Sachs Dolmar 100 Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Price

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What’s the Sachs Dolmar 100 like?

It’s a small 33cc saw that first came out in 1984. It’s usually run with a 12 or 16-inch bar and only weighs 4.3 kgs/9.5 lbs, so it’s a light and maneuverable little saw for small jobs.

These saws are known for being “absolutely reliable” having been built in West Germany (more on where Dolmar saws are made). Someone else stated, “It’s a pro-built saw… way better than a lot of today’s clamshell saws.”

Here’s a bit more about this great old saw!

Current Dolmar 100 prices on eBay here.

The Dolmar 100

is the sachs dolmar 100 good

Compared to the Sachs Dolmar 115, a 52 cc saw, the 100 is much smaller.

However, these are the kinds of reviews it gets:

  • “For its size this thing was an absolute screamer.”
  • “I like the balance of the saw, lightweight, and the power.”
  • “I love this series and always looking for parts to keep mine running.”

It’s a popular saw, but as that last comment alludes to, it can be tricky finding parts these days.

Sachs Dolmar 100 Specs

is the dolmar 100 good

Specs for the model 100:

  • 33 ccm/2.0 cu. in.
  • 1.2 kW/2.6 HP
  • 4.3 kg with 30 cm bar & chain
  • 9.5 lbs. with 12 in. bar & chain
  • 37 mm (1.46 in.) bore
  • 31 mm (1.22 in.) stroke
  • Aluminum with chrome plated bore cylinder
  • Piston ported intake
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Centrifugal clutch with 2 metal shoes
  • Electronic magneto
  • Nylon mesh element air filter
  • Dolmar automatic rewind starter
  • Max engine rpm of 11,500 maximum free speed with bar & chain
  • Idle rpm of 2,600
  • Fixed ignition timing
  • 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) flywheel coil gap
  • Champion RDJ7Y, NGK BPMR6F spark plug
  • 400 ml fuel tank capacity
  • 40:1 mix with Dolmar two-stroke oil
  • 3/8 in. low profile chain pitch
  • Oregon 91SG chain

The saw features a chain brake and automatic oil pump, and it’s of magnesium construction. It was recommended for use with a 12 or 14″ chainsaw bar.

*Specs and features have been retreived from Chain Saw Collectors Corner.

Sachs Dolmar 100 Review


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The Dolmar 100 is universally loved, judging by all the comments I’ve read from owners and users. 

It’s now basically a vintage saw and it holds a place of pride in many people’s collections. The brand is trusted and respected, especially when it comes to these models from the 80s.

When it’s been looked after, the saw runs really well and seems to punch above its weight.


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We’ve shared some comments about the model 100 above, and they are very typical.

You’ll see many owners sharing things like, “I love this saw,” “One of my favorites,” and “I’ll never sell mine,” because it’s just a good reliable saw.

While they aren’t super valuable for resale, a really nice and tidy example can sell for a decent price. 

Sachs Dolmar 100 Price

sachs dolmar 100 price ebay

See the latest prices for an old Dolmar 100 on eBay here.

You can see the screenshot of one that’s for sale on eBay in the US at the time of writing. It has only attracted a bid of $20 so far, but the saw does need some work.

The description states:

The saw starts and runs as it should. Vibrates a lot because it needs new rubber insulators, which I added a photo of. Very clean saw !! Comes with a blade, chain and chains guard.

A saw that’s in perfect condition (doesn’t require work) can be expected to fetch between US$100 – $150. In some parts of the world, they can go for a bit more.

They’re not highly valuable saws, but they’re not worthless either!

Dolmar Chainsaws

The 100 is a small Dolmar chainsaw, but it’s worth having for small jobs.

Many people prefer them to newer or current small-powered saws like the Husqvarna 440 (known as one of the worst Husqvarna chainsaws) or the Stihl 170 (known as one of the worst Stihl chainsaws).

You can do a lot worse than a Sachs Dolmar 100!


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  1. I enjoy reading this article about the Sachs Dolmar 100.
    Two years ago I tired to buy this saw but lost when my last minute bid of $210 wasn’t high enough.

    I read this article 2 days after I purchased the Sachs Dolmar 100 that you posted in the article. Lol

      • Dan:

        Update on the Sachs Dolmar 100

        Still don’t have the saw running.

        It had a broken clutch and it was missing the brake parts, not disclosed by the seller

        I bought another 100 that was complete, less spark.

        Well I never tested the first saw and it didn’t have spark either, some sellers aren’t honest on EBay.

        So after 10 month, I still haven’t found anyone with a ignition coil for sale.

        Thanks for the great article you write.


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