Stihl MS991 XXL Chainsaw: The Titan Is Powerful… Very Powerful

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The Stihl MS991 XXL is a very special chainsaw.

At 599cc and 30 kW, it’s the most powerful chainsaw in the world. Bigger than the MS880, and even bigger than the 090!

And at 11 a whopping 114 lbs or 53 kgs, it’s also the heaviest. Only the abnormally strong will be able to handle this saw.

Here is Stihl’s press release…

Stihl MS 991 XXL

stihl april fools pranks

It’s a chainsaw so big it will not fit in the average vehicle and may need to be transported about on the roof.

They shared the announcement on the Stihl Canada Facebook Page:

The NEW STIHL MS 991 XXL is the most powerful chain saw ever built by man.

Referred to by our engineers as “The Titan”, this chain saw puts an end to “that job is too big for my saw” – this sentence shall never be used again.

The MS 991 XXL features extra powerful and efficient delayed stratified scavenging engine allowing you to work effectively, thanks to its high cutting performance and low emissions. It features the M-Tronic fully electronic engine management system. which uses a microchip to control the engine’s ignition timing and fuel supply, taking into account variables such as temperature, fuel quality and elevation.

The NEW MS 991 XXL “The Titan” from STIHL. No job will ever be too big for you… ever.

The MS991’s specs are gob-smacking:

  • Displacement – 599 cc
  • Power output – 30 kW, 40 horsepower
  • Weight – 118.3 lbs/53.7 kgs
  • Bar length – 36 – 72″

And they state that an ATV cart is available for better handling (sold separately). Plus the saw is proudly made in Germany while the saw chain is made in Switzerland.

The weight will bring tears to the eyes of many – it’s no 200T, that’s for sure.

In fact, it’s said that just 5 to 10 minutes of using this saw is the equivalent of an hour-long session at the gym with a personal trainer. This makes using the 991 an excellent alternative to push ups.

Stihl shared the release of this saw on their Instagram page as well, where it received a lot of attention…


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Comments on the socials included:

  • Will it come in a diesel model as well?
  • Get that clipped to ur harness!
  • Should be good for saplings.
  • I thought the 088 Stihl we work with is big lol this is a monster
  • Put a 10-foot bar on it
  • Got my back brace ordered for it already! lol. I have to cut some ice to catch my 3 ft brook trout!
  • True story! This will be handy for that massive 8ft tree in our yard!
  • Go Large or stay home and leave it to the real Lumber Jacks
  • Tesla has been contracted by Stihl to make a 44kw electric saw as well, should be a good year for them
  • Only a 72″ bar? I thought for sure this would be released with a custom 144″ bar.

I agree with that last comment. I think the 991 could handle a lot more than a 72″, and a 36″ bar is probably too small for it!

The Stihl MS991 Titan

If you like the look of the Titan, you’ll love the new Stihl MSA 22 AF Dual Bar Chainsaw as well. It has two chainsaw bars. Or the Stihl Manscaper Shave Set.

One final thing Stihl shared in their MS991 release (for those who haven’t caught on):

This sheet contains fictitious information for the purpose of celebrating April Fools Day.

You can learn about Stihl’s biggest chainsaws here – for real this time!


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