstone surround, plus the wood storage pedestal underneath.

When you go looking to buy a Vermont Bun Baker wood stove, it feels like there are so many options to choose from, but as you can see, it’s more simple than it initially appears.

There are 2 different sized stoves, but you can buy each in 6 different ways with more or less soapstone.

Here’s a table to further demonstrate the differences between the models – compare prices between retailers. You might get a discount code from Lehman’s and Fire Pit Surplus after signing up for their mailing list.

Vermont Bun Baker Base Model

  • The base model without any soapstone
  • Smaller model: 30,000 BTUs; larger model: 65,000 BTUs
  • Models: BB0350 & XL0550
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1.25 inch Soapstone Veneer

  • Soapstone veneer helps to retain and radiate heat
  • Also a really nice design feature
  • Models: BB0650 & XL0850
VIEW ON LEHMANSView On Fire Pit Surplus

1.25 inch Veneer and Base

  • Comes with a soapstone base
  • Looks good & radiates more heat
  • Models: BB0750 & XL0950
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2 3/8 inch SoapStone Veneer

  • A thicker soapstone veneer
  • Provides even more radiant heat as fire dies down
  • Models: BB1000 & XL1600
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2 3/8 inch Veneer and Base

  • A thicker base matching the veneer
  • Also protects your flooring under stove
  • Models: BB1200 & XL2000
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2 3/8 inch Veneer, Base, and Pedestal

  • Top of the range with wood storage
  • Raises stove off the ground
  • Models: BB1500 & XL2500
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Note that things like installation and flu kits may be an additional expense.

Before buying, remember to add up the cost of all the additional things you will need for the wood stove. This will include, accessories, flu, chimney tops, hot water boiler, installation (if you’re not doing it yourself), and so on.

Neither of the Bun Baker ovens is a small wood stove, but the smaller version can be quite good for cabins or other small homes.

Vermont Bun Baker Specs And Features

vermont bun baker wood cook stove

First, we’ll take a look at the smaller Vermont Bun Baker, also known as the Nectre Bakers Oven.

We’ve already established that the same stove can be bought in 6 different ways from NO soapstone through to a complete soapstone surround with a pedestal.

This model is suitable for heating an area of 700 – 1000 square feet with a heat output of 30,000 BTUs, and it goes without saying that it’s a freestanding wood-burning stove.

It is a radiant wood stove and does not contain a fan (you can buy a wood stove fan to put on top for better heat circulation).

Here are the specs of the base model:

  • Dimensions: Height – 32 1/2″; Width – 21 1/2″; Depth – 21 1/2″
  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • Cast iron doors
  • Steel and iron construction
  • Ash pan
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Spring handles
  • Removable cook rings
  • Oven rack
  • Bypass damper

It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Vermont Bun Baker Review

This is a good review of the Vermont Bun Baker and Nectre Bakers Oven.


  • A good heat source
  • Good for cooking and baking
  • Great as it has cooktop and stove
  • Two removable surfaces if you need more heat
  • Can be used to heat your home’s hot water (additional cost)


  • Thermometer not accurate
  • Small firebox
  • May rust a bit if you get water on it

It’s a good idea to get a heat thermometer gun to be able to accurately get the temperature of the oven.

Vermont Bun Baker XL Specs And Features

nectre bakers oven reviews


And this is the Vermont Bun Baker XL or Nectre Big Bakers Oven.

This model can heat up to 2500 square feet with a heating capacity of 65,000 BTUs. As you can see, it is a lot larger.

Specs are basically the same as the smaller option, this one’s just bigger.


  • Dimensions: H – 27 3/16″; W – 22 1/2″; D – 33 3/4″
  • Thermometer readings in Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Ash Pan
  • Ceramic glass and cast iron doors
  • Glass door for the oven and firebox
  • Direct radiant heat cooktop with 1/4″ top plate
  • 2 removable cook rings
  • Built with long-lasting steel and iron
  • 10 year limited warranty

This model puts out more than twice the heat of the smaller Vermont Bun Baker, so it’s best for larger spaces.

Vermont Bun Baker XL Review

You can see the larger baker wood stove in this review – note that it doesn’t have any of the soapstone.


  • An effective wood heater
  • The cooking feature is awesome
  • Lots of happy customers
  • Quality construction


  • Inaccurate temp gauge
  • Bo blower (can buy separately)
  • Top rack in the oven can get too hot’

It will take time to learn how to cook in the Vermont Bun Baker wood stoves – the first few times you might have some accidents, but it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it well.

Soapstone Pros And Cons

bun baker with soapstone veneer

Is it a good idea to buy the Vermont Bun Baker with the soapstone veneer?

Generally speaking, if it is within your budget, it’s definitely worthwhile. You will receive many benefits from having the soapstone on top and sides at least.

The bottom soapstone layer isn’t as necessary, and neither is the pedestal. The pedestal does not hold a lot of wood, but if your wood was damp or wet, it would dry out extremely quickly in that space.

The lower and/or pedestal option is good for those with the extra money to spend and in whose home it would suit. Also, if you have trouble bending down for whatever reason, having the wood stove higher will also be a benefit.

And as for the soapstone width, either the 1 ¼” soapstone surround or the thicker 2 3/8″, it all depends on your budget. The thicker option is obviously much more expensive, but if you can afford it, go for it.


  • Fire burns more efficiently
  • You will need to burn less wood
  • Won’t need to clean the chimney as often
  • The stove will stay hotter for longer
  • The stove will put out more radiant heat


  • Significantly more expensive
  • Additional weight
  • Not always necessary

Baker Wood Stove

The Vermont Bun Baker is the perfect stove for many who are seeking a wood stove to bake bread, muffins, roast meats, and everything else.

Pizza is another popular meal to make in this baker wood stove (however, check out the Ooni pizza oven range for a dedicated pizza cooker)!

It’s extremely versatile, and you can basically do anything in it that you can do on a regular electric or gas oven.

Especially in the event of a power outage, it’s going to keep your house warm and allow you to keep on cooking.

From time to time, you will also find second-hand or used Vermont Bun Baker Stoves on eBay here.

It’s also worth checking Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and all those usual places as well. I’ve heard of a number of people who picked them up in good condition extremely cheaply.

The Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove is another great option that is also slightly cheaper than the Bun Baker.

Shop around and get the best deal.

For those who want to cook outdoors on a fire, have you heard of cooking on a chiminea?

They’re another fun alternative outdoor cooker.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions about anything we’ve mentioned in this post in the comments below. Thanks!


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