Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps Review: Technical Apron Wrap Chap And Classic Chap

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The Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap is Husky’s most popular pair of chainsaw chaps, but they have a range of 5 or so different types.

The Husky technical chaps are the best in that they offer the greatest protection, are arguably the most comfortable, and have the greatest feature set.

For those checking out chaps for the first time, they differ from chainsaw pants in that they are worn over top of your regular pants. They buckle around your waist and protect the fronts of your legs. They can be used with both gas and electric chainsaws.

They are made of a cut retardant material that is designed to rip apart and clog up the sprocket system of the chainsaw upon contact. This will slow or stop the chain from rotating depending on the speed and length of the chain, angle of impact, and power of your saw.

Check out the table below to see the entire range of Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps

Husqvarna Technical Wrap Chaps

  • The bestselling chainsaw chaps with best protection
  • 1000 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tek warp protective layers
  • Felling wedge and gear pockets
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Husqvarna Forest Chainsaw Chaps

  • Another high spec chap similar to the technical wrap
  • 1000 Denier Polyester with PVC coating and 5 layers of TekWarp chainsaw-protective material
  • Three calf straps help ensure full coverage and good fit
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Husqvarna Homeowner Chaps

  • A top selling pair of homeowner chainsaw chaps
  • 600 denier polyester with PVC coating with Tec warp protective layers
  • Felling Wedge pocket and Acetyl Delran buckle
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Husqvarna Chainsaw Safety Kit

  • Kit 1 includes: Husqvarna classic Chap, classic work gloves, functional forest helmet
  • Kit 2 includes: forest helmet, technical chap, suspenders, protection gloves, protective glasses
  • Good for beginners
Kit 1 On AmazonKit 2 On Amazon

Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants

  • Chainsaw pants for more comfort
  • Durable material designed to hold up in tough conditions
  • More comfortable and easier to work in
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Chainsaw chaps and pants will NOT prevent all injuries or death as a result of a chainsaw accident.

They are designed to lessen or reduce the risk of serious injury, but depending on the power of your saw and the exact nature of your situation you may still end up in very bad shape.

This is what a pair of chainsaw chaps that have met a chainsaw looks like.

husqvarna chainsaw chaps sizing

Thankfully, in this case, the chain didn’t make it beyond the chaps and there was no bloodshed. If this person had been wearing an ordinary pair of pants it would have been another story.

See our round-up of the best chainsaw chaps for more information on keeping yourself safe, as well as a run-down of Stihl, Notch, Forester, and other top branded chainsaw chaps.

Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chaps Review

husqvarna pro forest apron chaps


  • Sizes: 36 – 38, 40 – 42
  • 1000 Denier
  • 5 layers of TEK WARP protective material

 These chaps are among the most popular option for both homeowners and those who are a little more serious. 

When it comes to true pros like loggers and arborists, they tend to go with chainsaw pants rather than chaps, but as far as chaps go these are excellent.

To be honest, most chainsaw chaps are not very comfortable to wear. They constantly need to be adjusted around the waist, they can cut into your waist, and they can make walking and maneuvering around logs difficult.

However, the Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chaps are among the most comfortable out there. There are 9 straps in total, with four around each leg, and 1 around the waist.

While it takes longer to get dressed up in these chaps, it means they stay close to your body and they don’t slip down as much as with single strap and zipper chaps.

These chaps meet standards ASTM f1897, ANSI z133.1, and OSHA regulation 1910-266.


  • Most comfortable chaps
  • Greater protection
  • Pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable waist
  • Quality buckles and clips
  • Hi-vis stands out in the forest


  • A lot of buckles and straps
  • Pretty small pockets
  • Not great airflow for hot climates

Husqvarna Function Chainsaw Chaps Review

husqvarna chaps pants

  • Sizes: 36 – 38, 40 – 42
  • 600 Denier
  • TEK WARP protective layers

This paid of Husqvarna chainsaw chaps is marketed towards homeowners as the Classic Chaps.

They are without the hi-vis in black and grey and don’t offer quite as much protection as the previous pair. They also have pockets for wedges and other gear and are still more comfortable than cheaper off-brand chaps.

This pair doesn’t have quite so many straps with two on each leg and one around the wasit. They also weigh about half a pound more than the Technical chaps.

Depending on the price, it’s best to go with the other pair, however, if, when you are looking to buy Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, this pair is a lot cheaper, they’re worth considering.


  • Quality Husqvarna product
  • Will provide protection
  • Look good
  • Easy to adjust buckles and straps
  • Reflective strips


  • More prone to slipping down
  • Not as thick

Husqvarna Chaps

I’ll just focus on those two pairs for today, but let us know what you think of the other types of Husqvarna chaps in the comments below.

The orange/grey Technical Apron Wrap Chap is our top pick for Husky-made chaps, but they’re all very good. Husqvarna has a good quality control process to ensure that their products are well-made and will last the distance.

Whether you’re using them with a Husqvarna Chainsaw or a Stihl Chainsaw – doesn’t matter! Just make sure you stay safe with your chainsaw each and every time you’re out there using it. 


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  1. I’ve been using the main Husky technical chaps for a couple of years and really like them. Getting a pair for my son now. They’re much more comfortable than a previous pair I had that always felt like they were falling down.


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